Includes: historical, Historical, historisch, Historisch, historique, Histórica, histórica, HISTORICAL, storico, Historique, Historisk, histórico, Histórico, Historisches, historisk, historica, Storico, historial, històrica, Historica, Històrica, HIstorical, historisches, HISTORIQUE, HISTORICA, Historical., Historial, "Historical", hisorical, histroical, histoical, historical., Hisorical, historische, "historical", hsitorical, histrorical, historcial, -historical, hitorical, Historische, #historical, _Historical, historiical, Histrical, Hstorical, Histrorical, hstorical, Historicial, hiistorical, Histoical, Hisotrical, histrical, historicak, Historical", historicial, histortical, historicl, Hitorical, historcal, 'Historical', Historical.., ‬ ‪historical, histotrical, historical;, _historical, HISTORISCH, Historiacal, (Historical), .historical, histoirical, Historical;, historicaql, Hisitorical, ' historical, histprical, Hisgtorical, HIstórica, HIstórico, Hisrorical, "historical, Historcal, historivcal, Hisstorical, historicAl, hjistorical, Historical- -, historiocal, hyistorical, Historical $, historiccal, histotical, Histroical, Histrica, STORICO, historical ., historicall, HITORICAL, hiostorical, histrica, #Historical, historucal, historidal, Hsitorical, . historical, hisotorical, histtorical, hisotrical, "Historical, Historical|, hisstorical, hisrtorical, * historical, Historiical, HISTORIAL, Histotical, *historical, hhistorical, HIstorique, HISTORICAL., historical", Historcial, HIstorisch, hisitorical, Historiccal, Historicall, Hiostorical, Historicl, Histrica, (historical), histrica, historical $, historiacal, historical|, ..historical, historicaL, -Historical, hisrorical, historical, Histortical, historical- -, historical..., hisgtorical, hISTORICAL, 'historical', Hhistorical, HistoricaL
Translations: historisk, Historisch, historisch, historique, histórico, historia, historiallinen, Histórico/a, vēsturisks, historisk, storico, istorinis, 歴史, történelmi, Històrica, historyczne, hanesyddol, povijesni, historisk

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