Subject: United States History


Books Under This Subject

North and South by John Jakes (2,001 copies)
The Good Thief by Hannah Tinti (1,635 copies)
Cloudsplitter by Russell Banks (1,614 copies)
1876 by Gore Vidal (1,220 copies)
Heaven and Hell by John Jakes (1,219 copies)
The New Nation by Joy Hakim (912 copies)
Liberty for All? by Joy Hakim (749 copies)
The Lawless by John Jakes (658 copies)
Heyday by Kurt Andersen (547 copies)
Dolley by Rita Mae Brown (276 copies)
Theory of War by Joan Brady (261 copies)
Naming Liberty by Jane Yolen (134 copies)
Sooner by Patricia Calvert (68 copies)
No More Lies by Dick Gregory (67 copies)
We Americans by Leonard Pitt (17 copies)
Sea Change by Alison McLeay (13 copies)
American Record (9 copies)
Sassafras by Jack Matthews (7 copies)