Two different EL editions?

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Two different EL editions?

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Edited: Aug 4, 2007, 10:11 am


If the listings of a bunch of net stores are to be believed, there are two separate Everyman's Library editions available of at least some works. For example:

- Ulysses as ISBN 1857151003 (designation "Everyman's Library Classics", 1992, 1076 pages), and as ISBN 0679455132 ("Everyman's Library, 100", 1997, 1136 pages), equally priced

- Magic Mountain as ISBN 1400044219 ("Everyman's Library", 2005) and as ISBN 1857152891 ("Everyman's Library Contemporary Classics", 2005) with 40% price difference

Can anyone shed some light on the nature of these variants? Erroneous listings, obsolete old editions, European vs. American edition, different versions for different publication series? Is there a buyer-beware situation?

Aug 7, 2007, 10:50 am

Everyman's Library was originally published by Dent in London, then by partnership with Dutton in New York.

In the 90s Alfred A. Knopf and Random House revived the name, and currently publish a number of different 'sets'.

With your examples, the first Ulysses is probably from the original relaunch of the series, and the second is the most current edition, probably with additional notes or a new introduction. Of the two copies of Magic Mountain, the first is the US edition and the second is the UK version.

Just try doing a little Googling when in doubt and you'll see whether it shows up on a '.com' or a ''.

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