A Historic Title

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A Historic Title

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Dec 9, 2007, 10:09pm

I've always been a fan of book titles which are interesting, funny and/or wickedly appropriate - but there just don't seem to be that many in the history field. But the other day I was reading a catalogue of books and I found one that just hit my funny bone (which I'll admit is not located in the same place as everyone else's).

For anyone who's ever shaken their head in disbelief while standing ankle deep in military history:

Turn Around and Run Like Hell: Amazing Stories of Unconventional Military Strategies that Worked by Joseph Cummins.

I'd love to hear other examples if anyone has one.

Dec 10, 2007, 9:13am

What the Butler Saw: Two Hundred and Fifty Years of the Servant Problem is a classic, and Mother Clap's molly house is quite fun (as a title), but none of the books I've got tagged as history has a really witty title. Historians do seem to go in for dull, informative titles ("A short history of...").