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Includes: 15th century, 15th Century, 1400s, fifteenth century, 15e eeuw, 1400's, 15th c, 15. Jahrhundert, 15th c., Siglo XV, 15thC, 15th C, 15th-century, Quattrocento, siglo XV, 15de eeuw, XVe siècle, C15th, 15th C., Fifteenth Century, 15 century, quattrocento, Fifteenth century, 15e siècle, vijftiende eeuw, 15thc, 15th cent, SIGLO XV, 15th_century, XV century, 15 Century, segle XV, Segle XV, XVe siecle, S.XV, XV Century, 15th-Century, século XV, Século XV, century: 15th, 15th Cent., siglo xv, 15h century, XVème siècle, 15th century., c15th, 15thcentury, fifteenth-century, Vijftiende eeuw, Period: 15th Century, T.15 th century, 15THC, Fifteenth-Century, century>15th, 15thcent, XV secolo, 15th cen, 15th Cent, 15th cent., -- 15th cent, s.XV, 15-tes Jahrhundert, "15e eeuw", 15.Jhd, 15e Eeuw, 15de Eeuw, 15th-centrury, time period (15th c.), XVde eeuw, - 15th-century, 15thCent, XV wiek, xv secolo, 15th centry, 15TH CENT., 15TH C, ~15th century, xv ème siècle, XVeme siècle, -- 15th cent], 15TH CENTURY, 1400'S, 15h Century, XV SECOLO, 15TH CENT, c.15th, siglo 15, 15.jhd, 155th century, XV eeuw, 15th.C., 15. jahrhundert, 15th cntury, 15th Centuary, 15.årh., 15e.eeuw, Century 15, 15 eeuw, XVE SIECLE, 15th Cen, 15th centurey, XVe Siècle, 15th.c., 15th Cen., Period: 15h Century, 15thCE, Time--15th Century, SEGLE XV, 15th Century., xvème siècle, xvde eeuw, xv wiek, 15th centuary, xve siècle, 15thce, s.xv, century 15, 15th cen., 15-tes jahrhundert, 15thCentury, xv century, xv eeuw, C.15th, xve siecle, ..15th century, xveme siècle, século xv, period: 15h century, t.15 th century, 15th.c, segle xv, period: 15th century, 15th.C, and time--15th century
Translations: Кватрачэнта, Куатроченто, 15. Jahrhundert, Siglo XV, XVe siècle, Rana renesansa, 15. század, 15e eeuw, 15. århundre, XV wiek, Quatrocento, Secolul al XV-lea, Кватроченто, 15. storočie, Рана ренесанса у Италији, 1400-talet, XV secolo, 15. öldin, 15. gadsimts, XV amžius, 15 век, Rautau 15, 1400-luku, 15. yüzyıl, 15טער י"ה, and 15世紀

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