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New Arrivals

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Sep 30, 2007, 2:16am

Edward R. Hamilton delivered today.

This group brought to mind the book Great Monasteries of Europe. I had thought I had seen it as a remainder or other bargain book; nope. Fortunately Edward R. Hamilton had it at a good discount, and it was time to place an order with them.

I have thumbed through the opening pages and here and there elsewhere in the book. It is glorious. Forgive me for the woo-woo religiosity, but I could feel it in my heart when I put myself into the pictures. It is a coffee table book that I think I will actually read.

With that, among others, came Keeping Faith. Fenton Johnson has a goofy hairdo, but he also had the good grace to look into and reflect upon what he encountered in Trappist and Zen monasteries (in America). I'll post more when and if I read it.