Subject: Wit and humor


Wit and humor (121 works)

Wit and Humor (82 works)

Wit and humor (97 works)

Books Under This Subject

Paradise News by David Lodge (886 copies)
Bamboozled by David Legge (308 copies)
The Joke Book by Roy McKie (204 copies)
Wit by Des MacHale (154 copies)
Bachelor Kisses by Nick Earls (147 copies)
The Gizmo by Paul Jennings (123 copies)
Zen for Cats by Henry Beard (119 copies)
Foxybaby by Elizabeth Jolley (108 copies)
Headgames by Nick Earls (93 copies)
Vampires by Colin Hawkins (41 copies)
Gorey x 3 by Edward Gorey (38 copies)
Jokelopedia by John Gurney (2 copies)