baaad to the bone metaphors

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baaad to the bone metaphors

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Sep 7, 2011, 1:15pm

from The Spoils of Ararat by Robert Katz

“…as American as a pilot’s jaw, and he had a smile that could sell a light-year measure of toothpaste.”
“They gnawed on the frigid mist, scavenging for crumbs of oxygen.”
“He ached like an elephant’s gout.”
“…wearing the good news like a custom-tailored suit”
“The elements continued to gang up like neighborhood toughs to kick them off the mountain; they were holding a war council. The wind was pushier than ever, and the sky made its ugliest faces…”
“Their eyes were as piercing as Nick’s piton.”
“his frigid finger bones obeying with insolent reluctance.”
“… the inevitable titillation of a countdown happening had been fine herbs for his psychic stew.”
“He felt as ugly as homemade soap.”
“He clung to the wall like paint.”
“… they knocked together like castanets while Tony danced with the oafish steering wheel.”
“The engine of the Rolls Royce cleared its throat, demanding attention.”
“…they swayed an old-time religion, with the fear of God and all.”

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"Nicholas somehow caught his rational and didn’t lunge for her"
"their stances became even more imminent"
"Raine raised his weapon, sporting a war cry"
"Alma’s logical words had blown away the last harvest of hope and had planted the seed of despair within her"

from Queen of the Stars by Lorelei Orion

Dec 27, 2013, 10:07am

"Fifty thousand umbilical cords of black smoke uniting grey city and grey sky."

from The Cold, Cold Ground by Adrian McKinty