Subject: World War, 1939-1945 Secret service


Books Under This Subject

Jackdaws by Ken Follett (3,010 copies)
Enigma by Robert Harris (2,757 copies)
Restless by William Boyd (2,664 copies)
Spies by Michael Frayn (1,498 copies)
The Unlikely Spy by Daniel Silva (1,461 copies)
The Polish Officer by Alan Furst (1,113 copies)
Black Cross by Greg Iles (1,064 copies)
Dark Voyage by Alan Furst (858 copies)
Riptide by John Lawton (204 copies)
Hitler's Spies by David Kahn (198 copies)
Nancy Wake by Russell Braddon (166 copies)
Odette by Jerrard Tickell (66 copies)
The Ninth Man by John Lee (41 copies)
I was Cicero by Elyesa Bazna (32 copies)
Spymaster by Ladislas Farago (28 copies)