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Michelin Red Guides

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Jul 15, 2007, 5:43pm

Most people buy the Michelin Red Guides because of their restaurant and hotel ratings.

I have another reason relating to public transportation history. The Red Guides all have maps of cities in them. Trolley (tram) routes are shown as solid black lines, and trolleybus routes are shown with broken lines. With a set of old Guides, you can trace the demise of trolley systems - followed by the demise of trolleybuses - line by line, in the cities which used to have them. Red Guides for France date back to the 1920's (I have 1929). My 1954 France Red Guide has advertisements of guides for Maroc (Morocco), "Nord de la France, Belgique, Luxembourg", Espagne (Spain). I don't know whether there is a good overall history of public transportation in France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, but I do have an interesting surrogate.