Subject: Undercover operations


Books Under This Subject

Wake by Lisa McMann (2,925 copies)
Fade by Lisa McMann (1,760 copies)
The Traitor by Stephen Coonts (520 copies)
Heat by Stuart Woods (471 copies)
Snare by Katharine Kerr (283 copies)
Fade by Kyle Mills (269 copies)
Honor's Kingdom by Owen Parry (147 copies)
After the Rain by Chuck Logan (145 copies)
Black by Christopher Whitcomb (130 copies)
Chameleon by Mark Burnell (130 copies)
Judas Horse by April Smith (119 copies)
Mandrake by Paul Eddy (108 copies)
Shaiton's Fire by Jake Thoene (101 copies)
The Blue Noon by Robert Ryan (79 copies)
Shock Wave by James O. Born (70 copies)
Eton Crop by Bill James (47 copies)
1996 by Gloria Naylor (39 copies)
The Informant by Gary May (31 copies)
Undercover by Donald Goddard (27 copies)
Quicksand by William P. Wood (23 copies)
Making Merry by Dixie Kane (17 copies)