Includes: revolution, Revolution, révolution, revolutie, Révolution, revolución, Revolución, revolução, Revolução, rivoluzione, Revolutie, vallankumous, Rivoluzione, revolucion, REVOLUTION, revolusjon, revolució, революция, Revolusjon, RIVOLUZIONE, REVOLUCION, revolution., Revoloution, REVOLUCIÓN, Revolution., revelution, revoution, revoluion, REVOLUÇÃO, Revoution, Revoultion, revolúcia, Revolutiion, revoltuion, Revolució, revoultion, rvolution, revoliucija, revollution, Revolutuon, revlution, Revlution, VALLANKUMOUS, Revolution", revoluton, Revoluton, REvolution, Revolucion, reveolution, revolution*, Vallankumous, revolugion, REvoution,  revolution, Revoliucija, Revilution, revolition, Revoluation, 1 revolution, Revolution(1), " revolution, Revelution, revolutiion, R(evolution), Revoulution, revoltion, _revolution, revolutoin, fevolution, Fevolution, Revolition, revolution", revolucin, Revolucin, REVELUTION, revolutuon, revoluÇÃo, revolution, r(evolution), revoluciÓn, revoulution, revolution(1), revilution, Revolúcia, revoluation, revoloution, . revolution
Translations: Révolution, Rivoluzione, revolution, 革命, chwyldro, Рэвалюцыя, Революция, Revolution, Revolución, Revolucija, Revolūcija, Revoliucija, Forradalom, Revolutie, Revolusjon, Rewolucja, Revolução, Revoluție, Революция, Revolúcia, Револуција, Vallankumous, Devrim, רעוואלוציע

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