Subject: Werewolves


Books Under This Subject

New Moon by Stephenie Meyer (45,314 copies)
Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer (38,952 copies)
Moon Called by Patricia Briggs (7,364 copies)
Bitten by Kelley Armstrong (5,672 copies)
Blood Bound by Patricia Briggs (5,650 copies)
Blue Moon by Laurell K. Hamilton (5,236 copies)
Iron Kissed by Patricia Briggs (5,079 copies)
Cry Wolf by Patricia Briggs (4,161 copies)
Stolen by Kelley Armstrong (3,861 copies)
Broken by Kelley Armstrong (2,965 copies)
Full Moon Rising by Keri Arthur (2,109 copies)
The Fire Rose by Mercedes Lackey (1,926 copies)
Kissing Sin by Keri Arthur (1,459 copies)
Tempting Evil by Keri Arthur (1,320 copies)
Dangerous Games by Keri Arthur (1,258 copies)
Sharp Teeth by Toby Barlow (883 copies)
Blood Beast by Darren Shan (654 copies)
Mortal Danger by Eileen Wilks (639 copies)
Blood Lines by Eileen Wilks (594 copies)
Blue Moon by Lori Handeland (563 copies)
Benighted by Kit Whitfield (463 copies)
Touch of Evil by C. T. Adams (450 copies)
Dark Moon by Lori Handeland (390 copies)
The Passion by Donna Ball (261 copies)
Silver Bullet by Stephen King (251 copies)
New Moon by Rebecca York (238 copies)
Wounded by Stephen Cole (205 copies)
Wilderness by Dennis Danvers (176 copies)
Kornwolf by Tristan Egolf (159 copies)
Resurrection by Stephen Cole (126 copies)
Moondog by Alice Hoffman (50 copies)
Moondog by Henry Garfield (26 copies)
Blood Moon by Jackie French (23 copies)
Werewolf by Peter Rubie (15 copies)