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17th century (Includes: 17th century, 17thcent, 17cent, time period (17th c.), time period-17th century, c.17th, seventheenth century, seventeenth centhry, ~17th century, 17th century91 more,  17th century, 17th centruy, 17th centure, 17t century, 17th-c, seventeent cent, 17century, 17th. century, 17.århundre, century: 17th, 17th century), 17de. århundre, period 17th century, 17th centrue, 17. århundrede, 17th cemtury, 17th cnetury, seventeen century, 17th cntury, 17th cwentury, seventeenh century, seenteenth century, 1600s, 17th cen, 17thc, c 17th, seventeenth century, sevententh century, the xviith cenury, 17th c, seventeenth c, (17th century), 17th c entury, @17th century, xvii century, 17th cenutry, seventeenth centruy, seveneenth century, the seventeenth century, xvii° c, 1600's, 1600-luku, 17c., c17, "17th century", 1601-1700, S.XVII, XVIIth century, 17. jhd, 17th cen., 17 c., 17th-century, século xvii, 17. Jhd., 17th cent, 17thcentury, time : 1600s, c17th, XVIIc, 17 century, siglo xvii, zeventiende eeuw, 17th_century, 17de eeuw, seventeenth-century, xviie siècle, -17th century., 17 th century, 17th.C., 17.Jhd., 17th cent., century>17th, 17th c., seventeenthcentury, XVIIe siecle, 17-th century, 17ème siècle, 1600-tal, 17e eeuw, period: 17th century, seventeeth century, XVIIe sicle, 17° sec., 17th centrury, seventeenth centure, XVII secolo, 1600-talet, 17. Jahrhundert, 17c, 1600-tallet, 17e siècle)

non-fiction (Includes: non-fiction, tietokirjallisuus, @non-fiction, -nonfiction, fiction-non, !nonfiction, **non-fiction, ノンフィクション, *nonfiction, nonfict229 more, ** non-fiction, no-fiction, nonfction,  non-fiction, noficció, nonfcition, no-ficció, non--fiction, non-fictio, nonfition, nonfictiion, non-fictiion, ninfiction, non=fiction, nonfictioin, non-fition, nin-fiction, nonfiiction, non-fictoin, nonfictio, nnfiction, non-fictiom, non fiction/, non ficition, *nonfiction*, nonfictionn, nonfiktio, npn-fiction, nonficction, nonfictoin, nonifction, nonfictino, nonfivtion, nn-fiction, noon-fiction, nonf-fiction, non fction, non-ficttion, nonnfiction, nonfictrion, nonficttion, nnon-fiction, nonfication, npnfiction, non-fictionm, nonviction, non-ficrion, non fictin, nonffiction, "non fiction, non-fictiob, noonfiction, non-fictyion, non-ficction, non fictoin, nonm-fiction, non-ifction, non iction, nonn-fiction, nonfictiom, non-flction, nonfi8ction, nonfitcion, nonfciction, non=fictie, non- fictie, non fiiction, non-feiction, non-fictgion, non-fictikon, : non-fiction, nopn-fiction, non fition, nno-fiction, nonflction, nonficxtion, non-ficyion, nonfidtion, nonfuction, non-fivtion, nonn fiction, nln-fiction, non ficction, non-nfiction, non-fictioon, non-fixtion, nonn-ficiton, non-viction, non ifction, nonfgiction, non-fictionh, no0nfiction, non-fi ction, ( non-fiction, non -fiction, non fictie, noniction, faglitteratur, "nonfiction, +nonfiction, nonfiction:, nonfiction, "nonfiction", non ficion, [non-fiction], non-fic, non fiction, nao-ficção, nonfic, nie-fiksie, non fictio, non fic, non fictiion, non-fictino, non-fitcion, non ficttion, n on-fiction, nonj-fiction, hon-fiction, n onfiction, nonfiction*, non-fiction- -, nonfiction-, non-fictrion, non fict, icke fiktion, nob-fiction, non- ficiton, nnonfiction, category: non-fcition, saggio, non-fictionn, non- fictiion, non fiction:,  non fiction, nonfictionm, non-fiction ∙, non /fiction, nonfictiin, non-fciction, non fictiom, nonb-fiction, non-ficion,  nonfiction, non fiction -, non-fictioj, non-ficition, sachbuch, non-foction, non-ffiction, non ficiton, non- fiction, nonfoction, non-fictioin, non ficton, saggistica, n0n-fiction, non-fict, non-fictios, Non - fiction, Non-Fitction, "non fiction", .non-fiction, Não-ficção, Non-fiction., no ficcin, #Nonfiction, NonFictin, Non-fction, @Nonfiction, Nonfiction., Genre: Non-Fiction, Sakprosa, Non-fiiction, Non.Fiction, Nonficion, branch:non-fiction, nonficton, Non-fiction;, No ficcion, A:unfiction, N0n_fiction, "non-fiction", G-Non Fiction, Non Fiaction, non-fict., genre: nonfic, Non-Fiktion, Non-Fiction **, Nonfictie, non-ficiton, genre: nonfiction, zzz Non-Fiction, nofiction, nonficition, Category: Non-Fiction, no ficció, non-fictional, non-iction, Non Fictioin, non-fictin, *sachbuch, non-ficton, @-nonfic, g:non-fiction, no-ficcion, (Non-Fiction), Non-fictie, non_fictie, non-fistion, Não Ficção, non-fiuction, genre - non fiction, non_fiction, nonficiton, facklitteratur, no ficción, non fcition, non-fcition, Genre:Non-Fiction, - non-fiction, genre - non-fiction, Non-fiction , non-ficţiune, ^Nonfiction, non-fidtion, *non-fiction, # non fiction, non- fic)

exclude: early modern (Includes: early modern, earlymodern, ealry modern, ear;y mdoern, early mdoern, "early modern", early_modern, Frühe Neuzeit, Early-Modern, Frühneuzeit)

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