The Early Church:


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The Early Church:

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Jun 21, 2011, 10:16pm

Sadly my books are, by and large, in boxes.

I commend, straight up: Paul among the People.

Elaine Pagels The Gnostic Gospels, and The Origin of Satan are good.

Misquoting Jesus is a very good primer on textual transmission.

Thomas Cahills, Desire for the Everlasting Hills is... interesting, but I've found problems in some of the other books in this series, so I'm not sure I can recommend it without reservation.

IIRC the title correctly, "The Book of Q" is an interesting take (that is to say not way out there, in any direction) on the Ur-Text of the Gospels.

The "Book of J" is an interesting read on the Ur-Text of the Book of Genesis. It's interesting in that the canon for the Old Testament wasn't completely settled until shortly before the time of Jesus (Disagreements on just what was canonic, and the various rituals of Judaism are what separated the Samaratins from the Jews. There are still some Samaratins in the world today).

Jun 30, 2011, 12:54pm

Thanks Pecunium!