Subject: Terrorists Fiction


Terrorists Fiction (57 works)

Terrorists Fiction (53 works)

Books Under This Subject

Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy (6,445 copies)
The Last Patriot by Brad Thor (1,309 copies)
Canal Dreams by Iain Banks (1,172 copies)
Night Moves by Tom Clancy (811 copies)
Legacies by F. Paul Wilson (727 copies)
The Tin Man by Dale Brown (617 copies)
Dreadnought! by Diane Carey (613 copies)
Spy by Ted Bell (583 copies)
Winkie by Clifford Chase (520 copies)
Wild Justice by Wilbur Smith (509 copies)
Forgetfulness by Ward Just (248 copies)
Havoc by Jack Du Brul (234 copies)
Goliath by Steve Alten (210 copies)
Deadfall by Robert Liparulo (198 copies)
Ignition by Kevin J. Anderson (167 copies)
Wolf Dreams by Yasmina Khadra (165 copies)
Chameleon by Mark Burnell (126 copies)
Hostage by R. D. Zimmerman (115 copies)
The Threat by David Poyer (84 copies)