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Books Under This Subject

Patriot Games by Tom Clancy (7,161 copies)
Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy (6,728 copies)
Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz (6,665 copies)
3rd Degree by James Patterson (5,825 copies)
Little Brother by Cory Doctorow (5,475 copies)
Skeleton Key by Anthony Horowitz (4,175 copies)
The Overlook by Michael Connelly (4,141 copies)
Ark Angel by Anthony Horowitz (3,715 copies)
Scorpia by Anthony Horowitz (3,700 copies)
Night Fall by Nelson DeMille (2,847 copies)
Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn (2,656 copies)
The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva (2,413 copies)
Loyalty in Death by J. D. Robb (2,354 copies)
Vixen 03 by Clive Cussler (2,150 copies)
Blue Gold by Clive Cussler (1,945 copies)
The Afghan by Frederick Forsyth (1,853 copies)
Terrorist by John Updike (1,634 copies)
The Big U by Neal Stephenson (1,591 copies)
Black Sunday by Thomas Harris (1,485 copies)
Cathedral by Nelson DeMille (1,253 copies)
Blowback by Brad Thor (968 copies)
Damascus Gate by Robert Stone (835 copies)
Fire by Sebastian Junger (781 copies)
Under Siege by Stephen Coonts (773 copies)
Touchstone by Laurie R. King (730 copies)
Salvador by Joan Didion (682 copies)
America by Stephen Coonts (647 copies)
Runner by Carl Deuker (422 copies)
Red Cell by Richard Marcinko (383 copies)
Blackout by John J. Nance (367 copies)
The Overseer by Jonathan Rabb (327 copies)
Bombproof by Michael Robotham (320 copies)
Day of Wrath by Larry Bond (316 copies)
Haven by John R. Maxim (171 copies)
Wolf by Gillian Cross (165 copies)
Underground by Andrew McGahan (121 copies)
Zanzibar by Giles Foden (108 copies)
Terrorism by Walter Laqueur (78 copies)
Traitor by Ralph Peters (49 copies)
Dirt by Sean Doolittle (47 copies)
Kilo Option by Sean Flannery (41 copies)
Acid Test by Ross LaManna (34 copies)
Mirage by Don Passman (31 copies)
Gambit by Karna Small Bodman (25 copies)
Quicksand by William P. Wood (23 copies)
Moscow 5000 by David Grant (19 copies)
Hang Time by Ze'Ev Chafets (16 copies)
Bombshell by Liza Wieland (8 copies)