Subject: Washington (D.C.) Fiction


Books Under This Subject

The Pelican Brief by John Grisham (10,800 copies)
Cat & Mouse by James Patterson (4,903 copies)
Roses Are Red by James Patterson (4,864 copies)
Jack & Jill by James Patterson (4,815 copies)
The Collectors by David Baldacci (4,414 copies)
Double Cross by James Patterson (4,329 copies)
Stone Cold by David Baldacci (3,830 copies)
Cross Country by James Patterson (3,441 copies)
All-American Girl by Meg Cabot (3,141 copies)
Transfer of Power by Vince Flynn (2,658 copies)
Act of Treason by Vince Flynn (2,247 copies)
The Third Option by Vince Flynn (2,235 copies)
Term Limits by Vince Flynn (2,140 copies)
Ready or Not by Meg Cabot (1,602 copies)
Sacred Sins by Nora Roberts (1,450 copies)
The Zero Game by Brad Meltzer (1,429 copies)
Hemlock Bay by Catherine Coulter (1,415 copies)
Honest Illusions by Nora Roberts (1,280 copies)
Empire by Gore Vidal (1,260 copies)
Brazen Virtue by Nora Roberts (1,227 copies)
Exclusive by Sandra Brown (1,138 copies)
Divine by Karen Kingsbury (863 copies)
Journey by Danielle Steel (801 copies)
The Soul Catcher by Alex Kava (785 copies)
Under Siege by Stephen Coonts (774 copies)
The Golden Age by Gore Vidal (739 copies)
Erasure by Percival Everett (704 copies)
Sammy's Hill by Kristin Gore (703 copies)
America by Stephen Coonts (647 copies)
Rain by V. C. Andrews (643 copies)
Liberty by Stephen Coonts (593 copies)
Grass Roots by Stuart Woods (487 copies)
The Eighth Day by John Case (391 copies)
Checkpoint by Nicholson Baker (360 copies)
Grief by Andrew Holleran (357 copies)
Sammy's House by Kristin Gore (256 copies)
Trust Fund by Stephen Frey (227 copies)
The Summoning by Lynne Ewing (215 copies)
The First 48 by Tim Green (196 copies)
D.C. Noir by George Pelecanos (194 copies)
Her by Laura Zigman (191 copies)
Two Moons by Thomas Mallon (146 copies)
The Betrayed by David Hosp (142 copies)
Man About Town by Mark Merlis (133 copies)
Honey Don't by Tim Sandlin (132 copies)
The Strand by Ellen Vaughn (125 copies)
Chloe by Lyn Cote (118 copies)
Sequence by Lori Andrews (109 copies)
Tomahawk by David Poyer (105 copies)
Anna Hastings by Allen Drury (81 copies)
Purple Dots by Jim Lehrer (81 copies)
The Woody by Peter Lefcourt (70 copies)
The Edge by Mark Olshaker (57 copies)
Face-Time by Erik Tarloff (56 copies)
Traitor by Ralph Peters (49 copies)
Blue Hearts by Jim Lehrer (43 copies)
Hidden Agenda by Thom Racina (42 copies)
So Good by Venise Berry (41 copies)
The Last Spy by Bob Reiss (41 copies)
Blowback by Eric Fullilove (33 copies)
Red Ink by Greg Dinallo (32 copies)
Gambit by Karna Small Bodman (25 copies)
Embolus by Gary Birken (24 copies)
Sharp Focus by Susan Ford (20 copies)
Hope: A Novel by Mary Ryan (19 copies)
Powertown by Michael Lind (16 copies)