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Alan Harrington

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Dec 31, 2012, 5:30 pm

I noticed a LT member had recently added Alan Harrington's, The Revelations fo Dr. Modesto, to their collection. Is anyone else in the group interested in Harrington? I've owned the book for years, but can't remember having read it or ever completed my reading of it. It seems Harrigton is largely forgotten as a novelist, but he did know and interact with the early Beat group in NYC in the Fifties and even the late Forties. I recently had this confirmed when I read Anne and Sam Charter's fairly recent bio of John Clellon Holmes and Kerouac, Brother-Souls. It seems he knew both Kerouac and Homes, but seemed to want to remain on the periphery of the group and not want to have the Beat moniker layed on him or his work. Is anyone else in the group interested in Alan Harrington and his work? I noticed that he originally came from Newton, Massachusetts, but know little else of his life and work. Can he be considered a Beat writer by early affiliation with the Kerouac/Holmes circle despite the fact that he made a point of distancing himself from them? Modesto was originally published in 1955. The Bard/Avon paperback reprint that I own dates from 1969. 1955 was just before the Beats exploded with Kerouac and Ginsberg's OTR and Howl respectively; 1969 was a time when the Beats were extremely popular with a new generation of readers thanks to the paperback revolution and the Beats being remarketed for the " Sixties generation. " Any comments would be welcome.