Subject: United States Civilization


Books Under This Subject

Future Shock by Alvin Toffler (2,507 copies)
America by Jean Baudrillard (766 copies)
Over Here by Raymond Seitz (111 copies)
All Ears by Dennis Cooper (73 copies)
America by Ralph Steadman (60 copies)
Crackers by Roy Blount, Jr. (50 copies)
The Twenties by Alan Jenkins (47 copies)
60s! by John Javna (46 copies)
The Americans by David Frost (34 copies)
Dialogues by Jerry Brown (28 copies)
Goliath by David Harris (22 copies)
The Thirties by Alan Jenkins (18 copies)
Impact by Ezra Pound (15 copies)
The Thirties by Don Congdon (13 copies)
U.S.A. Fifties by Grolier (8 copies)
1900-1910 (2 copies)
God's country (2 copies)
1940-1950 (1 copies)