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dictionary (Includes: dictionary, vortaro, diccionaris, geiriadur, faclair, foclóir, szótár, focloir, 辞書, verterbukh43 more, dictinary, "dictionary", *dictionary*, ditionary, dictinoary, dictionary", foclir, 'dictionary', dictionairy, woordenboek, dictionery, d(ictionary, dictionry, ) dictionary, diccionario, and dictionary, "dictionary, dictionary', dict(ionary), diccionari, dicionrio, ordbok, dictoinary, DICIONARIO, Wörterbuch, dicionary, dictionnaire, sanakirjat, a: dictionary, dictonary, Dictioanry, dicionário, Dicitonary, dictionnary, TYPE: Dictionary, Dizionario, Dictionary., #Dictionary, D(ictionary), dictionarius, type:dictionary, dictionay, словарь)

religion (Includes: religion, godsdienst, uskonto, religion1, [religion], vallás, religioon, ]religion, religion 2, "religion"118 more, religió / religion, @religion, (religion), *religion, религия, reliigion, religija, eligion, religion", 1 - religion, reliogion, relgiion,  religion, reiigion, ) religion, relogion, rreligion, religion , relifion, rellgion, rekigion, reliigon, 06 religion, reiligion, religio*, reliion, 'religion, religíon, religion$, réligion, religgion, relugion, relkigion, religi�n, religi%f3n, 3-religion, +religion, religion*, religiÓn, religion (rel), religion5, religion3, religion2, religion4, religion 4, religin, riligion, 2 - religión, "religion, religiÓ, r(eligion), religin, religionm, reeligion, --religion, reliġion, religion (5, regigion, religionb, religión, 2-religion, religlon, re;igion, religie, : religion, religion`, 1) religion, erligion, 1. religion, raligion, religuion, religiopn, feligion, "religiÓn, teligion, re(ligion), “religion, religion - 1, religiom, religion(1), religión", rekligion, relig, religon, religio, religiion, relgion, relition, religione, relligion, religio, Rligion, Relegion, religião, Religion., religiao, reilgion, religió, .Religion, * religion, ^Religion, religeon, s:religion, A:religion, Regligion, Religion -, Religion', *Religião#, religiton, 01 Religion, Religioin, relibion, reglion, H : s : religion, reigion, Religia, religoin, Religiâo)

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