Instances where the movie is better than the book?

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Instances where the movie is better than the book?

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Nov 12, 2007, 2:50 pm

It happens every once in a great, great while. You see a movie and decide to read the book (which is always better than the movie, right?) and you find out that the movie was actually an improvement.

What movies were that way for you?

For me, one prime example is Forest Gump. I enjoyed the goofiness of the book and all, but Robert Zemeckis and company really did a great job of spinning a so-so novel into an immediate classic.

Other good examples are The Shining (though in that case I'd argue each is great in its own way) and Psycho (I haven't read that one myself).

Nov 12, 2007, 3:20 pm

I'm always worried that I will make lifetime enemies when I say this, but The Lord of the Rings series - *way* better than the books.

On another note, the previews for Beowulf look terrible. It makes me very sad.

PS: If I'm remembering correctly, Stephen King intensely disliked the movie version of The Shining. I agree with him - never was a big fan of Kubric (I know, another enemy-making statement).