Anthropology book for a teenager?

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Anthropology book for a teenager?

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Nov 2, 2010, 7:05pm

I'm volunteering for an organization at the local juvenile detention center, and one of the kids there has a profound interest in physical anthropology.

That said, the reading level of these kids is well below grade level, so they can't handle my old college textbooks.

Can anyone recommend a book on the subject that might be suitable towards middle-school children? (6th-8th grade level) If one even exists?

Thanks for your time. :)

Feb 15, 2011, 12:10pm

I don't know of anything like that which is also reasonably current. However, just to get someone started, you might try a title-search on "early man" in the local library (there are several works with that in the title, including one in a Time-Life series, which ought to be suitable for a middle-school kid). Also National Geographic has had a number of articles on paleoanthro since the 1960s. If you could provide photocopies, that would be an interesting route to go because, if they read them in chronological order, they'd get a sense of how new discoveries changed ideas about human evolution.