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Books Under This Subject

Plutarch's Lives by Plutarch (2,331 copies)
Six Men by Alistair Cooke (393 copies)
Ibid: A Novel by Mark Dunn (291 copies)
Demon: A Memoir by Tosca Lee (262 copies)
The Dark Clue by James Wilson (185 copies)
Variety of Men by C.P. Snow (127 copies)
Instant Lives by Howard Moss (121 copies)
Profiles by Kenneth Tynan (60 copies)
Life Sketches by John Hersey (58 copies)
Plutarch by Robert Lamberton (33 copies)
Procession by John Gunther (32 copies)
Plutarch by D. A. Russell (29 copies)
You Can Do It! by Bob Budler (28 copies)
Who's Who (21 copies)
Encounters by Kai Erikson (16 copies)
Famous cats by Jim Morin (5 copies)