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'What scary movie have you watched recently?' - Midnight Double Feature! (not about double features)

Thing(amabrarian)s That Go Bump in the Night

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This topic is currently marked as "dormant"—the last message is more than 90 days old. You can revive it by posting a reply.

Apr 20, 2015, 10:50pm Top

Take two, the last thread started in 2013

Apr 21, 2015, 4:10am Top

Just saw Sleepaway Camp for the first time recently,with Q&A session from the film's main stars! What a wonderfully bizarre and just plain WRONG movie!

(Spoilers: please don't give away what was so bizarrre about it).

Apr 22, 2015, 10:22am Top

>2 mrgrooism: I watched Sleepaway Camp for the first time when I was around 11 or 12. It freaked me out! But then I re-watched it in 2011 and it seemed to have lost some of its oomph. I'm not sure if that's because I'd watched it for the first time when I was so young or because I've watched so many movies in those 20+ years.

Apr 22, 2015, 7:36pm Top

I watched A Girl walks home alone at night, I wasn't expecting it to be Iranian which made it more interesting, it's also dubbed and if you're into Film Noir you would probably like it better than I did, for me it was ok rather than brilliant.

Apr 23, 2015, 4:36pm Top

>4 beeg: Thanks for the heads up. I'll have to add it back to my DVD queue. I'd moved it to Instant queue but I cannot stand dubbed movies; I prefer to read subtitles.

Apr 23, 2015, 6:54pm Top

Oops sorry, I should never post while stupid, it's subtitled.

Apr 26, 2015, 4:54am Top

>3 flying_monkeys: flying_monkeys: I think it's just not as shocking now as it was then!

Apr 27, 2015, 10:28pm Top

Yay! Thank you to whomever started the new thread! :)

>2 mrgrooism: Oh, man! Sleepaway Camp. It's been years since I've seen that one or the sequels, but I totally agree--"wonderfully bizarre and just plain WRONG movie."

>3 flying_monkeys: Wow, you were able to watch it that young? Lucky. :) I watched it as an adult, so I wasn't scared at all. Looking back on it, all I can do is kind of snicker about it. But it's still a guilty pleasure of mine. I'd never get rid of it.

>4 beeg: Amazon.com keeps recommending that one to me, but I'm kind of on the fence about that one. I knew it was foreign, which I like, but it's dubbed? Yuck. I think that did it for me. :(

>5 flying_monkeys: Ditto. I prefer subtitles, too.

>6 beeg: LOL! Never post while stupid?? That's a new one. ;) Good to know it's subtitled! I'll add it to my wishlist. Thanks! :)

>7 mrgrooism: Not to butt in, but I already knew how it ended (that's why I bought it), but it still kind of shocked methat they'd do full-frontal on a kid (even if it wasn't real). But for me, the body double just didn't seem to match the kid; he was too grown up, if you know what I mean.

Btw, has anyone seen the other Sleepaway Camp movies? Opinions? Liked/disliked?

Edited: Apr 27, 2015, 10:39pm Top

Oh, I forgot to mention my recent watches:

1) The Clinic -- An Australian flick where a pregnant woman is kidnapped, has her baby removed via C-section, and then tries to find her stolen baby, along with several other women this has happened to. I really liked The Clinic, but I didn't believe the inspired on true events plug. I never do for horror movies. Probably the only true event was there was a pregnant lady traveling through Australia with her fiancée. *shrugs* Call me a cynic. ;) There are several plot holes, but there are also some good twists near the end. Recommended.

2) The Hamiltons -- One of those After Dark Horrorfest movies. Plot from IMDb: "Four young adult siblings try to fend for themselves after the mysterious death of their parents. But they harbor some dark secrets which include abducting and killing strangers, and feeding them to a mysterious 'thing' living in their cellar." I won't give away the "dark secret," but I liked it, and am now watching the sequel, The Thompsons, hoping to find some answers to the first movie,like did they kill their parents? why do they have to grow up in boxes as children?. Recommended.

Apr 28, 2015, 12:25pm Top

>6 beeg: added A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night back to my instant queue :)

>8 saraslibrary: my first real* horror movies were during a slumber party with church friends during which we watched A Nightmare on Elm Street and Fright Night: I was 8. Needless to say, I opted to sleep in their Grandma's room after the movie marathon lol. However, from that night forward, I was in love with all things "horror".

*I referred to them as real horror movies because there were non-horror movies that scared me prior to that slumber party. For instance, the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz creeped me out big time. We watched that every year when it aired on TV and those flying monkeys scared me every dang time. The witch was scary, too, but for some reason, it was the monkeys I had nightmares about.

RE: The Hamiltons - It's been years (2008) since I watched that one, but I remember thinking that yes they did and because they have to learn to control themselves. I didn't know about the sequel, so I've added that one to my queue - thanks!

Apr 28, 2015, 2:05pm Top

Re: A Girl walks home alone at night: I saw that one last year (and posted about it in the old thread). I can only recommend it: it's slow, but great on mood and style, and I found the cinematography instrumental in establishing the creepiness.

Apr 30, 2015, 3:23pm Top

Petroglyph, yup got it off your post

I watched Altar it left me wanting for the most part. Too much time looking out windows and running down hallways - lost potential.

May 3, 2015, 5:16pm Top

I watched The Canal, Irish horror, not bad but the ending was horrible.

May 8, 2015, 1:37am Top

>10 flying_monkeys: Ooh, Fright Night. :) I think I got to watch the first 5 minutes of it, until my mom saw I was watching teenagers making out, and she shut it off. :( It wasn't until years later that I was able to watch that one and the sequel. The remakes were pretty darn good, too, imho. And I hate to admit this, but I haven't watched all of A Nightmare on Elm Street. *hangs head in shame* I really should catch up on my 80's horror movie classics.

I don't blame you for wanting to sleep in your friend's grandmother's room after your horror moviefest. :) My mom's totally creeped out by the flying monkeys in The Wizard of Oz, too, but I always kind of wanted one.

I rarely got nightmares from horror movies. (I think Watership Down gave me a few nightmares instead.) Two movies I recall that gave me insomnia or nightmares were Slugs (I believe) and Troll (yeah, yeah, stop laughing). This last one freaked me out, because it was at a sleep-over, and I swore their dog moving around during the night was the troll. And sleeping on the floor, eye level with every creepy-crawly, just makes it worse!

Btw, thanks for your input on The Hamiltons! :) And you're welcome for mentioning the sequel! It was pretty good, too. (ETA: I never did find out an answer to my second question, not that it needs to be answered.My guess is they just wanted to keep with the vampire myth--boxes, coffins, you get it.

>12 beeg: That's too bad about Altar. I'm not a big one for ghost movies, but it looked like it got some good reviews on IMDb. *shrugs* I might try it, but no rush. :)

>13 beeg: I haven't heard of The Canal either, but I'm sorry to hear the ending sucked. Sometimes horror endings really make or break a movie, say for a potential sequel or just to make you think. Thanks for both recs! :)

Over the past week, I've watched:

1) The Thompsons - The sequel to The Hamiltons. Certainly recommended if you've seen/liked the first movie, but nothing super new is revealed about their past, just a little bit about their mom. This one also takes place in England, since the Hamilton/Thompson family is wanted in the U.S. Probably the first thing I remember loving about the film is that they kept the original cast (thank you!!), except for the youngest member of the family, which didn't really bother me. Also, the timeline does tend to go back and forth, back and forth, probably to keep viewers interested. It worked all around for me. I liked it. :) 4/5 stars from me. (4.7 stars on IMDb. *shrugs* To each their own, I guess.)

2) The Voices - I saw the trailer for this one and just knew I'd enjoy it (Ryan Reynolds + dark humor + talking animals = jackpot for me). Kind of sad and funny at the same time. Definitely one I'd recommend if you're into dark serial killer comedies.

3) Witching & Bitching - If you like foreign (Spanish) horror comedies involving a huge coven of witches, then you might want to give this one a go. I loved it! The CGI/special effects were amazingly bad, but I'm guessing that was intentional? I hope.

May 11, 2015, 8:25pm Top

>14 saraslibrary: I also really enjoyed The Voices. It originally caught my attention because it was Ryan Reynolds, but the story was solid. It was interesting to see through the eyes of someone on then off their meds. After watching the special features I was even more impressed with Reynolds than I already was: he did ALL the voices: from the cat and dog, down to the little butterflies. I have a soft spot for voice actors (my daughter wants to be one when she "grows up"), and I thought it super cool he wanted to do 'em all on top of his playing the human character too.

P.S. I did snicker a little bit at Trolls ;) However, on the Watership Down front, I totally get having nightmares from movies not classified as horror. Personally, that's where most of my nightmares come from. For instance, The Road, gave me the "wake up shaking and sobbing" nightmares for months and I'm not exaggerating. I think I watched the movie too soon after reading the book and my threshold was just too low for that kind of truly horrific scenario.

Edited: May 13, 2015, 3:44am Top

>15 flying_monkeys: Awesome! :) I'm glad someone else has seen and liked The Voices as well. I had heard/read somewhere Ryan Reynolds had done all the animal voices, so that doesn't surprise me. He's very talented. I'm not sure what's really required to become a voice actor, but I say, "Sure, why not?" to your daughter. :) I've wanted to be weirder things when I was a kid, like I wanted to be Asian when I grew up. o.o I don't think I quite thought that one out....

Yes, being afraid of Trolls is deserving of a snicker or more. ;) I agree on "regular" movies (dramas especially) being far more disturbing than horror movies. (To this day, Danny Glover still gives me the creeps. I saw him in The Color Purple as a kid and thought his character was who he really was.) I haven't read or seen The Road, but I've heard a lot of people who've been disturbed by that one. I'm sorry about the nightmares, though. :(

As for movies, I watched Patrick (the 2013 Australian remake) a few days ago. It wasn't particularly scary, but I liked it. If you're into evil comatose patients with telekinetic abilities, then you might like this one. ETA: I never saw the 70's original, so I'm not sure how good/bad the remake was compared to it.

May 21, 2015, 3:44am Top

This past week I've watched:

* Offspring - I haven't read the book by Jack Ketchum it was based on, so I don't know how well it was/wasn't adapted. I wasn't super impressed with the movie--the acting's pretty bad, it's slow for being a 79-minute film, and the cannibal tribe's costumes (what little there is, and the wigs especially) were laughable. This is one of those times when the sequel is better. I'd recommend The Woman over this one; and you don't have to watch them in order. The fun connection between the two movies is the actress Pollyanna McIntosh, who plays one mean cannibal in both movies. Another nice addition to Offspring is a cameo by Jack Ketchum. Hesitantly recommended, unless you're a big Jack Ketchum fan. 3/5 stars.

* Killers (foreign, but has several scenes with English spoken) - It's labeled as an action-crime drama, but there's enough torture, blood, and killing in it, I figured it could easily be mentioned on this thread. One of the lead characters played by Kazuki Kitamura is darkly fascinating. Even though he's the ultimate bad guy of the two killers, I found his back story, his logic, everything very memorable. The second lead character played by Oka Antara is more of a vigilante killer, the human, feeling half of the two. It's rather long (137 minutes), but so worth it. Recommended. 4/5 stars.

May 24, 2015, 2:15am Top

I finished Primal today. I was pretty sure I saw it mentioned in this group, but my search didn't show any matches. Oh well. Overall, I liked it. I had initially thought it was a zombie flick, but it's more of a primordial "infection" that turns people into, I don't know, razor-toothed beasts of sorts. Think The Ruins and/or Cabin Fever. If you like that sort of thing, and especially in an Australian setting, then you might like this one. It's very short (maybe 80-or-so minutes), but the CGI kind of stinks. And the plot needed some work. Still, fun stuff.

May 25, 2015, 4:03am Top

>18 saraslibrary:
I liked Primal -- especially how over the top the imagery in the cave scene gets. I've shown it on movie nights (of the horror/wtf type) to great success.

May 27, 2015, 9:56pm Top

>19 Petroglyph: Did you mean the giant worm rape scene? If so, then yeah, that was bizarre, to say the least. I can see how Primal would be fun for movie nights.

I finished another--Mum & Dad (British)--that I really liked. Recommended only if you can handle suburban torture/gore.

May 28, 2015, 6:03pm Top

>20 saraslibrary: Mum & Dad - I've seen that, and you're right, only if you can handle torture/gore. One particular scene made me feel quite ill (Dad being spied on through a keyhole - I'll say no more), but it was effective and horrific, I'll say that much. I did think the Christmas scenes were a bit far-fetched, but the rest of it was really good, very well acted and convincing.

May 29, 2015, 12:12am Top

>21 Moomin_Mama: *tries to remember the Dad-through-the-keyhole scene* Sorry, there was so much horrific stuff going on, I probably either blocked it out or just forgot about it already. :) Yeah, the Christmas scene wasn't my favorite. But like you said, it was all pretty convincing and disturbing to me. I haven't been bothered by a movie in a long time, so that's why I give it a thumbs up. Looking back, there is some dark humor thrown in, which I laughed at, but unless you're used to that type of horror, then I think a lot of viewers will miss it, most likely because they've turned it off. :)

Jun 12, 2015, 2:23am Top

I watched a couple of "meh, ok" horror movies:

1) Big Driver - Based on the same-named short story by Stephen King (in Full Dark, No Stars, which I haven't read). I didn't realize it was a made-for-TV Lifetime movie until I started watching it. It's definitely more of a mystery-thriller than, say, a new version of I Spit On Your Grave (ie, a rape/revenge slasher).

2) Macabre - (foreign/Indonesia) Not as good as The Mo Brothers's other film (Killers), imho. But I did like the vampire twist to its cannibalism.

Jun 16, 2015, 7:49pm Top

It Follows - Brilliant. Loved the Halloween influence, the score was excellent and very suspenseful, and there was something oddly Thomas Ligotti-like about 'IT'. Recommended.

Jun 16, 2015, 8:01pm Top

<moomin_mama, that looks good - added it to my queue

Jun 22, 2015, 1:03am Top

>24 Moomin_Mama: & >25 beeg: What beeg said. :) I just added it to my Amazon wishlist. Thanks for rec! :)

I watched a couple more this past week:

1) Ab-normal Beauty (Chinese) - Out of the two, I liked this one the best. It's very psychological, disturbing, and bloody in certain scenes. My biggest complaint is the unnecessary killing of live chickens and fish. Just a heads-up.

2) Shadow - I'm still deciding on whether or not I liked the ending. It's a huge twist in the movie that I didn't see coming, but like the caption says, "Reality can be sicker than nightmares."

Jun 29, 2015, 10:15am Top

>24 Moomin_Mama: Yours seems to be the consensus :) I've heard from a few friends who watched It Follows in theaters, that they thought it was best horror movie in a long time. Unfortunately, I missed its theater run but I eagerly await its DVD release.

Jun 30, 2015, 1:30am Top

>27 flying_monkeys: You shouldn't have to wait too long for the DVD release. It's out July 14. :)

I finally got around to buying and watching Tucker & Dale vs Evil, which I just loved. I wasn't lmao the entire time, but it was very funny, and I particularly loved the role reversals between the "redneck hillbillies" and "preppy college kids."

I also finished The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears, which, overall, I didn't like. Part of me did like it, because it was so wtf strange. As for plot...well, I'm still not remembering what it was about. I'd only recommend it if you like surreal, experimental French horror.

Edited: Jun 30, 2015, 4:42pm Top

>27 flying_monkeys: >28 saraslibrary: Good to hear you won't have to wait too long. I look forward to hearing what you thought about it, and hope you enjoy it as much as I did :)

>28 saraslibrary: Missed the chance to see 'The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears' some time ago and really regretted it as I thought it looked interesting. Sounds like I didn't miss much and I don't feel too bad now :D

Jul 1, 2015, 12:29am Top

>29 Moomin_Mama: I'm fairly patient, so a couple weeks isn't too bad to wait for It Follows. *fingers crossed we get a copy at work asap* I'm sure I'll like it. :)

The Strange Color of Your Body's Tears is visually interesting, but it makes no sense whatsoever. The part of me that wanted an answer to the story--a wife goes missing and the husband spends the entire movie looking for her--never got one. I think that's what irked me so bad. So, no, don't feel bad about missing that one. ;) I've also seen Amer by the same director and it was basically the same thing--visually down-the-rabbit-hole but with no concrete plot. Another skipper.

Edited: Jul 17, 2015, 9:53pm Top

Watched It Folows last night and I concur with the rave reviews; I gave it 7/10. I think the filmmaker nailed the atmosphere, and I loved that I couldn't really pinpoint the year in which it was set; the movie definitely has a timeless feel about it. And there was genuine suspense where I was holding my breath. The sound/soundtrack was perfect. Did anyone here watch Drive? Both films used music brilliantly. So yeah, I'll be adding It Follows to my collection. Highly recommended.

Jul 20, 2015, 6:45am Top

>31 flying_monkeys: Glad you enjoyed it, and like you I'll be adding it to my collection - I'd like to see it again.

Jul 21, 2015, 1:24am Top

>31 flying_monkeys: I have seen Drive, but I honestly don't remember the soundtrack, sorry. :) And thanks for reminding me about It Follows. I plan on ordering it tonight as a special treat to myself since I get paid tomorrow (yay for pay days and working 6 days/week!).

Aug 11, 2015, 11:09am Top

I watched "Tucker & Dale", which was a hoot, then "What we do in the shadows", a great follow up with more campy behavior and finished with Wrymwood road of the dead, again excellent kinda like mad max meets zombies. Lots of over the top gore and giggles.

Aug 23, 2015, 3:28am Top

>34 beeg: What an awesome trio! :) I can definitely agree with you on Tucker and Dale vs. Evil and What We Do in the Shadows. Wyrmwood: Road of the Dead I haven't seen yet, though I did check it out at least once from work (never got around to watching it though).

I haven't been watching a lot of horror lately, but I did watch all of season 2 of Hannibal (loved it). I also watched the above-mentioned What We Do in the Shadows (I went ahead and bought this one, and I'm glad I did--it's one of the funnier mockumentaries I've seen in awhile) and Slaughter Night (another one I own, but I'm not super psyched about it; only recommended if you like Dutch supernatural horror set mostly underground in a coal mine).

I'm halfway through It Follows, and I have to say it's slow-going. I almost want to hold the lead character in place so "It" will catch her and the movie will just hurry up and end. We'll see....

Aug 23, 2015, 9:09am Top

*narrows eyes at Sarah* are you the one hogging It Follows? Still on the long wait list.

I watched The Woman in Black 2 dunno know the tittle and was impressed it was pretty good. Very dark and hard to see most of the time, nice jump factor - I squeezed my dog a couple of times.

Aug 23, 2015, 3:08pm Top

>35 saraslibrary: I liked the slower pace! I liked the way the characters got on - I watched it on DVD with my sister and she was laughing and cringing at all the awkward teen moments, which made me appreciate the humour in the film more.

>36 beeg: Now that's what you need a dog for - my cats wouldn't put up with a squeezing :D

Aug 23, 2015, 9:05pm Top

My dog is my movie buddie, when I squeal he gets up in my face to see what's wrong.

Aug 24, 2015, 1:54am Top

>36 beeg: LOL! Actually, I bought It Follows, so nope, I'm not the one hogging the movie. Not this time for once. ;)

I did check The Woman in Black 2 out for my mom to watch, but she didn't like it. I think it was because of the child suicides, if I remember right. It didn't sit well with her, but she did like the first Woman in Black movie; so did I. I might still try the sequel one of these days.

>37 Moomin_Mama: I must be getting more impatient with my movies. :) *shrugs* Something did occur to me, like a day later, though. Near the end of the movie,why was the main female character able to see the It creature when it looked like her male neighbor/lover entering his own house, then later change into his mother knocking on his door?I thought only the person who was targeted by the It creature could see those things. I had a lot of unanswered questions by the end of the movie, so I guess that's why I'm still on the fence with It Follows. I think I gave it a 3/5 rating, but I'm still kind of frustrated with it.

>37 Moomin_Mama: & >38 beeg: That's funny you guys should mention cats and movies. One of my cats (Dee Dee, a Russian Blue) loves it when I watch movies, because she calls dibs on my lap and will watch part of the movie with me. I dare not ever squeeze her though; she is a cat, after all, and has NAILS. :)

Edited: Aug 26, 2015, 4:27pm Top

>39 saraslibrary: My theory in response to your question:

Because she had It first.

It follows its prey until the prey is dead or transmits it to another person. Once you see It you can always see It (kinda like once a person contracts herpes, they have it for life even if they don't have outbreaks LOL). Let's say Person A has It then they give It to person B.

Person B will either have to give It to Person C or die.

Person D, their chaste friend who doesn't believe in screwing their friends, watches all this go down but thinks maybe they're all a little nuts because they can't see It.

If B gives it to C and C dies, it reverts back to B. If B dies it reverts back to A.

Everyone who has had It - A, B and C - can see it in whatever form It decides to take. D, who has not contracted It, cannot see it. However, like on the beach in the movie, D could see the physical manifestations of It: chairs flying, door being kicked in, etc.

As always, remember, it's a movie and may not have ironclad logic. ;D

I loved the atmosphere and music more than the premise of the movie. But if you think about the idea of the It creature, it's pretty scary. No matter how far away you went from the last place you saw it, eventually It would find you. And what if, two months later or a year later when you thought yourself safe, you didn't realize that person walking towards you in the grocery store was It. So you'd always have to be paranoid about everyone all the time. That stress alone could kill ya. So yeah, clever premise with probably more than a few holes, but still lotsa fun for some, not all.

Aug 26, 2015, 11:38pm Top

>40 flying_monkeys: That makes total sense. And, actually, I think there was a scene where the "infected" ones were discussing this (or maybe I'm imagining some nonexistent scene). LOL @ it's a movie and may not have ironclad logic. Totally agreed. ;) And thank you so much for expressing your theory. I think you're dead-on about it.

And, yes, I will give It Follows a thumbs up for the atmosphere and music, too. I even watched the special features segment with the composer and liked what he had to say.

And speaking of all the stress you mentioned about worrying about It finding you, did it ever occur to any of the characters to just kill themselves? And if they did, would It just move up the chain, even though It had nothing to do with their demise. Oh, never mind. There I go again, questioning every little thing about the movie. :D

Anyway, I finished a halfway decent zombie horror comedy set in the middle of nowhere, UK: Doghouse. Somehow the zombie-ism only affects women, hence making a great battle of the sexes, literally.

Edited: Sep 3, 2015, 4:54pm Top

Spent yesterday at Frightfest:


Watched the following 6 films (trailers can be watched on the above links) -

The Diabolical - Fairly average commercial sci-fi horror, but fun to watch on the big screen. I thought it was quite 'X-files' in tone. A bit forgettable but no complaints.

Hellions - The trailer had me expecting something very different. Not much plot, more like an extended dream. I liked the weirdness and the visuals were good, although a bit like a music video. An interesting take on fear of birth, I thought.

Landmine Goes Click - A couple of scenes were more gratuitously violent than I expected, definitely shocking. Won't say too much but during one scene a number of people walked out, all of them men, which surprised me, as there were plenty of women in the audience too.

III - More an arthouse film than a horror, and subtitled. Wasn't surprised when the director said he was inspired by films like 'The Cell'. A bit like 'Hellions', this one was stronger on visuals than story, but the imagery was especially dark and surreal. Not perfect by any means but very weird and watchable.

JeruZalem - My biggest disappoinment. Really looked forward to this and it was great... that is if you haven't seen it all before in 'Rec', 'Cloverfield' and 'Resident Evil'. It was shot on location in Jerusalem (the directors were given permission to film in all the big sites by telling everyone they were filming a documentary) and that was the bit I liked the most. Entertaining but not original in the slightest.

We Are Still Here - My favourite of the lot. Inspired by the films of Lucio Fulci, this had a very retro look and was funny, scary, gory and strange. Made me nostalgic for the old video nasties! Great fun.

Reading up on the films after the festival, I have to say that I'm disappointed I didn't give Hellions a miss, as I missed out on a low budget Argentinian horror called The Rotten Link. Hellions was interesting and had some plus points but it wasn't a very strong film, while The Rotten Link sounded right up my street. We Are Still Here has had mostly good reviews and was one of the more popular films of the festival, so I'm glad I stayed in the main screen for that one.

Sep 3, 2015, 5:00pm Top

Trollhunter - Brilliant. Really enjoyed the humour and thought it was a fun take on the found-footage genre.

Das Experiment - Not horror but I've seen it on 'Most Disturbing' lists. What a disappointment! It started as a decent drama but events got a little TOO out of control as time went on and it ruined it the film. I couldn't figure out the point of the romance sub-plot either. Wasn't disturbing at all, and by the end not very interesting either.

Sep 3, 2015, 5:09pm Top

I liked Trollhunter too 😀

Sep 8, 2015, 1:40am Top

>42 Moomin_Mama: Oh, awesome! :) I didn't watch the trailers; just read some of the summaries, and would've loved to have gone to something like that here.

How come so many people walked out on Landmine Goes Click, especially men? (You can always use the spoiler code if you want to give part of the plot away. I don't mind.)

>43 Moomin_Mama: Yeah, I've seen the trailer for Trollhunter and checked it out several times over the past year or so, but never watched it. I'm glad it's worth watching! I saw Das Experiment years and years ago and really liked it (Moritz Bleibtreu especially). It's been too many years for me to a romance sub-plot or why it was considered so disturbing. Was it one of those based-on-true-events movies? Maybe that's why. Also, if I remember right, they made an American remake of Das Experiment, but I was always shudder at the thought of American remakes.

>44 beeg: Ok, it's settled. I'll try and look for it again at work. :)

I watched a couple movies that I liked:

* Coffin Rock (Australian): more suspense/thriller than horror; I really liked it, except for the animal killings (a fish bit in half, a kangaroo baby beaten to death, etc). Recommended if you like stalker/obsession movies, especially of younger guys after older, married women.

* I Spit On Your Grave 2: pretty slow at the beginning, but overall, I liked it. It's directed by the same guy who did the first I Spit On Your Grave remake, which I also liked. If you're familiar with these movies, then yes, the rape scenes are pretty hard to stomach; but the revenge scenes at times made up for it. Just a heads up.

Sep 8, 2015, 9:15am Top


>45 saraslibrary: I can't believe it took me so long to go to FrightFest. I'd love to do the whole Bank Holiday weekend, and as a Londoner I could do it without paying a fortune for accommodation.

About 'Landmine Goes Click' - I don't know how to do spoilers! I'll send you a private message instead.

Das Experiment was based on a novel which was based on a prison experiment in the 70s, which didn't get nearly as out-of-hand. The romance consisted of flashback scenes of the memories of the main 'prisoner', and I thought they were ridiculous - basically he picked up a girl after their cars crashed. She then went back to his apartment, let herself in and read his mail, which tipped her off to his whereabouts when things were getting out of hand. As for the ending, it was completely OTT, with the 'guards' attacking and imprisoning the scientists who run the experiment. I can appreciate why people WOULD enjoy it, as it was well made and well acted, and the story was interesting and plausible until the last third, but for me the romance and the ending ruined it.

Edited: Sep 9, 2015, 12:38am Top

>46 Moomin_Mama: I'm glad you finally went to FrightFest! :) It sounds like a blast.

No worries on the spoiler script. And thank you for the private message. :) If you want to learn how to do the spoiler script, take a look at this message. Put the spoiler part of your message where "SOYLENT GREEN IS POTATOES" is, and make sure to have (spoiler) before it and (/spoiler) after it, except use the left/right arrows as shown in the message I linked to. When I use it here, the arrows hide part of my message, as they should. Anyway, have fun trying it out! :) I hope my instructions made sense. If not, you know who to blame. ;)

Ooh, that's right! The experiment was real, then became a book. Hmm, I think I might have to rewatch it now, because parts of it are starting to sound familiar. Thanks! :)

Sep 9, 2015, 6:14pm Top

>47 saraslibrary: That simple, eh? Shouldn't be too hard to remember.... we'll see!

Sep 9, 2015, 7:29pm Top

>48 Moomin_Mama: It's relatively simple, yes; though I wasn't aware of it for the longest time. Good luck! :)

Sep 10, 2015, 10:12pm Top

I too loved Trollhunter! I always recommend it to found footage/mockumentary fans, lovers of creature features, and even people who don't "do" horror because I think it leans more heavily on fantasy than horror. I watched it as soon as it was released in US and bought it right after that. My daughter, who is one of those non-horror folk, absolutely loved it and has watched it twice more with me.

Sep 16, 2015, 2:25am Top

>50 flying_monkeys: That one does look interesting. I've been meaning to watch it, but I haven't gotten to it yet.

I finished a movie a few days ago that's more of a crime thriller than horror: Big Bad Wolves (foreign: Israel/Hebrew). It has some dark humor in it that I just loved (like the father to one of the vigilantes who is more than eager to join the torturing; sounds sick, but the man's age and the fact he barely bats an eye at the whole basement scene is disturbingly priceless); and the cast was great. As a vigilante thriller, I was expecting the ending to be more resolved than it was, but I can at least say the ending will get a reaction out of the viewer one way or the other.

Edited: Sep 22, 2015, 2:54am Top

I finally got around to watching Devil's Pass and it was just ok. I wasn't paying too much attention to it, so I missed a lot of the extra creature movements in the background that some people here saw (from last year). I almost considered rewatching parts of it just to see where they popped up, but it's getting kind of late. I'm not too crazy about science fiction or time travel (I'm not sure if that's giving anything away; but just to be on the safe side....), but I'd recommend it to fans of horror found footage movies. It is well made; I'll give it that.

Sep 29, 2015, 1:51pm Top

Watched What We Do In the Shadows a vampire mockumentary. I don't know if it has been mentioned before, but I found it to be pretty funny.

Sep 30, 2015, 2:07am Top

>53 tjm568: Yay, join the club! :) I think several of us have watched it, and if I'm remembering correctly, it's an unanimous thumbs-up movie.

This past week I've seen (all of which I liked):

* The House With 100 Eyes - It's kind of a borderline mockumentary; certainly not as funny as What We Do In the Shadows, but there are a few dark-humor scenes. Snuff isn't for everyone, so I'd kind of put a warning on this one, unless you've got a stomach of steel. Strangely, they pixelated the "nudity," and I use that term loosely, because you can see some of the actors wearing underwear.

* Wolf Creek 2 - Not as scary as the first, but at least it wasn't as slow-paced in the beginning like the first Wolf Creek, from what I remember. I wasn't really rooting for any of the victims, because most of them don't stay alive for very long; it's basically about how much damage this Aussie serial killer can do in under 2 hours. My biggest complaint: the CGI kangaroo scene where several are hit by cars; plus a dog gets killed. You can tell it's fake, but animal cruelty almost always bothers me. Going by IMDb's site, it looks like there's a third Wolf Creek in the works.

* Stake Land - I finally got around to this one, and really enjoyed it. I wasn't too impressed with the vampire's makeup/costumes, but I think I was just in a survival/post-apocalyptic mood; that's why I liked it so much. Plus I just enjoy vampire flicks in general.


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