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We will miss them: Green Dragon's obits - Part Four 2017

This is a continuation of the topic We will miss them: Green Dragon's obits - Part Three.

The Green Dragon

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Jan 1, 2017, 3:21pm Top

None yet, don't need any for a long while, but this thread is here in case.

Edited: Jan 3, 2017, 5:52pm Top

William Christopher (the guy that played Father Mulcahy on M*A*S*H) passed away before the year ended. Didn't get to post about it last night though, so I'm laying it here. I adored that show, and pretty much everyone in it.

ETA: Sorry rastaphrog, didn't see that you'd already posted about this in the previous thread.

Jan 25, 2017, 4:05pm Top

Mary Tyler Moore passed away today. She was 80.

Edited: Jan 25, 2017, 4:07pm Top

>3 theexiledlibrarian: A tough one, but not totally unexpected apparently. :o( She'd lost her husband Grant Tinker in November of last year, by the way.

Feb 8, 2017, 9:09am Top

For those of us of a certain age, The World's Foremost Authority Has Died: Prof. Irwin Corey Was 102


Edited: Feb 8, 2017, 9:49am Top

Richard Hatch -- Actor from Battlestar Galactica both old and new, and author of a behind the scenes for the show and some continuing novels.

Feb 8, 2017, 10:16am Top

>5 rastaphrog: How is it possible that he was 102!
>6 gilroy: :o(

Feb 13, 2017, 6:17am Top

Another musical great has joined the chorus in the great beyond :(


Feb 15, 2017, 5:51pm Top

Stuart McLean, Canadian radio host of ”The Vinyl Cafe".

Edited: Feb 15, 2017, 5:51pm Top

Stuart McLean, CBC radio personality and creator of The Vinyl Cafe and the Canadian Christmas story tradition Dave Cooks The Turkey, of cancer, age 68.

Feb 15, 2017, 5:52pm Top

>9 SylviaC: Jinx! we posted at the same time.

Feb 16, 2017, 9:39am Top

So sad. Very young. I'll miss him massively, listened as often as I could.

Feb 16, 2017, 2:34pm Top

Even though he died over a month ago (at the age of 91), the passing of operatic tenor Nicolai Gedda was only announced a week ago. Opera lovers will miss him.

Feb 17, 2017, 4:32pm Top

>9 SylviaC:, >10 tardis: - I'm very sad about Stuart McLean - have enjoyed his show, books, and stories for years. I was really hoping he would get better and be back on the air.

Feb 26, 2017, 11:59am Top

>15 fuzzi: Since I don't trust that link, I had to find corroborating evidence...



Feb 26, 2017, 12:07pm Top

>16 gilroy: uncalled for comment, Green Dragon is politics-free, please.

Feb 26, 2017, 12:07pm Top

Oh that sucks. I loved that guy. Have a bunch of his movies and love everything I've ever seen him in. Dammit.

Feb 26, 2017, 12:09pm Top

>18 Bookmarque: me too. Loved True Lies, Aliens, even Weird Science.

Oh, and Tombstone!

Feb 26, 2017, 12:11pm Top

I remember him in Boxing Helena. Sleaze just oozed off that guy.

And yeah, his character in True Lies was priceless. I don't know anyone else who could have pulled that off so effortlessly.

Edited: Feb 26, 2017, 12:17pm Top

>20 Bookmarque: and Terminator was mentioned...trying to recall his character. I adored Michael Biehn in that movie.

Edit: he was "punk leader", lol.

I forgot he was in Stripes, too.


Feb 26, 2017, 12:18pm Top

I don't think it was a big role. According to imdb he was "punk leader".

He steals every scene he's in in Aliens. "But they're animals, man!"

Feb 26, 2017, 12:19pm Top

>17 fuzzi: Oh that wasn't political. It was I don't trust first links I see. Too often been fooled by people posting fake deaths to gotcha sites. And for so big a name, I had to find corroborating evidence.

Feb 26, 2017, 12:20pm Top

>18 Bookmarque: Then there's Twister, Apollo 13...

Edited: Feb 26, 2017, 12:27pm Top

>23 gilroy: no problem. Thanks for clarification. :)

I'm cautious about links, too, if I don't recognize the site.

>22 Bookmarque: "Hey Vasquez, have you ever been mistaken for a man?"

"No, have you?"


Feb 26, 2017, 12:28pm Top

That's a great line, but I don't think it was him. It was the blonde. He even upstaged Henriksen with the knife thing.

Feb 26, 2017, 7:18pm Top

Judge Wapner also died today. I was never a fan of the show, but still...

Edited: Feb 26, 2017, 8:18pm Top

>27 theexiledlibrarian: "The People's Court" with Wapner was the show that started all the "reality" court shows. Sad.

>26 Bookmarque: it was Bill Paxton who made the "mistaken for a man" comment, but it's hard to see him saying it:


Edited: Mar 18, 2017, 6:51pm Top

Well, poo.

Chuck Berry died. Motorvated over that hill.


Edited: Mar 19, 2017, 12:49pm Top

The artist Bernie Wrightson has passed away.

He spent SEVEN years drawing illustrations for a special edition of Frankenstein; or, the Modern Prometheus (edition is here: https://www.librarything.com/work/8294/book/114923251), though he is probably best known for his work with DC, Warren, and Marvel comics.

Obit is here:


Mar 19, 2017, 12:56pm Top

He also did Creepshow and Cycle of the Werewolf - both Stephen King books. Lovely, expressive work.

Mar 19, 2017, 1:10pm Top

>31 Bookmarque: I adore Wrightson's work, it is so detailed, fantastic.

Mar 19, 2017, 1:12pm Top

Mar 22, 2017, 8:41am Top

Mar 22, 2017, 8:58am Top

Also Colin Dexter of Inspector Morse fame.

Mar 22, 2017, 12:38pm Top

>84 oh, wow. I didn't realize he was still alive. He was a funny, but sad man. I recall reading a bio back in the mid-70s about him.

Apr 12, 2017, 8:24am Top

J. Geils is gone.

Now I have "Centerfold" going through my head...


Apr 12, 2017, 9:23am Top

His death was one of the first stories I heard when I woke up last night and turned on the all news radio station. I'm doubly saddened by the fact that I mentioned his death to several of my coworkers, and NONE of them had any idea who I was talking about, not even the guy who's about my age.

Apr 12, 2017, 9:52am Top

>37 fuzzi: & >38 rastaphrog: Very sad. Last night I was trying hard to remember any other songs by his band besides Centerfold and Love Stinks and I couldn't. But when I saw a list this morning I recognized quite a few others.

Apr 12, 2017, 11:11am Top

>37 fuzzi: :( Sad news

>39 clamairy: Freeze Frame comes to mind for me.

Apr 16, 2017, 8:55am Top

Patricia McKissack passed away this weekend. I had the privilege of seeing her at a convention early in my career, and she graced us all by telling Flossie and the Fox. She was actually my spotlighted Author of the Month in February.

May 18, 2017, 8:15am Top

Omg. Chris Cornell died. I'm shocked and so sad. Weirdly listened to the last Soundgarden record yesterday. They have always been my favorite "grunge" band and I liked Audioslave a lot, too. This totally sucks. So damn young. He had an amazing voice. So completely perfect for the bands he was in.

May 18, 2017, 8:18am Top


Jun 6, 2017, 11:06am Top


Peter Sallis, the voice of Wallace in the Wallace and Gromit cartoons has left us, at age 96.

Jun 7, 2017, 3:04am Top

Novelist and poet Helen Dunmore has passed away at 64 - link goes to an obituary in the Guardian https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/jun/05/helen-dunmore-obituary

Jun 7, 2017, 8:52am Top

>46 Peace2: I had never heard of her before but now I will seek out some of her poetry, and perhaps her last novel which sounds fascinating.

Edited: Jun 7, 2017, 3:42pm Top

>47 clamairy: I myself had only partially read one of her books and that wasn't one I finished as it wasn't my kind of thing. I happened across a couple of articles and thought she sounded an interesting and thoughtful lady, so I may well give something else by her a try at some point.

Jun 9, 2017, 1:14pm Top


Glenne Headly, star of stage and screen, has passed at age 63. :(

Loved her in ER. Dirty Rotten Scoundrels proved funny with her.

Jun 9, 2017, 5:06pm Top

>49 gilroy: Oh no! :o( She was a very talented woman.

Jun 10, 2017, 11:47am Top

Jun 10, 2017, 12:42pm Top

>51 rastaphrog: Just saw this and a piece of my childhood died with it. :(

Jun 11, 2017, 8:01pm Top

>51 rastaphrog: >52 gilroy: He had a wonderful sense of humor about his celebrity. :o/

Edited: Jun 11, 2017, 9:16pm Top

>53 clamairy: my son met Mr. West at a conference a couple years ago, and said that his behind-the-scenes stories about making Batman were only surpassed by his dry wit and humor.

Jun 11, 2017, 9:42pm Top

That's good to know. He was part of my early childhood too. Back then we only had one TV channel & I read Batman & Superman comics (as well as the occasional book, of course).

Jun 11, 2017, 9:42pm Top

>54 fuzzi: I am not surprised. I'm glad that he enjoyed a resurgence in popularity & notoriety in the last decade or so.

Jul 27, 2017, 2:54am Top

June Foray best known for her voice work for cartoons, especially as Rocky the Squirrel.


Jul 27, 2017, 7:45am Top

>57 rastaphrog: awww... :(

Jul 27, 2017, 7:51am Top

>57 rastaphrog: Aw, no. Not Rocket J Squirrel!

Aug 10, 2017, 9:25am Top

Glenn Campbell, damn Alzheimer's.

Alice Cooper gives a nice talk about Campbell and his friendship on YouTube. I grew up with Glen Campbell's songs, and also Alice Cooper's. Nice to know they were friends.

Aug 10, 2017, 9:38am Top

>60 MrsLee: I saw that, sad.

Growing up, I was never a fan of Campbell, but appreciated him later on.

Here's a video that'll make you grab a tissue:


I'll watch the Alice Cooper video at lunch, thanks for letting us know about it.

Aug 10, 2017, 12:54pm Top

>60 MrsLee: >61 fuzzi:

I was sorry to hear about Glen Campbell. I can't claim to be a big country music fan but he truly transcended the genre.

Within the last few months, I watched a pair of documentaries... I'll Be Me is a 2014 biopic that gives a look into Campbell's history and decline due to Alzheimer's, (the youtube video fuzzi linked looks to be excerpted from the movie). Campbell also shows up in The Wrecking Crew, although that film focuses more on Tony Tedesco.

Both are currently on Netflix streaming and are well worth watching in my opinion.

Aug 10, 2017, 6:45pm Top

>49 gilroy: I missed that, and am sorry to see it. I liked her a lot in Mr. Holland's Opus.

Aug 10, 2017, 6:46pm Top

Aug 21, 2017, 7:50am Top

And so long to Jerry Lewis, dead at 91. While I haven't seen most of his more "recent" movies, I loved watching all the Martin/Lewis films when I was growing up.

Aug 21, 2017, 10:06am Top

Dick Gregory was an important part of our nation's history, from supporting Muhammad Ali's draft refusal to fighting for civil rights. I never saw his stand-up routine, but I have heard it was quite funny.

Aug 21, 2017, 12:53pm Top

And didn't he do well - presenter Bruce Forsyth died at the weekend.

Aug 22, 2017, 12:26pm Top

I've just seen in another thread that author Brian Aldiss died on August 19th (thread here - http://www.librarything.com/topic/267572). I've checked and the Guardian has also posted about it https://www.theguardian.com/books/2017/aug/21/science-fiction-author-brian-aldiss-dies-aged-92

Aug 22, 2017, 1:25pm Top

>68 Peace2: :o( Sad to hear it. I read Starswarm back in the 70s. I have no recollection of the individual stories, and I passed my copy on to one of my nephews at some point.

Sep 9, 2017, 3:53pm Top

Jerry Pournelle - Sep 08, 2017

Oct 2, 2017, 4:30pm Top

Well poo. Tom Petty died today. Heart attack. Only 66.

Oct 2, 2017, 6:57pm Top

That is young, these days. Way too young to die.

Oct 2, 2017, 7:06pm Top

>71 Bookmarque: No, really? That’s a shock!

Oct 2, 2017, 7:23pm Top

For me, too. He and the band are on a 40th anniversary tour. Too bad it’s a farewell tour.

Oct 2, 2017, 7:43pm Top

NBC News said a few minutes ago that he had not died, but did have a heart attack. That was about 30 minutes ago.

Oct 2, 2017, 7:51pm Top

Oh really?! I hope that’s true.

Oct 2, 2017, 7:52pm Top

At this point, he's taken off life supporting machines. He went into cardiac arrest, was taken to a hospital, where they said he has zero brain function, if what the early reports said was true. Last note was he was taken off life support, which could lead to him passing, or he could still be hanging on. Don't know yet.

Oct 2, 2017, 10:00pm Top

Not feeling a lot of hope at this point. :o( Tom Petty was always one of my husband's favorites, so we heard him a lot in this house. Runnin' Down a Dream is one of the best driving song ever.

Oct 3, 2017, 1:31am Top

Sadly it's been confirmed that he has passed away.

Oct 3, 2017, 5:47am Top

This is really sad news. I have several friends who will be devastated.

Oct 3, 2017, 9:53am Top

Yeah bummer. I'm not a super fan, but I have seen TP & The Heartbreakers live. My brother and I took my mom. It was her first concert and she loved it.

Oct 3, 2017, 9:55am Top

Oh and we're down to 2 living Wilburys now.


Oct 3, 2017, 9:17pm Top

>82 Bookmarque: Was just mentioning that to my son this evening at dinner. :o(

Oct 4, 2017, 10:33am Top

I was never a big fan of any of the Wilburys as solo artists, except for Roy and Jeff w/ELO (and as a producer), but as a group, wow. Pure magic. I think I might dig out the documentary that came with the Vol. 1 reissue. It's a joy to watch how the Wilburys came together. They had so much fun.

Edited: Oct 4, 2017, 12:27pm Top

>84 Bookmarque: I never owned any Tom Petty records, though I did enjoy his music.

When a friend showed me the Traveling Wilburys videos, I was like wow, as well.

There's three of them left if you count the drummer, whose name escapes me right now:



Dec 6, 2017, 3:00pm Top

Not sure if she actually would be missed, but BBC News today announces the passing of Christine Keeler of Profumo Scandal (c. 1963) fame, at the age of 75. She certainly made the Sixties that much more interesting.

Dec 6, 2017, 3:16pm Top

>86 hfglen: I saw that news go by too. Can't help wondering if the Profumo story could hold a front-page place today. It sure was a big deal at the time.

Edited: Dec 6, 2017, 6:16pm Top

>86 hfglen: I'd never heard of her, this was just a little before "my time" (I was a baby). Here's some info in case anyone else doesn't know:

Mar 14, 2018, 5:19am Top

Sir Ken Dodd, comedian. Like many British comedians of that age, he straddled the divide between the music halls and TV comedy.

Stephen Hawking, physicist and author of A Brief History of Time.

Mar 14, 2018, 8:34am Top

He was one of those people whose brain awed me. I can't even IMAGINE understanding so much. Seeing so deeply. Extrapolating so far. I'm glad he persevered through his illness for so long that we all could advance just a little bit by his insight. That and his spot on the Simpsons. Donut universe!!

Mar 14, 2018, 10:04am Top

I was thinking about Stephen Hawking the other day, wondering how long he would live with his condition and how much it would take every day to go forth and conquer.

Mar 14, 2018, 10:11am Top

Sir Ken Dodd was on the BBC news, but I couldn't find this thread to report. I can only think that Stephen Hawking is a merciful release for him and his family (while standing in awe of his physics). Many thanks to Maddz for finding the thread and reviving it.

Mar 14, 2018, 3:01pm Top

I now realize that I thought of Stephen Hawking as one of those beings who through tremendous sacrifice had secured immortality. I never thought he would actually die. This notion only struck me when I saw how surprised I was at his death. I don't usually go in for magical thinking, but there it is.

Secured immortality: I think he has. But it's not usually done against those odds.

Don't forget his spot on STNG.

Mar 14, 2018, 8:41pm Top

>93 Meredy: I was thinking of that episode today. Thanks for the link. I had forgotten just how much fun he appeared to be having.

May 23, 2018, 9:50am Top

Didn't always love what he wrote, but I certainly appreciated his literary persona.

Jun 8, 2018, 11:17am Top

Woke up to find a very sad NY Times alert on my phone about Anthony Bourdain. I'd never read any of his books but I saw some of his various TV shows and he seemed like a man with a passion for good food & drink, and a love of adventure. I guess he was also quite good at hiding his pain. :o(

I used one of my audible credits to purchase Kitchen Confidential and I plan to start listening to it today.

Jun 8, 2018, 12:05pm Top

>98 clamairy: He will be missed. I'm feeling a little hollow today, which wasn't helped by a particularly nasty recorded message on the work phone today, full of racial vitriol. I feel like I've been punched in the gut.

Bordain was also quite an advocate for poorer nations. Much of his excellent interviewing skills were due to his avid curiosity and need to find connections with others who seem at first glance to be remote and unpenetrable. He did that through food.

Jun 30, 2018, 3:52pm Top

>100 rastaphrog: just one word: Schenectedy.

Edited: Jun 30, 2018, 7:40pm Top

>100 rastaphrog: & >101 Jim53: Oddly enough his books have been on sale on Amazon quite a bit the last year or so.

Why Schenectady? (My husband & his family were from there.)

Jul 1, 2018, 10:20am Top

>100 rastaphrog: I loved watching him on SciFi Buzz a number of years ago.

Jul 1, 2018, 3:10pm Top

Christopher Stasheff, January 15, 1944 - June 10, 2018

Jul 1, 2018, 7:59pm Top

>102 clamairy: Writers are often asked where they get their ideas. HE's standard answer was "Schenectady." Once, when pressed, he described a firm there that sent him, by subscription, a box of ideas every month. Apparently, he received several requests for their address.

Edited: Aug 13, 2018, 3:56pm Top

Aug 13, 2018, 3:55pm Top

Michael Scott Rohan, died 12 August 2018

Aug 13, 2018, 5:56pm Top

>107 Maddz: oh, WAY too young!

Aug 13, 2018, 10:13pm Top

>108 fuzzi: Apparently he had been ill for a number of years which was why his output had tailed right off.

Aug 16, 2018, 4:08pm Top

Aretha Franklin, the Queen of Soul. Had a cameo in The Blues Brothers.

Aug 16, 2018, 5:00pm Top

>110 Maddz: I'm so sad. I love her music so much. A true genius.

Aug 16, 2018, 6:44pm Top

>110 Maddz: I saw. Loved her singing, her sass.

Here's her scene in The Blues Brothers:

Aug 16, 2018, 6:58pm Top

Aretha Franklin's death is a milestone in the passage of time for many of us. We are all getting older, together.

Edited: Aug 18, 2018, 3:35pm Top

Kofi Annan, age 80; former Secretary General of the United Nations; the 2nd sec. from the African Continent. See Stanley Meislerʻs Kofi Annan: a Man of Peace in a World of War. Nobel laureate (the Peace Prize).

Sep 3, 2018, 4:23pm Top

Jacqueline Pearce, actress. Best known for her role as Supreme Commander Servalan in Blake's 7.

Sep 3, 2018, 6:06pm Top

>115 Maddz: I'm saddened to hear that.

Sep 6, 2018, 4:41pm Top

Burt Reynolds.

Poop. He was fun.

Sep 6, 2018, 9:04pm Top

>117 Bookmarque: I loved him in Smokey and the Bandit...still do. I remember when the movie came out, and how a bunch of us went to see it at the local Drive In movie theater, one of the last in the area. Of course the fog rolled in towards the end of the movie, typical. ;)

Sep 6, 2018, 9:59pm Top

Stroker Ace?

....Jeff? who was he in Deliverance?

we'll have to dig out some gems.

And a drive in. Classic. I saw Star Wars in a drive in when I was 10.

Sep 7, 2018, 7:20am Top

>117 Bookmarque: Cannon Ball Run
Cannon Ball Run 2
Boogie Nights...

He made a lot of movies.

Sep 7, 2018, 12:26pm Top

>117 Bookmarque: I have to admit, when I heard Burt Reynolds was dead I was surprised, because I thought he already was dead. Guess I'm not enough of a fan :)

Sep 8, 2018, 5:42am Top

Bill Daily, best known for his roles in the US TV shows "I Dream Of Jeannie" and "The Bob Newhart Show"


Sep 8, 2018, 7:13pm Top

Sep 21, 2018, 3:00pm Top

Denis Norden, of My Word, My Music and Take it from Here fame. Maybe better known to Dragoneers of my generation, and of Empah upbringing.


Edited: Oct 12, 2018, 2:56pm Top

Greg Stafford, 1948-2018. game designer and shaman. Best known for his life work on the fantasy world of Glorantha, and the various iterations for the role-playing games set there - Runequest, Hero Wars, HeroQuest and so on.


Edited: Oct 30, 2018, 5:02am Top

Probably has had his obituary; itʻs old news (and, sadly, not fake news), but Fats Domino passed away about a year ago, at age 89, and Iʻm just reading of it -- in an old issue of Time. R I P.

Oct 25, 2018, 12:52am Top

Todd Bol, creator of the Little Free Library


Oct 29, 2018, 7:16pm Top

Dave Duncan, science fiction and fantasy writer, in Victoria, BC at the age of 85. A very nice man and one of my favourite writers.

Oct 29, 2018, 7:47pm Top

>128 tardis:, very sad.

Nov 12, 2018, 2:30pm Top

Stan Lee, at 95.

Not just a long career but a major cultural influence. Reading his comics was especially exciting for me as a youngster because they were forbidden by my parents. I never even knew why. Even in a genre I know very little about, I know he was a superstar.

Nov 12, 2018, 3:25pm Top

>130 Meredy: aw shucks. He leaves behind an empire of works on paper and film.

Nov 12, 2018, 3:51pm Top

He was an icon.
I will also miss his MCU cameos.
May he rest in peace.

Nov 12, 2018, 4:09pm Top

I just heard, so sad. He had a great influence on me and so many others, from the comics I read in my teens to the movies of recent years. Rest in peace Stan Lee.

Nov 12, 2018, 5:35pm Top

Yeah, came out of a funeral (one of husband's aunts - nice woman but I barely knew her) to the news that Stan was gone. He, along with Kirby, Ditko, et al., made the comics I loved (until I got a mortgage and couldn't afford them anymore) and he'll be missed.

Nov 19, 2018, 12:10pm Top

William Goldman the author of The Princess Bride and Marathon Man, and the screen writer for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, All the President's Men and a bunch of other films has passed.

Nov 19, 2018, 12:26pm Top

I never knew that Goldman wrote the screenplay
of All the presidentʻs Men.* R I P, and thanks for the info, clamairy.

*AND of BCatSK! __though I never got interested enough in that one to see it.

Nov 20, 2018, 9:29am Top

Roy Clark passed away this week. I'm not a country music fan, but I remember watching the corniness of Hee Haw at my granny's house, who never missed an episode. I can still remember all the words to the "Gloom, Despair and Agony on Me", and "The Gossip Song".

Nov 20, 2018, 3:10pm Top

>138 theexiledlibrarian: we never watched HeeHaw, but I have enjoyed watching Roy and others "pickin".

I found this video of Roy Clark and a 12yo banjo player doing Orange Blossom Special:


Dec 18, 2018, 6:32pm Top

Penny Marshall. Poo.

Milk and Pepsi all around.

Dec 20, 2018, 1:25pm Top

>141 Jim53: I loved the movie To Sir, With Love, never have read the book, though.

Dec 30, 2018, 9:29am Top

June Whitfield, who came to one's notice as Eth in the Glums (Take it From Here in the 50s and 60s), and more recently made an entirely convincing Miss Marple).

Obit: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-46714938
Eth: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wSk3of8kZ4c
Miss Marple: https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b007jv9w (only available for the next 4 weeks)

Dec 30, 2018, 10:45am Top

>144 hfglen: my hazy memory asserts that she only ever had one line as Eth: “Eaooohhwwww Ron ...”. But yes, “‘Professor’ Jimmy Edwards, Dick Bentley, June Whitfield, Wallace Eden and the Keynotes”.

Dec 30, 2018, 11:19am Top

>145 haydninvienna: She did say a few more words than that, but you have remembered her opening gambit.

Jan 3, 7:14am Top

Jan 11, 8:24am Top

Carlos Sanchez, known to many of us in the USA as a coffee "icon".


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