Subject: Toy and movable books Specimens


Books Under This Subject

Dracula by Bram Stoker (32,582 copies)
Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss (20,654 copies)
Madeline by Ludwig Bemelmans (9,688 copies)
The Foot Book by Dr. Seuss (5,350 copies)
Gingerbread Baby by Jan Brett (2,981 copies)
Where's Spot? by Eric Hill (2,959 copies)
The Snowman by Raymond Briggs (2,472 copies)
Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert (1,379 copies)
Cosmonaut Keep by Ken MacLeod (1,206 copies)
Peek-A Who? by Nina Laden (904 copies)
Gallop! by Rufus Butler Seder (849 copies)
Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll (837 copies)
Color Farm by Lois Ehlert (452 copies)
Mommy? by Maurice Sendak (448 copies)
ABC3D by Marion Bataille (386 copies)
Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett (354 copies)
Penguin by Polly Dunbar (350 copies)
Jen the Hen by Colin Hawkins (323 copies)
Fire Truck by Peter Sís (297 copies)
A Potty for Me! by Karen Katz (266 copies)
Spot Sleeps Over by Eric Hill (255 copies)
The Magic Fan by Keith Baker (242 copies)
Oh Dear! by Rod Campbell (223 copies)
Look Look Look by Tana Hoban (221 copies)
Cinderella (213 copies)
Mig the Pig by Colin Hawkins (196 copies)
Daddy and Me by Karen Katz (196 copies)
Grandma and Me by Karen Katz (140 copies)
Oh! by Josse Goffin (118 copies)
The Hole Book by Peter Newell (106 copies)
Noisy Farm (Fun Flaps) by DK (73 copies)
Who's Hiding Here? by Yoshi (68 copies)
Baby Born by Anastasia Suen (61 copies)
Colors (50 copies)
Pelican by Brian Wildsmith (46 copies)
Sweet Dreams by L. C. Falken (43 copies)
The Shoe Book by Kate Mason (41 copies)
Science by Peter Rillero (40 copies)
Knights by Sadie Fields (34 copies)
Doors by Roxie Munro (28 copies)
Just Look by Tana Hoban (25 copies)
Blast Off by Kris Hirschmann (25 copies)
Honk! by Chris L. Demarest (21 copies)
Pop-Up Aesop by John Harris (20 copies)
Colors by Robert Crowther (19 copies)
Cat Tricks by Keith Baker (15 copies)
Peek-A-Book by Lee Wardlaw (15 copies)
The Peek-A-Boo ABC by Demi (11 copies)
Machines by Sadie Fields (9 copies)
Baby Talk by Anne Miranda (8 copies)
Music! by John E. Barrett (7 copies)
Boats by Jan Pieńkowski (6 copies)
Baby Walk by Anne Miranda (6 copies)
Dinosaurs by Don Lessem (5 copies)
Crazy Cars by Gordon Volke (4 copies)
Fun with Rudolph (2 copies)
Happy island by Eric Suben (2 copies)
Pop-up animals (1 copies)
Shapes by Miriam Stoppard (1 copies)