Subject: Women Fiction


Women Fiction (228 works)

Women fiction (183 works)

Women fiction (131 works)

Women Fiction (194 works)

Books Under This Subject

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro (22,072 copies)
Cat's Eye by Margaret Atwood (8,910 copies)
Practical Magic by Alice Hoffman (5,490 copies)
False Memory by Dean Koontz (3,644 copies)
Sanctuary by William Faulkner (3,643 copies)
Runaway by Alice Munro (3,596 copies)
Fear of Flying by Erica Jong (3,389 copies)
The Group by Mary McCarthy (2,261 copies)
Wideacre by Philippa Gregory (2,177 copies)
Sassinak by Anne McCaffrey (1,690 copies)
Asylum by Patrick McGrath (1,467 copies)
Open Secrets by Alice Munro (1,450 copies)
Acorna's Quest by Anne McCaffrey (1,324 copies)
Beneath the Skin by Nicci French (1,269 copies)
Slow Burn by Julie Garwood (1,242 copies)
Spin State by Chris Moriarty (971 copies)
Anagrams by Lorrie Moore (902 copies)
Colony by Anne Rivers Siddons (899 copies)
Come Closer by Sara Gran (822 copies)
The Fresco by Sheri S. Tepper (798 copies)
Angel-Seeker by Sharon Shinn (755 copies)
The Cleft by Doris Lessing (723 copies)
Democracy by Joan Didion (700 copies)
Fraud by Anita Brookner (355 copies)
Ladders to Fire by Anaïs Nin (304 copies)
What She Wants by Cathy Kelly (297 copies)
Eat Me by Linda Jaivin (277 copies)
Tathea by Anne Perry (273 copies)
Puffball by Fay Weldon (263 copies)
Abeng by Michelle Cliff (234 copies)
Firebird by Kathy Tyers (226 copies)
Illumination by Terry McGarry (221 copies)
Swamp Angel by Ethel Wilson (217 copies)
Gene of Isis by Traci Harding (188 copies)
A Killing Cure by Ellen Hart (157 copies)
Clouds End by Sean Stewart (156 copies)
Splitting by Fay Weldon (132 copies)
Golden Days by Carolyn See (131 copies)
Attachment by Isabel Fonseca (120 copies)
Foxybaby by Elizabeth Jolley (111 copies)
Dreams by Olive Schreiner (98 copies)
Folly by Maureen Brady (97 copies)
Cover Girls by T. D. Jakes (90 copies)
New Amazons by Margaret Weis (89 copies)
Bunker Man by Duncan McLean (77 copies)
Mrs. Whippy by Cecelia Ahern (74 copies)
Love Song by Nikki Gemmell (73 copies)
Mascara by Ariel Dorfman (66 copies)
Camellia by Ginny Aiken (62 copies)
Women Like Us by Erica Abeel (40 copies)
Class Porn by Molly Hite (35 copies)
Blaze by Di Morrissey (35 copies)
Triangles by Ruth Geller (31 copies)
Vamp by Tracy Ryan (10 copies)