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Includes: 21st century, 21st Century, 21st-century, twenty-first century, 21c, C21, 21e siècle, 21th century, Siglo XXI, 21C, 21st c., 21e eeuw, 21. Jahrhundert, 21st c, twenty first century, 21st C, siglo XXI, c21, XXIe siècle, C21st, segle XXI, c21st, 2000-tal, Twenty-first century, 21 century, 21stC, 21ste eeuw, century: 21st, S.XXI, 21stcentury, 2000-talet, Século XXI, 21st_century, Twenty-First Century, Segle XXI, 21rst Century, século XXI, XXI secolo, 21st cent, 21st-Century, 21st century ad, 21th Century, 21st C., SIGLO XXI, XXI century, 21. század, 21 Century, 21stc, 21st cent., s.XXI, 21st cen, twenty-first-century, 21ème siècle, século xxi, c.21st, sec. XXI, xxie siècle, twentyfirst century, 21ST CENTURY, SEGLE XXI, Eenentwintigste eeuw, 21. Jhd., xxi century, ad.21, Twenty-first Century, XXI Secolo, XXI° sec., Twenty first century, XXI wiek, 21sst century, 21st cetury, 21s century, 21. Jh, 21ste Eeuw, Twentyfirst Century, Century 21st, 21me siecle, 21 st century, XXI Century, siglo xxi, 21st Cen, XXie siècle, XXième siècle, 21. jahrhundert, 21eme siecle, 21st centrury, 21stCentury, Siglo XXi, 21st centruy, 21. århundrede, XXIème siècle, Twenty First Century, XXI. század, -- 21st century, 21stcent, XXIeme siècle, 21re siecle, 21st Cent., 21st. Century, twenty first centry, eenentwintigste eeuw, 21. jhd., secolo 21., 21st centuruy, s.xxi, 21s Century, XXI siecle, 21st. C., XXIè siècle, Siglo Veintiuno, TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY, 21st cenutyr, ce21, The 21st Century, 21te Jahrhundert, 21 CENTURY, século 21, siglo 21, 21 århundre, 21st centyr, Twenty-First-Century, 21st. C, twenty-first centry, Século 21, 21st centurt, 21de århundre, century>21st, 21st Centuary, twety-first century, 21st century”, Twentiy first century, 21st centery, 21st Cnetury, twenty- first century, 21 ème siècle, Sec. XXI, Twentyfirst century, XXIst century, CE21, 21 st Century, XXIe siecle, 21st centuryy,  21st century, Twenty-first centry, tweny first century, 21'st century, 21st centry, twenty frist century, . 21st century, segle xxi, 21st Centruy, 21.century, 21STC, 21Century, 21st centuty, 21st cebtury, 21st cenrtury, 21stt century, 21st. century, twentry first century, twenty fist century, 21st Century., twent first century, 21.jahrhundert, twenty first cenutry, 21st cenury, 21st cantury, tewnty first century, 21ts century, 21st centur, 21century, 21st ecntury, 21st+century, 21st century AD, 21st centuyr, xxi secolo, 21st century., XXIe Siècle, 21 centruy, Century: 21st, C21st., 21st Centurty, xxist century, 21st /Century, XXI siècle, 21 St Century, 21st Century*, Siglo 21, 21st. c, 21st cnetury, 21st Centuru, 21st. c., XXieme siècle, 21st cntury, 21st centurty, 21st ceentury, XXI c°., XXI° c., 21st Centry, 21. jh, 21S Century, 21st century*, xxiè siècle, 21.Jahrhundert, c21st., 21st Cent, 21st__century, xxi c°., xxi° sec., 21st Cantury, 21st centuru, 21STCENTURY, 21st /century, xxi° c., 21te jahrhundert, sec. xxi, 21ème Siècle, xxi wiek, xxi siecle, xxie siecle, 21sst Century, xxième siècle, 21St Century, 21rst century, 21ST CENTRUY, century 21st, XXi secolo, 21stt Century, the 21st century, twentiy first century, xxieme siècle, siglo veintiuno, xxi siècle, 21st centuary, twenty-first Century, 21° sec, 21st Cenury, and xxi. század
Translations: segle XXI, 21 стагоддзе, 21 век, 21. Jahrhundert, Siglo XXI, XXIe siècle, 21. stoljeće, 21. öldin, XXI secolo, 21. gadsimts, XXI amžius, 21. század, 21 век, Rautau 21, 21e eeuw, 21. århundre, XXI wiek, Século XXI, Secolul al XXI-lea, XXI век, 21. storočie, 21. век, 2000-luku, 2000-talet, 21. yüzyıl, 21סטער י"ה, 21世紀, 21世纪, 21ain ganrif, 21世紀, and 21. århundrede

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