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Includes: Middle East, middle east, middle-east, Midden-Oosten, Middle-East, Middle east, Mideast, mideast, The Middle East, MIddle East, Medio Oriente, Moyen-Orient, MIDDLE EAST, MiddleEast, midden-oosten, Mellanöstern, Mellemøsten, Oriente Medio, MidEast, mid-east, middle_east, Mid East, middleeast, Mid-East, Midden Oosten, the middle east, moyen-orient, middle East, the Middle East, Mittlerer Osten, MEDIO ORIENTE, medio oriente, mid east, midden oosten, Midtøsten, Moyen Orient, Midle East, Middle-east, Midtausten, oriente medio, *Middle East, Midt-Østen, mellanöstern, Mid-east, Middle East., Middle_East, moyen orient, mellemøsten, midtøsten, the-middle-east, Midden-oosten, middel east, médio oriente, middleast, Medio oriente, mittlerer Osten, Moyen-orient, mid-East, MoyenOrient, Médio Oriente, midle east, ORIENTE MEDIO, Midde East, mddle east, ~MiddleEast, Mezoriento, "middle east", "Middle East", MOYEN-ORIENT, mittlerer osten, middleEast, Middel East, Middleast, Midddle East, Oriente medio, Mid east, Mellemøsten", MOYEN ORIENT, MIddle-East, Middle East", (Middle East), THE MIDDLE EAST, Middel east, The Middle east, Middl East, Mmiddle East, the Middle-East, The middle east, the midde east, MIddle-east, midtausten, Moyen orient, Mddle East, Middle - east, MIDEAST, Meddle East, midde east, MIDDLE-EAST, middle easT, midt-østen, Middle EasT, MidEast , MIDDDLE EAST, _middle_east, middle.east, MIddel East, middle-East, midden-Oosten, Midden-OOsten, @Middle East@, _Middle East, Die Midde Ooste, Middleeast, meddle east, Midden oosten, the middle-east, ;Middle East, MIddle EAst, MIDLE EAST, die midde ooste, middle - east, MOyenOrient, moyenorient, midt-Østen, midddle east, mellemøsten", *middle east, middl east, mid East, middle east., mideast , Middle eAst, mezoriento, Midddle east, ~middleeast, mmiddle east, middle east", MID EAST, Middle EAst, Midle east, (middle east), _middle east, @middle east@, and ; Middle East
Translations: Mellanöstern, Bliski Wschód, Oriens Medius, Mezoriento, Μέση Ανατολή, Mittlerer Osten, 中東, Orient Mitjà, Y Dwyrain Canol, 中東, Mellemøsten, Сярэдні Усход, Близък Изток, Oriente Medio, Moyen-Orient, Bliski istok, Mið-Austurlönd, Medio Oriente, Vidējie Austrumi, Vidurinieji Rytai, Közel-Kelet, Midden-Oosten, Midtøsten, Médio Oriente, Orientul Mijlociu, Средний Восток, Средњи исток, Lähi-itä, Orta Doğu, and מיטל מזרח

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