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Includes: American Indians, american indians, Amerindians, Amérindiens, amerindians, American indians, AMERICAN INDIANS, amérindiens, Indiens d'Amérique, american-indians, Indians-American, amerinds, American-Indians, INDIOS AMERICANOS, american_indians, Indians of America, Indios americanos, indiens d'Amérique, Amerinds, indios americanos, americanindians, american Indians, Indians (American), indiens d'amérique, AmerIndians, Indians: American, Indians--American, Aerican Indians, Ammerican Indians, . aMERICAN iNDIANS, Ameircan Indians, AmIerican Indians, indianen amerika, american - indians, Ameerican Indians, AmerInds, American Inidans, Americn Indians, American Indians., "American Indians", Indians American, American-indians, ameerican indians, ameircan indians, American Indians..., indians of america, AmericanIndians, indians--american, AMerican Indians, ammerican indians, indians american, american inidans, americn indians, indians-american, amierican indians, Indiens d'amérique, indians (american), . american indians, aerican indians, indians: american, "american indians", . aMERICAN iNDIANS, american indians.
Translations: Amérindiens, американские индейцы, indianer, Indiani d'America, Amerikan alkuperäisväestö, Indianer, Indis Americans

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