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ENC 184(25) memoir(33) miniature worlds(4) missing(3) modern folktale(54) modern folktale style(4) monitor and clarify(2) moral choices(3) More Science Through Children's Literature E-book(26) More Story Stretchers REF LB(40) multicultural(22) mystery(9) myth(47) narrative(2) narrative nonfiction(322) Native American(151) ncss(572) new(201) Newbery(316) non-circulating(8) nonfiction(587) Nonfiction Craft Lessons: Teaching Information Writing K-8(20) noodlehead tale(3) not yet owned(16) novel in verse(35) nsta(194) nursery rhyme(57) nutrition(2) ocd(2) oil(2) old textbook(1,266) old textbook database(23) older reader(18) onomatopoeia(1) organization(98) orientation(26) paperback(76) paperback too(3) pattern(14) peers(16) personal narrative(112) persuasive nonfiction(50) physical challenges(7) picture book(5,602) Picture Book Guide - REF LB(55) plot(5) poetry(585) point of view(1) pop-up(7) postmodern(3) pourquoi tale(7) poverty(6) predict and set purpose(3) prejudice(7) preposterous(4) presentation(18) printmaking(2) problem and solution(10) procedural nonfiction(48) quest(28) questioning(53) race(31) reader(193) reading(26) reading difficulties(2) realistic fiction(1,698) realistic folktale(5) rebus(1) relatives(4) religion(23) representational(2) Romanticism art(2) science(389) Science Adventures with Children's Literature E-book(10) science fiction(77) science nonfiction(571) Science Through Children's Literature - 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