Which in-print editions of Neverending Story have red/green text?

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Which in-print editions of Neverending Story have red/green text?

Jun 12, 2017, 9:32 am

I remember reading a fantastic edition of The Neverending Story (Michael Ende) that featured illuminated characters at the start of each chapter, and text in green and red. Is there an edition like this still in print?

The most promising in-print edition I've found elsewhere is ISBN 978-0525457589 (published by Dutton), but I can't confirm what the text looks like or even that's it's illustrated by Roswitha Quadflieg.

On AbeBooks I can confirm that ISBN 978-0385176224 (published by Doubleday in 1983) fits the bill, but I'd prefer a new copy if such a thing exists.

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I tentatively direct you to the Dutton Juvenile reprint of 1997 -- 0525457585, hardcover. I bought it new circa 2005 for the red/green text, but I don't explicitly remember the illuminated characters and my copy is in storage so I can't easily check to confirm.

The visuals in the Amazon look-inside feature for this edition do look promising:


ETA -- I cited by ISBN-10 (0525457585) the same edition you cited by ISBN-13 (978-0525457589). Sorry for the confusion!

Jun 13, 2017, 4:26 am

I thought I had tried "look inside" but I was only looking at the cover, thanks for the tip! I also got confirmation from the staff at michaelende.de today: the hardcover Dutton (ISBN 978-0525457589) is indeed the right edition.

May 23, 2020, 11:47 am

I've been searching for a while on some definitive information about the coloured print of Neverending story and this is one of the few places that mentions it. So i thought I'd leave my latest findings for 2020 here in case someone in the future needs this too.. After phoning and emailing various publishers and retails I finally recieved some DEFINITIVE INFORMATION!


The paperback ISBN referenced in the question (9780140386332) has a black-and-white interior; the difference in the narratives is indicated with italics vs roman type.

The hardcover edition (9780525457589) has a two-color interior (red vs green) to indicate the difference between the two narratives.

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