Includes: unread, Unread, not read, Not Read, ungelesen, UNREAD, not-read, Not read, haven't read, @unread, have not read, notread, oläst, _unread, Haven't Read, ulest, Non lu, !unread, lukematta, Have not read, NOT READ, Status: Unread, status: unread, Un-Read, not_read, nicht gelesen, NotRead, un-read, non lu, UnRead, haven't read it, *unread*, Haven't read, non letto, c:unread, ongelezen, (Status): Unread, Have Not Read, niet gelezen, Ulest, *unread, NOT read, .unread, UnRed, Ongelezen, ej läst, Olästa, status:unread, ulæst, have-not-read, Ungelesen, (unread), {unread}, STATUS: Unread, .não lido, Unread., Niet gelezen, #unread, * unread, #Unread, books I haven't read yet, ~unread, Un-read, books i haven't read yet, ~Unread, unread., havent read, Have not Read, .Unread, UNread, Oläst, unred, Have-Not-Read, Haven't Read It, un read, [unread], Non Lu, Ungelesen/Unread, __unread, HAVEN'T READ, unread , (Unread), Ulæst, unRead, NÃO LIDO, Havent Read, UNGELESEN, *Unread*, -unread-, Not_Read, unerad, NAO LIDO, NOT_READ, HAVE NOT READ, Unread;, " unread, Not-read, Nicht gelesen, ‬ ‪unread‬, unread  , . unread, Haven't read it, Niet Gelezen, Havn't Read, >unread, notRead, NOn Lu, not Read, Un read, Not-Read, ) unread, UNREAD., lukematon - unread, C-Unread, &unread, Ej läst, Notread, Unerad, nao lido, NOT-READ, _Unread, UNREAd, [Unread], _unread., Have Not read, UnREAD, Status: unread, STATUS:unread, ..unread, C:unread, [UNREAD], unread;, UN READ, olästa, Lukematta, nÃo lido, unread__, Not_read, c-unread, _unread_, unread, Un Read, C-unread, unread, NOt READ, unreD, ungelesen/unread, Unread, @Unread, unread, (status): unread, Unred, Not REad, unread....., Unread....., havn't read, and unreaD
Translations: ungelesen, Non lu, oläst, ongelezen, por ler, mallegita, ulest, no leído, nelasīta, non letto, no llegit, lukematon, nepročitano, neskaityta, 未読, olvasatlan, не прочитано, ongelees, heb ei ddarllen, and 未讀

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