Subject: Terrorism Prevention


Books Under This Subject

Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy (6,503 copies)
Wild Fire by Nelson DeMille (2,442 copies)
The Kill Artist by Daniel Silva (2,326 copies)
Consent to Kill by Vince Flynn (2,271 copies)
Memorial Day by Vince Flynn (2,195 copies)
Act of Treason by Vince Flynn (2,174 copies)
Executive Power by Vince Flynn (1,994 copies)
Extreme Measures by Vince Flynn (1,943 copies)
Moscow Rules by Daniel Silva (1,891 copies)
The Messenger by Daniel Silva (1,794 copies)
The Afghan by Frederick Forsyth (1,787 copies)
Prince of Fire by Daniel Silva (1,763 copies)
Sacred Stone by Clive Cussler (1,565 copies)
9-11 by Noam Chomsky (1,455 copies)
Incendiary by Chris Cleave (1,113 copies)
True Honor by Dee Henderson (873 copies)
Black Ice by Anne Stuart (613 copies)
Assassin by Ted Bell (594 copies)
Without Mercy by Jack Higgins (570 copies)
Liberty by Stephen Coonts (559 copies)
Pirate by Ted Bell (552 copies)
Ghost by John Ringo (536 copies)
Dark Justice by Jack Higgins (535 copies)
Tsar by Ted Bell (510 copies)
Act of War by Dale Brown (458 copies)
Metzger's Dog by Thomas Perry (417 copies)
Red Cell by Richard Marcinko (368 copies)
Unto the Breach by John Ringo (357 copies)
A Deeper Blue by John Ringo (339 copies)
Powersat by Ben Bova (313 copies)
The Assassins by Oliver North (277 copies)
Fade by Kyle Mills (259 copies)
Out on the Rim by Ross Thomas (253 copies)
Ghost Dancer by John Case (217 copies)
The Face of God by Bill Myers (147 copies)
The Shell Game by Steve Alten (132 copies)
Black by Christopher Whitcomb (127 copies)
The Command by David Poyer (87 copies)
The Watchmen by John Altman (77 copies)
Tremor by Craig Dirgo (76 copies)
Firefly Blue by Jake Thoene (68 copies)
Fuel The Fire by Jake Thoene (56 copies)
Cyberterror by R. J. Pineiro (40 copies)
The Terror by John Creasey (30 copies)
The Depths by John Creasey (26 copies)