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Greek mythology(21) Greek tragedy(2) Greenland(3) grief(1) griffins(4) growing up(10) Gudrun(1) Guernsey(1) Guinivere(1) Gula(1) Guy Fawkes Day(1) gypsies(1) haiku(1) half-siblings(1) Halloween(1) Hans Christian Anderson(1) Harriet Vane(5) Hasidism(1) Heaven(4) hedgehogs(2) Helen of Troy(5) Hell(5) Henry I(1) Henry II(1) Henry VIII(2) heraldry(1) Hereward of Mercia(1) heroes(2) Hertfordshire(1) high fantasy(7) high school(2) hilarious(5) Himalayas(1) Hinges of History(1) Hippolyta(1) historical fantasy(4) historical fantasy/alternate history(2) historical fiction(137) historical mystery(2) history(22) History of Middle Earth(3) history of science(1) hobbits(7) Holland(1) Holocaust(1) Holy Grail(2) home(1) homefront(1) homelessness(1) Homer(1) homeschoolers in fiction(1) homework(1) honor(5) Horace(1) horology(1) horse racing(1) horses(37) hotels(1) housekeeping(1) Howl's Moving Castle Trilogy(3) Huguenots(1) humor(6) Hunger Games(1) Huns(1) Icarus(1) Iceland(1) Icelandic(1) Iceni(3) identity(1) If You series(1) Igraine(1) Iliad(1) illegitimacy(1) illustrated(157) illustrated by Alan Lee(8) illustrated by Annabel Spenceley(1) illustrated by Anne Yvonne Gilbert(1) illustrated by Arthur Hall(1) illustrated by author(1) illustrated by Brett Helquist(1) illustrated by C.E. Brock(1) illustrated by Cecil Leslie(2) illustrated by Charles Keeping(1) illustrated by Charles Mozley(1) illustrated by Chris Van Allsburg(1) illustrated by D.M. Cornish(1) illustrated by Dan Andreasen(12) illustrated by Dan Andresen(1) illustrated by David Gilleece(1) illustrated by David Johnson(1) illustrated by Dora Leder(1) illustrated by E.H. Shepherd(2) illustrated by Edward Ardizzone(2) illustrated by Edward Frascino(1) illustrated by Edward Gorey(1) illustrated by Emma Garner(1) illustrated by Erwin Madrid(1) illustrated by Evaline Ness(1) illustrated by Felicia Bond(2) illustrated by Garth Williams(11) illustrated by H.R. Millar(1) illustrated by Heather Copley(1) illustrated by Henri Sorensen(1) illustrated by J.R.R. Tolkien(3) illustrated by Jo Poseno(1) illustrated by John Eaton(1) illustrated by John Oliver Simon(1) illustrated by Kurt Wiese(1) illustrated by Leonard Weisgard(1) illustrated by Lois Lenski(6) illustrated by Lotte Reiniger(1) illustrated by Louis Jambor(1) illustrated by Louis Slobodkin(3) illustrated by Lynn Munsinger(1) illustrated by Mary Rayner(1) illustrated by Maurice Sendak(1) illustrated by Mervyn peake(3) illustrated by N.C. Wyeth(1) illustrated by N.M. Bodecker(1) illustrated by Nancy Niles(1) illustrated by Nora S. Unwin(1) illustrated by Pat Grant Porter(1) illustrated by Paul Hogarth(1) illustrated by Paul O. Zelinsky(1) illustrated by Pauline Baynes(16) illustrated by Peter Boston(1) illustrated by Renee Graef(3) illustrated by Ricki Klages(1) illustrated by Robert Byrd(1) illustrated by Ronni Solbert(1) illustrated by Ruth Chrisman Gannett(1) illustrated by Scott McKowen(1) illustrated by Tasha Tudor(1) illustrated by Thea Kilros(1) illustrated by Timothy Basil Ering(1) illustrated by Vera Neville(6) illustrated by Victor Ambrus(1) illustrated by W.J. Aylward(1) illustrated by Wanda Gág(1) illustrated by Warren Chang(1) illustrated by Wesley Dennis(2) illustrated by William M. Johnson(1) illustrated by Yuko Green(1) illustrated Carl Cassler(1) illustrated Haru Wells(1) illustrated Nora Unwin(1) illustrated Renee Graef(1) immigrants(4) immigration(2) immortality(2) imposters(2) Inch and Roly(1) India(7) Indiana(3) industrial revolution(1) infection(2) inheritance(1) Inklings(52) Inspector Grant(1) intrigue(3) Invidia(1) Ira(1) Ireland(9) Irish(4) Irish fairytales(1) Irish history(3) Irish mythology(3) Iron Curtain(1) Islam(1) islands(7) Isle of Man(1) Israel(2) Italian(7) Italian literature(1) Italy(5) Ithaca(1) J.R.R. 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Olympus(1) murder(17) murder mysteries(1) museums(4) music(4) musicians(2) mutiny(2) My Father's Dragon(1) mysteries(1) mystery(27) mythology(34) Mythopoeic Fantasy Award(9) Napoleonic Wars(3) Narnia(17) Native American(1) Native Americans(6) navy(1) Nazi Germany(1) Nazis(4) need to replace(1) neighbors(1) Neo-Latin(1) Nero(1) nests(1) Netherlands(2) never trust the monkey(3) New England(31) New Hampshire(1) New York(8) New York City(15) New Zealand(1) Newbery(1) Newbery Honor(38) Newbery Medal(22) Newfoundland(1) nightmares(1) Noah's Ark(1) Nobel Prize(1) nonfiction(100) Nordic(1) Norman England(2) Norman Invasion(2) Normans(3) Norse(1) Norse mythology(3) North Carolina(1) Northern Lights(1) Northmen(1) Norway(4) Nova Scotia(1) novellas(2) nuclear holocaust(1) nuclear war(1) nuns(1) Oberon(1) Odin(1) Odysseus(2) Odyssey(2) Ohio(1) Old English(1) Old Norse(1) omnibus(14) Ontario(1) orcs(3) Oregon(1) Orkney Islands(2) orphans(48) other worlds(1) otters(1) outlaws(1) Owen Glyndwr(1) owls(1) Oxford(4) page-turner(1) Palestine(1) paper dolls(1) paracosm(1) parallel universes(3) parallel worlds(5) Paris(5) Paris of Troy(1) parrots(3) Peloponnesian War(2) Penderwicks(3) Pendragon(1) Pendragon Cycle(3) Pennsylvania(1) Percy Jackson(2) Percy Jackson and the Olympians(4) Perrault(1) persecuted church(1) Persia(1) Persian Empire(1) Peru(1) pets(1) philology(1) philosophy(1) Phoenix(1) phrasebook(1) picture book(16) pigs(6) pilgrimage(1) pilots(1) pioneer(2) pioneers(7) pirates(8) Pittsburgh(1) plague(2) Plantagenet(4) plants(1) Plautus(1) play(1) plays(10) Pliny(1) poems(1) poetry(32) poets(3) poison(1) Poland(1) polar bears(5) political intrigue(2) political theory(1) politics(1) Pompeii(2) ponies(1) Pope Innocence III(1) popular science(1) Port William(1) Poseidon(2) post-apocalyptic(3) poverty(4) prayer(1) pregnancy(1) prejudice(2) presidents(2) priests(5) prince(2) Prince Edward Island(12) princes(3) princess(2) princesses(19) prison(2) prison camp(1) prisoners(2) professor father(7) prose translation(2) Protestant Reformation(1) Prydain(2) Prydain Chronicles(2) Psammead(1) Puck(2) Pulitzer Prize(2) puppetry(1) purgatory(2) Puritans(2) pushcarts(1) puzzles(1) Pye Family(2) Quakers(1) quarries(2) queens(7) quest(4) quicksand(1) quotations(1) rabbits(5) raccoons(1) racism(2) radiation(1) railroads(3) Rapunzel(2) rats(2) ravens(1) read to Athena(1) read to Flavius(2) realistic fiction(3) rebellious princess(1) red-headed heroine(12) Redwall(2) reference(13) refugees(1) regency(3) Regency Era(2) remarriage(4) Renaissance(2) reread in '11(42) reread in '12(7) reread in '13(4) reread in 2012(1) responsibility(1) retelling(31) revenge(1) Richard II(1) Richard III(2) Richard the Lionhearted(1) Riddle-Master trilogy(1) riddles(2) rings(1) Rip Van Winkle(1) robbers(2) Robert the Bruce(2) Robin Hood(3) Robinson Crusoe(1) Roland(3) Roman(10) Roman Britain(19) Roman Catholic(17) Roman Empire(8) Roman history(11) Roman Invasion(1) Roman Invasion of Britain(1) Roman literature(8) Roman mythology(3) Roman poetry(1) Roman Republic(2) romance(47) romances(1) Romania(1) Romans(12) Romantics(1) Rome(19) Romney Marsh(1) Rose Years(1) roses(1) Rowan of Rin(2) Royal Canadian Mounted Police(1) royalty(2) Rumpelstiltskin(1) runaways(1) runes(1) running away(2) rural life(1) Russia(4) Russian(5) Sack of Troy(1) sacrifice(4) sagas(1) Sagas of Icelanders(1) sailing(1) salamanders(1) salt mines(1) salukis(2) Samantha Parkington(1) San Francisco(2) satire(1) satire/parody(1) satyrs(3) Saxons(7) school(6) science(1) science fiction(4) scientists(1) Scotland(24) Scottish(11) Scottish fairytales(1) Scottish history(2) sea(3) sea dragons(1) sea faring(4) sea serpents(4) selected by C. Burgauner(1) selkies(3) sentimental(1) separated parents(1) sequel(2) sermons(1) sewers(1) Shades of Grey(1) shadows(4) Shakespeare(2) shape-shifting(1) shapeshifters(1) Sherwood Forest(1) ships(5) Shoe books(2) short stories(32) Shrewsbury(3) Shropshire(5) siblings(34) signed copy(1) Sigurd(1) single mothers(1) Sir Galahad(1) Sir Gawain and the Green Knight(1) Sir Walter Raleigh(1) Sirius(1) sisters(33) Skara Brae(1) sketching(2) slavery(18) small town(1) small town life(1) smugglers(1) smuggling(1) Snow White and Rose Red(1) Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs(2) soccer(1) social justice(1) social satire(1) soldiers(2) Song of Albion Trilogy(3) sorcerers(1) Sorcery & Cecelia(1) South America(2) Southern(1) Soviet Union(1) space travel(3) Space Trilogy(1) Spain(4) Spanish(1) Sparta(3) Spartacus(1) speculative fiction(15) spiders(2) spies(7) spiritual abuse(1) Spurgeon(1) spy(3) squirrels(1) St. Bartholomew's Hospital(1) St. George(1) St. Patrick(1) stars(2) statues(2) steampunk(1) Step Into Reading(1) stepfathers(1) stepmothers(8) stepsiblings(2) stepsisters(3) Stonehenge(2) storks(1) storms(2) Stuarts(1) Sumer(1) Sumerian(1) summer(2) summer adventure(1) summer vacation(1) Summerside(1) sun(1) Superbia(1) survival(1) suspense(2) Swan Lake(2) swan maidens(1) swans(2) swashbuckling(1) Sweden(1) Swedish(1) Switzerland(2) synesthesia(1) Syria(2) Tactius(2) Taiwan(1) Tales of Goldstone Wood(3) Taliesin(1) talking animals(2) Tam Lin(5) Tatterhood(1) tattoos(1) teaching(2) teen pregnancy(1) temples(2) Terence(1) Texas(2) textbook(1) The Arthurian Saga(1) The Cosmic Trilogy(3) the Crusades(1) The Dark is Rising(4) The Dragon King Trilogy(1) The Fate of the Children of Lir(1) The Goose Girl(2) The Heroes of Olympus(2) The Lefay Fragment(1) The Lion Hunters(5) The Llanfabon Changeling(1) The Lovers Vows(1) The Mark of Solomon(2) The Merlin Trilogy(1) The Moffats(2) the Netherlands(1) The Olympians(1) The Pageant of England(1) The Queen's Thief(5) The Sea-Maiden(1) The Shepherd of Myddvai(1) The Sleeping Beauty(1) The Soldier Series(1) The Story of Deirdre(1) The Tale of Ivan(1) The Water Babies(1) theater(6) theft(1) Theodore Roosevelt(1) theology(2) Theseus(1) thieves(11) Third Crusade(1) Thomas a Becket(1) Thomas Keith(1) thriller(1) Thursday Next(1) Tibet(1) tigers(1) Time Quintet(4) time travel(9) Titania(1) Titans(1) Titus Novels(3) toads(1) tog(19) tog 1(11) tog 2(6) tog 3(1) Tolkien(1) Toronto(1) Tower of Babel(1) towers(1) tragedy(2) trains(7) transcendentalism(6) translated Aubrey De Selincourt(1) translated by Brian Hooker(1) translated by Burton Raffel(2) translated by C.Day Lewis(1) translated by Christopher Fry(1) translated by Ciaran Carson(1) translated by David Magarshack(2) translated by Dorothy L. Sayers(5) translated by Dryden(1) translated by E. Talbot Donaldson(1) translated by E.F. Watling(1) translated by George Thornley(1) translated by Hermann Palsson(1) translated by Hermann Palsson and Paul Edwards(1) translated by J.R.R. Tolkien(1) translated by Jeffrey Gantz(1) translated by John Cairncross(1) translated by John Ciardi(1) translated by Jonathan Francis Goodridge(1) translated by Kevin Crossley-Holland(1) translated by L.W. Kingsland(1) translated by Lady Charlotte M. Guest(1) translated by Leonard Bacon(1) translated by Lewis Thorpe(1) translated by Margaret Hunt(1) translated by Max Hayward(1) translated by Michael Alexander(1) translated by Michael Gallagher(1) translated by Michael Grant(1) translated by Nevill Coghill(1) translated by Patricia Crampton(1) translated by Phillip Vellacott(1) translated by R.K. Gordon(1) translated by R.S. Pine-Coffin(1) translated by Rex Warner(1) translated by Robert Fagles(1) translated by Robert Fitzgerald(1) translated by Robert Graves(1) translated by Ron Hingley(1) translated by Samuel Butler(1) translated by Seamus Heaney(1) translated by W.H.D. Rouse(1) translation(74) translation by Faubion Bowers(1) translation by Stephanie Dalley(1) Transylvania(1) travel(2) travel guide(1) treasure(9) treasure maps(2) trees(1) trilogy(13) Trinity(1) Tristan and Isolde(2) Troilus and Cressida(1) Trojan Horse(1) Trojan War(8) Trojans(1) trolls(5) Trophy Chase Trilogy(2) Troy(7) trucks(1) Truman(1) Tudor England(1) Tudors(1) Twelve Dancing Princesses(3) twins(8) Uganda(2) ugly cover(1) Ulster(1) Uncle Fred(1) Uncle Tom's Cabin(1) Underland Chronicles(1) unfinished work(5) unicorns(8) university(1) unread(265) unwed mothers(1) urban fantasy(1) US presidents(1) Uther Pendragon(1) vacation(2) vampires(2) Vassar(2) veils(1) Venezuela(1) ventriloquism(1) Venus(1) verse translation(3) Vesper Holly(1) Vesuvius(2) veterinarians(3) Victorian(7) Victorian England(1) Victorian Era(1) Victorian Literature(1) Victorianesque fantasy(1) Vikings(3) village life(6) violence(1) violins(2) Virgil(2) Virginia(3) volcanoes(4) W.H. Lewis(1) Wales(18) war(15) war babies(1) war crimes(1) War of 1812(5) Washington D.C.(1) water(2) waterfalls(2) Watership Down(1) weapons(1) weddings(1) weird cover(3) Welsh(4) Welsh fairytales(1) Welsh mythology(8) werewolves(2) Western Civilization(2) Westmark Trilogy(2) whales(1) wheelchairs(1) White Horse of Uffington(1) White Stag(1) Who's Who in British History(1) widows(1) Wiglaf(1) Wild Swans(1) wildflowers(1) Will Scarlet(1) William Shakespeare(1) William the Conqueror(1) William Wallace(2) wills(1) wind(4) windmills(1) Wingfeather Saga(3) Winnie-the-Pooh(2) winter(2) Wisconsin(6) wishes(7) witches(4) wizard school(1) wizard schools(1) wizards(25) wolves(7) woodcarving(1) woodcuts(1) woods(1) wordplay(2) work(1) World Fantasy Award(2) writer(1) writers(1) writing(2) writing craft(1) writing life(2) writing markets(1) wwi(2) wwii(24) Xenophon(1) Y Gododdin(1) yaks(1) Yorkshire(5) young adult(145) young writers(10) Zita the Space Girl(1) zombies(1)
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