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1AnthonyPeake First Message
Nov 21, 2007, 2:51 am

Quite a few of you have asked about the website Wowio. I personally had not heard of Wowio until one day I was checking out references to me on the web (sad thing to do I know but as an author I need to know what is being said about me and where) when I came across a reference to me on the Wowio site. I was worried that my book was being distributed for free so I phoned up my publishers in London. They knew all about it and had been directly involved in setting this all up. They claim (and who am I to disagree) that this site is one of those rare things - a win-win situation for all involved - the publisher and author gain a small royalty payment for each book that is downloaded (plus, it is claimed, a very high conversion rate with regard to subsequent purchase), the website get paid by the advertisers, the advertisers open up a new market for their products and the readers get free books. Seems wonderfully utopian. There are some really good books on there. I strongly advise the bibliophiles out there (100% I would guess) to check this site out.