The ecumenopolis!

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The ecumenopolis!

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Jun 28, 2007, 3:22pm

I love reading (watching, etc.) SF about cities that span entire planets.

We can talk about the classics like Trantor, and Wikipedia has a nice collection, but what are _your_ personal favorites?

I am a huge fan of Tsutomu Nihei's manga not because of the storyline or the action scenes, but because of the setting he tends to use, the Megastructure - it's simply amazing. But I don't want to restrict the topic to manga (there is some Quite Bad ecumenopolis stuff in manga), or any other specific form of fiction, I'd especially be interested in computer games because I haven't had too much time to play anything in the past year besides the occasional Civ4 round and now I'm feeling really behind on everything ;)