Upcoming Persephone Books events in the UK

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Upcoming Persephone Books events in the UK

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Apr 20, 2007, 5:08am

17 May - 3:30-5:30pm - Edinburgh
To celebrate the publication of Winifred Peck's House-Bound, publisher Nicola Beauman will present a talk in Edinburgh, where the book is set. Tea at Annabelle's (27 Sciennes Road, Newington) will include cucumber sandwiches and Annabelle's famous meringues.

20 June - 3:30-5:30pm - Kent
Tea at Great Maytham Hall near Rolvenden, Cranbrook, Kent, will celebrate Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Shuttle, which was written and largely set there. Tea and lemon cake will be served in the drawing room or on the terrace, and there will be a talk about the book and a chance to walk around the garden which features both in The Shuttle and in The Secret Garden. Taxis will be organised from Staplehurst station, the nearest station to Maytham Hall.

22 June - 3:30-5:30pm - Helmsley, North Yorkshire
Nicola Beauman will speak at a Persephone Tea at Helmsley Walled Gardens, giving a short talk about Persphone books. Books will be on sale here for £9 instead of £10 each. Guests will be able to stroll around the beautiful 18th century walled garden.

28 June - 12:30-2:30pm - London
Ali Smith, who has recently written about Katherine Mansfield, will talk about The Montana Stories and The Journal of Katherine Mansfield (Persphone book No. 69) at a lunch held in the Persephone shop in Lamb's Conduit Street.

5 July - 3:30-5:30pm - Watford, Hertfordshire
A tea will be held at Abbots Langley (just north of Watford) to celebrate Marghanita Laski and, in particular, The Village. By permission of the owners of the house in which Laski lived during the war, and which is the setting for the novel, guests will be able to see the inside of the house. There will be a talk about the book and the author, tea will be served in the adjacent barn and guests will be shown around the village.

20 September - London
Potter and tile-make Annabel Munn, who makes the mugs, sugar bowls and vases that are sold in the Persphone shop, will talk about her work at a lunch held in the shop in Lamb's Conduit Street. Included in the price of the lunch will be one of Annabel's Persephone beakers. There will also be a demonstration of how the beakers are made.

4 October - London
The British Film Institute (21 Stephen Street W1) will be screening two World War II films, Wasnt the Day Well? (1942) and Diary for Timothy (1946). Beforehand, there will be a talk setting the films in the context of wartime Persephone books such as Few Eggs and No Oranges, Saplings, A House in the Country and Miss Ranskill Comes Home.

20 November - London
The third Persephone lecture will be held in the shop in Lamb's Conduit Street.

Phone the shop on (02072) 429292 to book any of the above events. Teatime events cost £15 and lunchtime events £28.

Apr 20, 2007, 8:38am

HEY! It is not fair!!! We had a Persephone tea last Saturday in NY, and I am afraid there will not be a similar event for quite a while, and look at all the nice talks and such YOU are going to have......I am POSITIVELY envious.....

Apr 20, 2007, 2:15pm

Just because we're in the right country doesn't mean we're near enough to be able to attend any of these events. :( Sadly, I'm too far away from all of them. We can commiserate together.

Apr 20, 2007, 9:30pm

Yes, let's do that....(tears falling down)

Apr 23, 2007, 10:48am

Scotland - North Yorks and London, London and London.... Vast swathes of the country are a few hours away from the nearest talk. Almost as far apart as neighbouring US cities......