Subject: World politics


World politics (123 works)

world politics 1945- (106 works)

World politics 1945- (129 works)

World politics 1989- (145 works)

Books Under This Subject

Saturday by Ian McEwan (10,147 copies)
Executive Orders by Tom Clancy (6,189 copies)
9-11 by Noam Chomsky (1,489 copies)
Eat the Rich by P. J. O'Rourke (1,105 copies)
Fire by Sebastian Junger (780 copies)
The Exile by Allan Folsom (515 copies)
War Talk by Arundhati Roy (296 copies)
Distant Voices by John Pilger (221 copies)
Pure War by Paul Virilio (145 copies)
Memoirs by Raymond Aron (135 copies)
The Translator by Ward Just (105 copies)
Letters Home by Fergal Keane (49 copies)
On War by Raymond Aron (47 copies)
Directions by Jeff MacNelly (15 copies)
NATO by Jennifer Medcalf (10 copies)
The bomb by Sidney Lens (5 copies)
The SBS World Guide by SBS (2 copies)
Heading for war by T. Bell (2 copies)
General Ridgeway (1 copies)
Fabian tract (1 copies)
時局雑誌 (1 copies)