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Amazon USA Comments (1)

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Nov 21, 2007, 5:17 am

To give you a general idea of how the book is being reviewed on Amazon here is the full list of comments as of 21 November 2007.

1. Extraordinary piece of work, October 30, 2007
By Herbie Brennan (Ireland)

"The only bad thing about this book is its title, which gives the impression you'll read about mediumship or psychical research. You won't. This work is soundly based on the latest findings of Quantum Physics and, in a stroke that amounts almost to genius, elects to take their implications seriously. The result is a book that should be required reading in every school in the country. This is reality not as we experience it, but as it must be. I cannot recommend it highly enough to anyone concerned with the big questions in life. (Including whether there is life after death, but, oddly, that's the least important question.)"

2. A scientific thriller , September 3, 2007
By Michael Maar (Germany, Berlin)

"In "Harry Potter" there is a witch who owns a magic book "you can't stop reading". Mr. Peake apparently had met this witch and tickled her secret out of here. His book, in any case, is one you can't stop reading. You don't need to agree with his last conclusion about life never ending but repeating itself at Death's approach in something like an exploding time-bubble and a new parallel universe. But along the way, leading to this conclusion, you will have revelations and epiphanies on every second page. Nothing is like it seems to be - this, at least,is one truth you carry home having read this brillant and mind-boggling book."

3. A "must read" - compelling Scientific evidence for the existence of a "higher self", October 10, 2007
By Thomas Jones (China)

"Anthony Peake's book is a "must read" for Doctors,Scientists, Reasearchers AND those on a Spiritual Path. Replete with supporting Scientific data and references, it offers very compelling evidence for the existence of a "higher self". If any book can come close to bridging the gap between Science and Religious/Spiritual/Metaphysical beliefs, this is it. I can't wait for his next book!"

4. Is There Life After Death? by Anthony Peake, October 8, 2007 By James Hunt (Southaven, MS USA)

"Depending on your age, education and upbringing, you may or may not agree with Anthony Peake's conclusions at the end of his book, "Is There Life After Death?". Either way, Peake's ultimately rational masterpiece stands as a profound salvo in humanity's timeless struggle against self-ignorance. Tired, dogmatic belief systems that have haunted our race for the last four thousand years are now on notice - the Revolution has begun!
Can the world really afford more of the same moralistic deceits about death that have so far poisoned world history with prejudice, inquisitions and wars? Not likely. We find ourselves beset by madmen who would either convert us to their insanity or slaughter us in the name of their God and some patriarchal reward of virgins and slaves in a dubious afterlife.
If mankind needs a bit more education on such matters, "Is There Life After Death?" should top any required reading list. Peake has done his homework, gathering together the many threads of man's vast intellectual inquiry over the centuries. The evidence is in and it's all here in one amazing book.
Is Peake right about death? I'd bet my life on it."

5. By Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino (Geneva Switzerland) -

"Is there Life after Death?" is a magnificent achievement. Anthony Peake has the gift to
explain complex theories in simple words. This book is an important contribution to the
debates about a new understanding of reality.
Evelyn Elsaesser-Valarino, author of "Talking with Angel about Illness, Death and Survival", of "On the Other Side of Life" and co-author of "Lessons from the Light"

Nov 21, 2007, 2:43 pm

I do hope we get a definitive answer in this ultimate commentary!