Includes: socialism, Socialism, socialisme, Socialismo, socialismo, Sozialismus, Socialisme, sozialismus, SOCIALISMO, SOCIALISM, socialsim, sosialisme, Sosialisme, Socalism, Socialism., socalism, socialiam, socialim, socialsm, socilaism, Socialsim, socialism", scialism, Scialism, Socialsm, sociaism, Soocialism, SOcialism, Soicalism, Sociaism, Socialisam, socialism., Socilaism, Socialissm, socislism, socilism, socialims, Socialim, Scoialism, scoialism, Socialims, soicalism, soocialism, socialisam, SocialisM, Socilism, Socialiam, sociLISM, and socialissm
Translations: socialism, 社会主義, 社會主義, Сацыялізм, Социализъм, Sozialismus, Socialismo, Socialisme, Socijalizam, Jafnaðarstefna, Socialismo, Sociālisms, Socializmas, Szocializmus, Социјализам, Socialisme, Sosialisme, Socjalizm, Socialismo, Socialism, Социализм, Socializmus, Социјализам, Sosialismi, Sosyalizm, and סאציאליזם

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