Subject: Virtual reality Fiction


Books Under This Subject

Neuromancer by William Gibson (22,590 copies)
Idoru by William Gibson (5,755 copies)
JPod by Douglas Coupland (3,160 copies)
Halting State by Charles Stross (2,558 copies)
The Reality Bug by D. J. MacHale (1,947 copies)
Vurt by Jeff Noon (1,841 copies)
Black Water by D. J. MacHale (1,747 copies)
Synners by Pat Cadigan (783 copies)
Old Twentieth by Joe Haldeman (551 copies)
Donnerjack by Roger Zelazny (450 copies)
Headcrash by Bruce Bethke (352 copies)
Oh My Goth! by Gena Showalter (335 copies)
Bug Park by James P. Hogan (209 copies)
End of Days by Dennis Danvers (108 copies)