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Science Fiction FansScience Fiction FansOur reads in October 2021100 unread / 100Sakerfalcon, Today 5:29am
Pro and ConPro and ConDealing with the dishonorable and the inconvenient (2)106 unread / 106John5918, Today 5:16am
Pro and ConPro and ConTrump's Truthiness (2)10 unread / 10John5918, Today 5:12am
Pro and ConPro and ConBrexit! Part 567 unread / 67John5918, Today 5:09am
Slightly Foxed - An apprec…Slightly Foxed - An appreciationI subscribed23 unread / 23ironjaw, Today 4:54am
2022 Category Challenge2022 Category Challenge2022 CAT Planning Thread53 unread / 53Robertgreaves, Today 4:54am
Pro and ConPro and ConSARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 (24...)145 unread / 145margd, Today 4:53am
Playing games and solving…Playing games and solving puzzlesConstruct a phrase : A 4/5 or 5/4 or any 9-letter phrase (or 9-letter word) -- part 34580 unread / 580starbox, Today 4:50am
Catholic TraditionCatholic TraditionFrancis (2021)165 unread / 165John5918, Today 4:48am
Catholic TraditionCatholic TraditionThe Synod on Synodality25 unread / 25John5918, Today 4:44am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021souloftherose's 2021 reading for comfort199 unread / 199souloftherose, Today 4:30am
2022 Category Challenge2022 Category ChallengeWelcome to the 2022 Category Challenge!52 unread / 52pamelad, Today 4:12am
SustainabilitySustainabilityWaste - What about it?40 unread / 40margd, Today 4:06am
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021jjmcgaffey's Reading in 2021216 unread / 216SandDune, Today 4:00am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Roni Recovers and Reads in 2021: 6th Edition52 unread / 52SandDune, Today 3:57am
The Green DragonThe Green DragonThe Read goes ever on and on...MrsLee 2021 chapter 373 unread / 73pgmcc, Today 3:33am
2021 ROOT CHALLENGE2021 ROOT CHALLENGEOCTOBER ROOT - Progress Thread47 unread / 47MissWatson, Today 3:29am
2021 ROOT CHALLENGE2021 ROOT CHALLENGELoraShouse ROOTs around in 202127 unread / 27MissWatson, Today 3:27am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Anita (FAMeulstee) goes there where the books take her in 2021 (10)127 unread / 127FAMeulstee, Today 3:27am
George Macy devoteesGeorge Macy devoteesCataloguing my Monthly Letters and Shipping Notes2 unread / 2wcarter, Today 3:24am
2021 ROOT CHALLENGE2021 ROOT CHALLENGErocketjk's 2021 Off the Shelf adventures43 unread / 43MissWatson, Today 3:24am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021richardderus's fifteenth 2021 thread102 unread / 102FAMeulstee, Today 3:23am
Name that BookName that BookJapanese author, male protagonist, mind bending3 unread / 3Yuki-Onna, Today 3:22am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeTricia is still here in 2021159 unread / 159Tess_W, Today 3:04am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeNickelini's Category Challenge 2021220 unread / 220Tess_W, Today 2:59am
Fine Press ForumFine Press ForumThornwillow's Ulysses134 unread / 134wcarter, Today 2:41am
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021Baswood's books - well - part 274 unread / 74AnnieMod, Today 1:48am
Orange January/JulyOrange January/JulyNickelini's Orange Reading82 unread / 82Nickelini, Today 1:41am
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021Diane's up all night reading115 unread / 115Nickelini, Today 1:40am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeNinieB thinks chronologically--Third thoughts96 unread / 96kac522, Today 1:36am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Katiekrug Reads and Reads and Reads Some More - Part 16307 unread / 307Helenliz, Today 1:22am
2022 Category Challenge2022 Category ChallengeHelenliz turns 50 pages33 unread / 33Helenliz, Today 1:20am
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021kidzdoc hits the reset button in 2021, Part 4156 unread / 156dianeham, Today 12:59am
Talk about LibraryThingTalk about LibraryThingWhat is the record number of LT members on line at any one time? - Part 297229 unread / 229etrainer, Today 12:54am
Name that BookName that BookFantasy medieval romance novel; red-haired girl with green eyes1 unread / 1kayepoo, Today 12:50am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Susan/quondame has her nose in a book 2021 - 4212 unread / 212quondame, Today 12:44am
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category Challengesusanna.fraser goes exploring in 2021202 unread / 202susanna.fraser, Today 12:30am
2021 ROOT CHALLENGE2021 ROOT CHALLENGENickelini Reads Books She Already Owns173 unread / 173Nickelini, Today 12:30am
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021Nickelini Reads in 2021, part 326 unread / 26Nickelini, Today 12:28am
Playing games and solving…Playing games and solving puzzlesAnother Silly Game Part 189294 unread / 294quondame, Today 12:18am
Pro and ConPro and ConJournalism: a dangerous job, and oft well done (5)197 unread / 197John5918, Today 12:09am
The Green DragonThe Green DragonWe will miss them: Green Dragon's obits - Part V251 unread / 251cindydavid4, Today 12:03am
Catholic TraditionCatholic TraditionCurrent Catholic Issues53 unread / 53John5918, Today 12:02am
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Joe's Book Cafe 10 2021280 unread / 280quondame, Yesterday 11:57pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021TIFFIN'S Second for 202131 unread / 31LizzieD, Yesterday 11:41pm
Readers Over SixtyReaders Over SixtyCamp songs130 unread / 130John5918, Yesterday 11:31pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021SandDune’s Retirement Reads - Part 550 unread / 50quondame, Yesterday 11:25pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Humouress in 2021; fourth quarter (thread 4). To 75 ... and beyond105 unread / 105humouress, Yesterday 11:19pm
The Green DragonThe Green DragonFieldnotes: On Staying Clam & Reading More in 2021 ☽ Part III ☾68 unread / 68Marissa_Doyle, Yesterday 11:16pm
Name that BookName that BookChildren's story about industrialisation and pollution1 unread / 1tjsmada, Yesterday 11:15pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Mark's Reading Place: Chapter Sixteen194 unread / 194quondame, Yesterday 11:12pm
Reading GloballyReading GloballyWhere In The World Are You? September/October 202123 unread / 23AnnieMod, Yesterday 11:06pm
Name that BookName that BookSupernatural New england horror3 unread / 3MissSquish, Yesterday 10:49pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021RebaRelishesReading in 2021 - #4 summer's here242 unread / 242Familyhistorian, Yesterday 10:27pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021In Memoriam140 unread / 140jessibud2, Yesterday 10:24pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Beth's (BLBera) Pages in 2021 - Chapter 5178 unread / 178BLBera, Yesterday 10:12pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Weird_O Bill's Bookish Whatchamacallit...3 (Three)265 unread / 265weird_O, Yesterday 10:10pm
What did YOU buy today?What did YOU buy today?What did YOU buy today? October 20216 unread / 6varielle, Yesterday 10:08pm
A Quiet Corner, but not a…A Quiet Corner, but not a lonely cornerreading for a better 2021 - lesmel141 unread / 141lesmel, Yesterday 9:59pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeDeltaQueen's 2021 Challenge - Reading Is Like a Box of Chocolates - Part 6210 unread / 210DeltaQueen50, Yesterday 9:56pm
100 Books in 2021 Challeng…100 Books in 2021 Challenge!Hemlokgang's 100 Books in 2021106 unread / 106hemlokgang, Yesterday 9:49pm
What Are You Reading Now?What Are You Reading Now?What are you reading the week of October 16, 2021?20 unread / 20hemlokgang, Yesterday 9:47pm
Booze!Booze!Cork? Screwtop? Glass?2 unread / 22wonderY, Yesterday 9:38pm
Folio Society DevoteesFolio Society DevoteesLE: Dante's The Divine Comedy272 unread / 272_WishIReadMore, Yesterday 9:36pm
Fine Press ForumFine Press ForumLyra's Books- The Picture of Dorian Gray93 unread / 93_WishIReadMore, Yesterday 9:35pm
Name that BookName that BookHigh fantasy book read in 90s1 unread / 1phoenixrising1535, Yesterday 9:30pm
Birds, Birding & BooksBirds, Birding & BooksBird of the Week Page 224 unread / 24NorthernStar, Yesterday 9:22pm
The Green DragonThe Green Dragontheexiledlibrarian changes handles27 unread / 27clamairy, Yesterday 9:20pm
Fine Press ForumFine Press ForumOT: Fine Press principles in trade books8 unread / 8jveezer, Yesterday 9:18pm
The Green DragonThe Green DragonPapa Jim (jim53) reads in 2021, part 278 unread / 78Jim53, Yesterday 9:17pm
The Green DragonThe Green DragonOctober - Outstanding or Objectionable82 unread / 82theretiredlibrarian, Yesterday 9:16pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021Penny Reads 2021200 unread / 200pmarshall, Yesterday 9:13pm
Name that BookName that BookWomen protagonist, twisted plot, thriller, online dating1 unread / 1Evitanoelle, Yesterday 9:11pm
2021 Category Challenge2021 Category ChallengeJayneCM Feels At Home In 2021405 unread / 405JayneCM, Yesterday 9:00pm
Playing games and solving…Playing games and solving puzzlesWord Game - 5 Letter Word - December 29, 2019692 unread / 692Charon07, Yesterday 8:58pm
Playing games and solving…Playing games and solving puzzlesLast 2 Letters -- Fun Game! - Part 8706 unread / 706Charon07, Yesterday 8:52pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Mdoris (Mary) reads in 2021 #257 unread / 57mdoris, Yesterday 8:44pm
Name that BookName that BookFound: Children's book from the 1990s (or maybe earlier)3 unread / 3erika1213, Yesterday 8:40pm
Playing games and solving…Playing games and solving puzzlesA NEW GAME! "Last Three Letters" - Part 8403 unread / 403Charon07, Yesterday 8:35pm
Easton Press CollectorsEaston Press CollectorsWhat Books Can You Read Over and Over Again?67 unread / 67abysswalker, Yesterday 8:26pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021karenmarie: a new normal with lots of books - XII124 unread / 124karenmarie, Yesterday 8:24pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Alcott Acre's More Board Games Than Books Section II17 unread / 17alcottacre, Yesterday 8:18pm
CookbookersCookbookerscooking for a better 2021 - lesmel111 unread / 111lesmel, Yesterday 8:15pm
Off-topicOff-topicTPBM 109 - A PT boat and a dead president; that's all I got239 unread / 239Morphidae, Yesterday 8:14pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021RidgewayGirl Reads in 2021, Fourth Quarter84 unread / 84stretch, Yesterday 8:12pm
50 Book Challenge50 Book ChallengeTropics' 2021 40 Book Challenge31 unread / 31tropics, Yesterday 8:05pm
Name that BookName that BookYA, a boy has a pet crow, sad3 unread / 3MissSquish, Yesterday 7:43pm
NeedleartsNeedleartscrafting for a better 2021 - lesmel - part 292 unread / 92lesmel, Yesterday 7:42pm
Gothic LiteratureGothic LiteraturePhantasmagoria and Haunted Screens: Gothic Films (and more) - Eight180 unread / 180alaudacorax, Yesterday 7:38pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021EllaTim reading in 2021. Spring, and summer too.222 unread / 222EllaTim, Yesterday 7:28pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Amber's (scaifea) Thread #26154 unread / 154curioussquared, Yesterday 7:23pm
Manga and Anime AddictsManga and Anime AddictsMy school has everything blocked :( and i cant find either a manga ebook site or animesite Help?1250 unread / 1250Covid_Karin, Yesterday 7:07pm
The Green DragonThe Green DragonMarissa's Reading Adventures in 2021186 unread / 186Marissa_Doyle, Yesterday 7:00pm
Playing games and solving…Playing games and solving puzzlesAlphabet of books you have read - Part 1413 unread / 13fyrfly, Yesterday 6:52pm
Club Read 2021Club Read 2021rocketjk's 2021 reading hoopla333 unread / 333rocketjk, Yesterday 6:47pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021PAUL C'S SECOND HOME - PART 20202 unread / 202PaulCranswick, Yesterday 6:46pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021MickyFine Attends the Assembly Rooms in 2021, Tenth Cotillion142 unread / 142alcottacre, Yesterday 6:39pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Copperskye (Joanne) Reads in 2021 II159 unread / 159Copperskye, Yesterday 6:39pm
SustainabilitySustainabilityElectricity generation127 unread / 1272wonderY, Yesterday 6:24pm
75 Books Challenge for 20…75 Books Challenge for 2021Mary (bell7) Reads Diversely and Globally in 2021 - thread #796 unread / 96bell7, Yesterday 6:23pm
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