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Truth (83 works)

Truth Buddhism (3 works)

Truth Christianity (18 works)

Truth Congresses (1 work)

Truth Fiction (2 works)

Truth Fiction (3 works)

Truth History (2 works)

Truth History (1 work)

Truth Sermons (1 work)

Truth (49 works)

Books Under This Subject

The Accidental by Ali Smith (2,654 copies)
Shroud by John Banville (668 copies)
Lying by Joy Wilt Berry (523 copies)
City of Truth by James Morrow (436 copies)
Judge Savage by Tim Parks (139 copies)
Truth by Simon Blackburn (76 copies)
Truth by Paul Horwich (58 copies)
The Gods by Alain (40 copies)
Truth by George Pitcher (28 copies)
Truth by Alan R. White (21 copies)
Flytrap by Meme McDonald (19 copies)
Truth by Pascal Engel (17 copies)
Double truth by John Sallis (10 copies)