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The LibraryThing Android app is here!

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Edited: Jun 19, 5:21pm Top

The LibraryThing Android app has arrived!

Read about it: http://blog.librarything.com/main/2017/06/librarything-android/

Download it from Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.librarything.librarything

Tell us what you think.

If you're having trouble with the app and think you may have found a bug, post in the dedicated Bug Collectors thread: https://www.librarything.com/topic/259639

Update: I made a fun video of me cataloging my fiction collection. Check it out.

Jun 13, 11:17am Top

O frabjous day!

Flawless download to my Samsung S8 (Android 7.0, Nougat) and the sign-in procedure was a piece of cake. Will be playing with this all day.

Jun 13, 11:18am Top

Thank you all so much for the time and hard work that has gone into this!

Jun 13, 11:21am Top


(Small feature request - can we toggle Your books to display title/author only without covers?) No it's not as pretty, but it takes up a lot less space that way.

Edited: Jun 13, 11:24am Top

>4 reading_fox: It's not currently in the plans, as far as I know, but I'll pass along to devs!

Jun 13, 11:28am Top

Excellent! Thanks to all.

Now if we can just get Readar rolled into the apps (cf. http://www.librarything.com/topic/218370 ), we'll be headline news. ;-)

Jun 13, 11:29am Top

>5 lorannen: Thanks! (I know out for just a few minutes and already the users are being picky). Please thank them at the same time! Just having something that is usable and seamlessly integrated into the 'main' site is a real bonus, it looks and feels great to use.

Jun 13, 11:31am Top

Jun 13, 11:40am Top

>6 davidgn: The plan is that Readar will get rolled into the main LTApp. No official dates on that, but that's the plan.

Jun 13, 12:13pm Top

Thanks for getting an Android version out to us. I hope it will be useful in checking and updating our book database.

My initial disappointment is that there is no offline functionality. Being able to update my reading when no WiFi or cell data is available (on a cruise) or very expensive would be VERY helpful. Most Android phones have the benefit of an SD card, often providing a lot of extra storage space, so having a copy of the data on the SD card should be at least an option.

Thanks again.

Jun 13, 12:15pm Top

Google Play tells me there had been 1000 downloads before I got there. Should have taken a screenshot of the search predictions; as soon as I put in "library", a whole bunch of "librarything" choices appeared, with "librarything app" near the top of the list.

Jun 13, 12:28pm Top

Thank you so much! Now I can easily check to see if I already have a book when I'm in a bookstore. I'm a very happy reader right now. :)

I just downloaded it, so I haven't had time to play with it yet. I'm looking forward to using it.

Jun 13, 12:28pm Top

>11 PhaedraB: That's excellent!

Jun 13, 1:01pm Top

Also, we'd appreciate some Play store reviews/ratings if you feel like it. Honest reviews, of course. But good ones. :)

Jun 13, 1:40pm Top

I installed the app as soon as I saw the announcement, yay. It all worked smoothly, but I did run into a bit of trouble when I tested the add book feature: it added the book via the barcode scanner just fine. When I went to edit the entry, I ended up on the book page of the full site, and while I was able to edit my tags there, I couldn't get back to the app's home or catalog view using the app's navigation. I had to use my phone's "back" button to bring me back to the main app page. I have an LG V20 Android version 7.0 if that helps.

Jun 13, 1:41pm Top

I had the beta version, and when I look in the Play store I see that the app shows as "Installed", but is still labeled for me with "Beta", and it thinks I am up-to-date (I have autoupdate turned on for this app.) Do I need to uninstall and reinstall to get the current version, or is the labeling just stale?

Jun 13, 1:45pm Top

>15 southernbooklady: That sounds to me like everything's working the way it's supposed to. Using Android's back button is the way to get back into the app, proper.

Jun 13, 1:45pm Top

>16 lorax: We're looking into that. I think it's just a side-effect of the beta process. No worries. No need to reinstall.

Jun 13, 1:59pm Top

>17 lorannen: Okay, I won't worry about it, then.

Jun 13, 2:24pm Top

>16 lorax: et al.
If you still have the (Beta) message in the Play Store listing you have two options:

1. You can ignore it and stay in the beta program. You might get early access to new features as we test them but you'll also get early access to bugs as we test those too. ;)
2. At the bottom of the Play Store page there is an option to leave the beta program. Click that and within a few minutes you'll get a normal Play Store page for LT. You'll have to install the app again.

Edited: Jun 13, 4:41pm Top

Downloaded the new app to both my phone (Samsung Note5) and to my Nook HD+ tablet. I know the ability to upload new books on the latter will be limited by its lack of a camera, but am excited by the ability to search my library while in Barnes & Noble. Happy day...!

Addendum: Have been playing around with the 'Cover Explorer' to identify books in my library that still need the correct covers, and then use the camera to take a photo of my books' covers. Results aren't perfect, but not bad either.

Jun 13, 3:57pm Top

Great news!

Jun 13, 3:58pm Top

I'm in! Woot! Thank you!

Jun 13, 4:51pm Top

Wow lighning fast barcode scanning ! Thank you !

Edited: Jun 13, 5:23pm Top

wot 8. said!

just one wee question: when searching for a book could the format added to the results (?); i'm one of those still willing to buy the physical book even if i already have the ebook & it would be swell to be able to determine the format already in my library while still in the store,

Jun 13, 5:49pm Top

>8 kgriffith: Ditto x 10 !! :)

I played around on it today, and really like its easy functionality! THANK YOU, LT!

Jun 13, 5:58pm Top

Great news! I know what I'll be doing as soon as I next turn on my phone. Having this access in used book stores will be a great help!

Edited: Jun 13, 7:00pm Top

>link_rae: I've created a separate 'collection' for ebooks, as well as one for those I've read but don't own, and another as a wish list. Those do show when looking at an individual title, though not on the list of all titles. Hope that idea helps a bit - like you, I have been known to purchase some books in multiple formats (for a variety of reasons).

Jun 13, 6:50pm Top

Great. Nice work. Thank you.

I haven't found out yet how to switch off covers. Isn't that possible?

Jun 13, 6:54pm Top

>29 Ravic: Covers are always visible, although there are two view modes and the covers are much smaller in list mode.

Jun 13, 7:48pm Top

Downloaded the official version of the app . Everything is working nicely . Looking forward to more functions coming in the near future . Hopefully tagging and recommendations will soon be on the app !

Jun 13, 7:48pm Top

>8 kgriffith: well said! Thank you Lorannen, Tim and his crew so much for the time and hard work that has gone into this. Just downloaded. Yeah, and with my thick finger and mind, of course I typed wrong and pushed a bit too far....

Luckely I got through, but wanted to let you all know that link on the popup was broken.

Jun 13, 7:57pm Top

>32 Yamanekotei: Good catch, and thanks! We'll get that fixed directly.

Jun 14, 12:07am Top

>20 conceptDawg: The downside to staying as a beta tester, which I'm going to do, is that you can't rate the app. šŸ˜ž

Jun 14, 2:40am Top

Works just fine! Many thanks for all the hard work put in.

Jun 14, 3:24am Top

If you want LibraryThing to do well: Rate the app! Give it five stars!

Edited: Jun 14, 5:54am Top

What's there seems to work fine (Nexus 7 v.2) but I had hoped it could provide an offline version of your catalog when browsing a book store as my tablet is wi-fi only and I don't use a smartphone.

Jun 14, 6:16am Top

Hurrah! Thanks very much for doing this - it's really useful, and seems to work fine so far on my phone (HTC One M9 with Android 7.0).

Jun 14, 8:50am Top

Downloaded it last night and even scanned in my first book, one I'd bought at a used book store yesterday that wasn't on my wish list. This will be quite a time saver when entering new books.

Edited: Jun 14, 10:41am Top

This is awesome! I wish I had a book to catalogue, but I've tested it out some. I have a couple comments:

1. Sorting doesn't stick when in "Your Catalog." I don't know if this is intentional, but it seems counterintuitive. (Also it seems odd that "Ascending" isn't the default switch for things like author name and book name.)

2. HTML doesn't render in reviews, but appears as is (here is a screenshot).

3. I don't know if it's possible, but it would be nice if there was some kind of indication that the app could read a barcode, but that the barcode was not an ISBN. I kept hovering over a barcode, and jut could not get it to scan. Eventually I looked more closely at it and realized the numbers under the barcode did not match the book's ISBN, so I assume that's what was happening. I haven't had any problem scanning barcodes otherwise with my test books.

Jun 14, 11:15am Top

>37 Jarandel: We hear you. Lots of folks requesting this, but we've currently got some other features we want to roll out first, before we look further into offline capabilities. Maybe further down the line.

>40 Stevil2001: Thanks for the feedback! Sort not sticking is by design, I believe. The idea being that folks are more likely to be interested in what was most recently added to their catalog.

The HTML in reviews issue may not be something we can fix, based on Android's rulesā€”I'm checking with devs about that one.

And, similarly, I'm not sure if there's a way for the scanner to recognize that it is, in fact, seeing a barcode, just one that it's not supposed to be able to read. I worry that we'd get too many false negatives. For example, I've got a few barcodes that are slightly obscured by label residue, which take some fiddling with the right scanning angle before they'll read. Chances are, those would get rejected.

Jun 14, 11:19am Top

>40 Stevil2001: Devs confirm the HTML issue is a bug. We should be able to fix that! Thanks for reporting!

Jun 14, 11:19am Top

I updated the OP to include this, too, but here's a video I made of speed-cataloging with the Android app.

Jun 14, 11:45am Top

>41 lorannen:
Add my vote to the pile of those requesting offline access to the catalogue. It's a very useful feature when you're browsing bookshops abroad (which is very easy to do here in Europe).

(There's a third-party app I can use for offline access to my catalogue, so I'm good, but I really do think that this is something LT's official app should do out-of-the-box.)

Jun 14, 11:50am Top

>44 Petroglyph: Good luck with that request. Somewhere over on the iPhone discussion, they explained why it wasn't going to happen. It made sense (whatever the reason was, which I don't remember), and I moved on. I'm lucky that my phone gets decent signal even in the depths of the bookstore I frequent.

Jun 14, 11:53am Top

I recently got a tablet and this is the first app I have downloaded. Just added a book using the bar code scannerā€”so easy! Thank you.

Please add another vote for offline access. I think the app would be perfect then.

Edited: Jun 14, 12:08pm Top

Jun 14, 1:24pm Top

Downloaded the app to my phone (Nexus 5X, Android 7.1.2) and it seems to work really well so far. Adding covers using the camera is an issue, though. On my phone, at least, the camera is inverted when I try to use it within the app. This makes taking pictures quite challenging to say the least.

Jun 14, 1:28pm Top

>48 shadrach_anki: Hmm, that's weird! Can you describe what you mean by inverted? When you open the barcode scanning feature, you should see the highlighted box with a red line through it for the barcode toward the bottom of your screen. The rest of the window should be sort of grayed out. Like this screenshot.

Jun 14, 1:44pm Top

The barcode scanner works just fine (and super fast; I love it!). The problem I'm having is with taking pictures of covers to add to my books. Hopefully this screenshot helps explain:

I am holding my phone in the standard "upright" position for this, but as you can see, the camera is flipping what it is viewing upside down. This also inverts all the directions for moving the camera to focus on the image (shifting left moves it right, up moves it down, etc).

Jun 14, 1:48pm Top

>50 shadrach_anki: Thanks for the screenshot and details! A couple other things that might help us narrow this down: What type of device and Android version are you using? Android version usually be found under Settings > About phone.

Jun 14, 1:49pm Top

So excited to have this! I have a huge stack of books to catalog. Downloaded the app and scanned in one book using the barcode scanner. Haven't been able to scan another. I think I'm doing it right. Is anybody else having any issues?

Jun 14, 1:50pm Top

>51 lorannen: I have a Nexus 5X running Android 7.1.2

Jun 14, 5:17pm Top

>45 Lyndatrue:
I was involved in the IOS discussion, and I'm aware that staff offline access will only be added in the far future, if at all. But it never hurts to state requests for additional features loudly and unambiguously.

Jun 15, 9:44am Top

>16 lorax: Do I need to ... reinstall to get the current version, or is the beta labeling just stale?
>20 conceptDawg: You can ignore it and stay in the beta program

Does the released (non-beta) version of the App, on the Account page under the logo, show: Version 1.0 (build 19) as it does on my up-to-date Beta version? I ask because the build number is important when reporting bugs.

Jun 15, 11:23am Top

>55 civitas: The released version is build 19. And yes, it will show in that place.

Jun 15, 11:51am Top

>53 shadrach_anki: We haven't been able to reproduce this behavior so far. When you open the camera to take pictures of your covers within the app, is it initially upside down, or do you see it right side up first, and then the camera rotates? If the latter, it may be your device's reading the angle at which you're holding it, and turning on screen lock, or experimenting with taking the picture at a slightly different angle may help.

Jun 15, 1:23pm Top

>57 lorannen: It is initially upside down, and no amount of phone rotating changes that orientation. The app does not exhibit this behavior in the barcode scanner, only if I try to use it to take pictures of book covers.

Jun 15, 2:40pm Top

>58 shadrach_anki:

If you take the picture, does the cover end up upside-down, or does it get flipped back to the correct orientation?

Jun 15, 3:14pm Top

>1 lorannen: The LibraryThing Android app has arrived!

A long anticipated summer always arrives with bugs.

There is a thread in the Bug Collectors group (LT Android app (Alpha/Beta)) for consolidating beta App bugs. Are you going to create a corresponding collection thread for the released version? Or, should we just go ahead and enter bugs individually?

Jun 15, 3:18pm Top

>59 lorax: The picture remains upside-down.

Jun 15, 3:25pm Top

>60 civitas: Here we go: https://www.librarything.com/topic/259639.

One thread to rule them all, for now.

Edited: Jun 15, 4:48pm Top

I just downloaded the app and went to work with it entering a number of books to my library that had been sitting around.
The bar-code reader is fast!
Having a library of sometimes relatively obscure books formerly made it difficult to enter my books but today that changed!
Thank you for a great product.
Installation was to a Samsung Galaxy S7 and the install was seamless.

Jun 16, 6:55am Top

Saw this morning that Android app was now available and I did the happy dance. After work I went and collected some books that I had ordered. Once home, I decided to try the scan feature in the add to catalogue and wow, what a great working feature. I scanned five books and it was so quick and easy.

Thanks for making the android app a reality. It's great for scaning new books and I've also used it to check my wishlist and my library catalogue. The search engine is great also, as I used that to search for an author I knew I had in the my collection but I didn't know what number in the series I was up to. Quick results, found the information, which helped me determine whether to buy/not buy a book - note: I did buy a book based on what my collection said I didn't own.

Jun 16, 9:36am Top

I downloaded the app to my Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini - but can't work out how to get it to work.
I got as far as placing the phone over the barcode of my book - and it seemed ready to work - but how do you make it scan?
Is there a "Librarything App for Dummies" yet?
Loved the video by the way...

Jun 16, 12:52pm Top

>65 noellib: If it's an actual ISBN barcode, it should scan automatically. There's no button to press or anything to make it scan. If you're having trouble with scanning, we've got some tips that might help on the App Help page.

The easiest one to check is to make sure you've got decent lighting, or turn on your phone's flash. Try bringing your phone closer to or farther away from the barcode in question, and especially make sure to try a couple of different barcodes. I've got a few books in my collection that never seem to scan, due to the barcode being scuffed up or partly obscured by label residue.

Jun 16, 2:40pm Top

>65 noellib: after you hit Add Books, you have to press the icon with the bar code with a line through it, which opens up your camera. (going by the iPhone app)

Jun 16, 3:52pm Top

I tried to scan three books today.
The first one, Family Food, went excellently, but the others, Fish & Fish (Dutch translation), and Proef Oranjebloesem did not do anything. Could it be because they are not on Amazon.com? Is there any way to add more sources to use in the app? Vlaamse Centrale Catalogus usually does well with my books.

Jun 16, 3:54pm Top

I'm just wondering, and apologies if this was answered in iOS talk, but can we take inventory using this app?

Jun 16, 4:12pm Top

>69 knotbox: I don't think so, but would I love that.

Jun 16, 7:48pm Top

>68 wester: I know under the account button there is a few selectors that allow you to choose what sources you use. All one says is library, so not sure which source that goes to, but it isn't supposed to use Amazon if that slider is unchecked. (I think?)

Jun 16, 8:19pm Top

library is overcat.

Jun 16, 8:19pm Top

Thanks for your advice - but it still doesn't work for me. I followed the instructions in App Help Page and tried with several books, all with very clear ISBN barcodes. Perhaps my phone camera is not up to the job?

Edited: Jun 17, 3:08am Top

Thanks for releasing the Android version. You can download the same app on tablets and phones and works great in both. I have the phone version (the only available for iOS) on my iPad and does not look smooth and as part of the of the system. I love how easy is to add covers to your books by taking a picture with the device's camera, and even cropping and editing them before uploading it.

Jun 17, 12:34pm Top

I really love the app. It is simple to use and attractive to look at. I had a couple of questions, mainly out of curiosity rather than anything else, and apologies if they were previously asked and answered.

Would you ever consider a quick add of tags? For me, I think this would be there most useful feature that isn't currently supported.

Where does the genre information come from? I've never seen that before.

Jun 18, 8:02am Top

Awesome! I had already installed the unpublished app, but it's great to see version 1.0!

Jun 18, 9:12am Top

I can't believe how fast and easy the scanner works! I read eBooks exclusively now but I still have a few paper books that I haven's added to my library so now I can get them done in no time.

Jun 18, 6:28pm Top

When do you expect to add a recommendations button on the app ? Is by Labor Day being too hopeful ?

Jun 19, 11:51am Top

Will this be available at the Amazon app store for Kindle users?

Jun 19, 12:38pm Top

>79 seward78courtright: I suggest you post your question on the thread listed below.


Jun 19, 1:16pm Top

I don't think it's a bug, but should I repost my request to take inventory with the app in that thread too?

Edited: Jun 19, 2:50pm Top

>80 ulmannc: That's not a bug.

It was mentioned in another thread, but I can't find it at the moment . The answer was no. But you should be able to side load it, as Kindle Fire tablets are modified Android operating systems and will allow that.

The conversation about the Fire is here:

Jun 19, 2:48pm Top

>82 gilroy: You are right! I misread the intro on the bug thread.

Jun 19, 4:18pm Top

I downloaded the app and it appears to work fine. I use tags more than most other features, including checking for a book when I can't remember the exact title but I know the tags I associated with it. Right now tags do get searched but anything with the search word also shows up in the search. I'd request more specific tag features. However, thanks for getting an Android app out there for us!

Jun 19, 4:43pm Top

Right now tags do get searched but anything with the search word also shows up in the search.

Isn't that what you expect to happen? If you search for books tagged "history" you find all books with "history" in the tag? (I've got the app, but I'm signed into my son's account, not mine, on it, and I don't tag extensively so I can't really test. It's way too easy to accidentally delete a book with the app for me to be comfortable using it - why the programmers thought "delete books" would be such a common need as to make a quick and easy way to do it escapes me.)

Edited: Jun 19, 4:52pm Top

Thanks so much for the app - it is good to see it.

I'm having the same issue with camera upsidedown. Nexus 5X Android 7.1.2.

Also, can I suggest that at some future stage, the image editing for covers has an easier way to crop? For example, CamScanner auto-detects edges (even if angled) which is really nice. Also, my fingers found it a little too easy to move the image rather than crop - could crop mode just be confined to cropping?

Anyway, thanks again - great development.

Edited: Jun 19, 4:52pm Top

>85 lorax: I think he means that he gets books with history in the title as well since there doesn't seem to be a way to limit the search to just tags.

Edited: Jun 19, 5:17pm Top

>75 sturlington: We're considering adding the tagging feature to the app (among a couple other things) as our next major improvement.

Genre, I believe, comes from LoC Subject Headings, and is not editable.

>78 AquariusNat: That's much too soon, I'm afraid. We've got some other features in the pipe line to finish first. Can you tell me more about what aspects of Recommendations you'd like to see if we do tackle adding them to the app? There are lot of different varieties of Recommendations on LT!

>79 seward78courtright: Not currently, but we're looking into it (https://www.librarything.com/topic/247434#6077663).

>81 knotbox: No need to re-post. We've got that request on our radar. Plus, it's not a bug.

Jun 19, 5:32pm Top

I am thinking of the automatic recommendations. The member recs could probably wait awhile .

Jun 19, 6:51pm Top

THere's a new beta version available that has multiple bug fixes/improvements.
I've created a new Talk thread to keep up with releases and announcements for the app.

LTApp Android Updates/Announcements

Jun 19, 7:11pm Top

Is "genre" coming into the app?

Jun 19, 8:34pm Top

>91 timspalding: Yep! On detail pages.

Jun 19, 11:11pm Top

Thank you, thank you, thank you! You've made me very happy. :)

Jun 20, 2:57am Top

>68 wester:, >71 gilroy:, >72 JerryMmm: The books that won't scan are on overcat, so it seems it's not the catalogue; there must some other cause they won't scan.
I do suppose one scan-able out of three is an improvement over zero, but there definitely is room for further improvement.

Edited: Jun 20, 3:46am Top

The scanning works beautifully for me (Samsung G7 Edge). The book gets catalogued into the "My library" collection. Is there a way to change this when more than one collection is available? Thank you.

Jun 20, 5:33am Top

can I toggle my books to display title/author only without covers? just like the book catalogue app, from where I knew the name of this site. And secondly in case of Bengali Language book name is not showing alphabetically.

Jun 20, 6:29am Top

>95 drasvola: What happens if you change the default collection on the Add Books page in a web browser the usual way?

Jun 20, 9:33am Top

>87 jjwilson61:

I think he means that he gets books with history in the title as well since there doesn't seem to be a way to limit the search to just tags.

I cannot replicate that behavior. I get the same results for a "tags:foo" search in the app that I do on the site itself, which are different from an unconstrained search for "foo" in the case I tested. (Not linking, because again, I am using my kid's account in the app, and don't want to publicly connect my pseudonym with kid's name, since the information in his account could identify me.)

Jun 20, 10:50am Top

>97 anglemark:

Thanks. I've found the procedure by myself. Clicking on the scan icon will bring up an edit page where the collection for cataloguing can be set.

Jun 20, 12:38pm Top

>94 wester: I've got a few barcodes on my own books that won't scan, due to being worn away, or otherwise obscured on the cover. If 1/3 scanning properly continues to be your average, that's definitely a problem, and not how it should be working.

>96 ovmanyu: There is currently no way to set your catalog to display without covers, but you're not the first to request that ability. We don't have a plan to add that at the moment, but maybe in future updates.

Jun 20, 12:57pm Top

>88 lorannen: Thanks! I'll haul out my laptop and cuecat in the meantime. :D You are all amazing. ā™„

Jun 20, 1:08pm Top

>95 drasvola: You can select the collection during the Add Books process. It's at the top of the scanning screen or the bottom of the book details screen if you're doing a typed search.

Jun 20, 1:42pm Top

>102 conceptDawg:

Many thanks for the additional information. Great application!

Edited: Jun 20, 2:33pm Top

Copying conceptDawg's post from another thread:

We tested the app on the Amazon Fire tablet and, unfortunately, it's going to take a little more time to get it ready for the Amazon store. There are differences in the Android version that Amazon uses for its devices and we'll need to program around those differences before releasing.

If all goes well we might have something within a week or so.

Jun 20, 7:10pm Top

The app loads perfectly on my 10" tablet (with a custom android OS). Thanks for this. It really helps.

A couple of UI suggestions for a future version (Please excuse me if these have already been suggested. There are so many comments that I could not read them all.).

1. It would be great to display the user name, once he/she has signed in. If you could place it on the right of the title bar, it would display on every site page. Right now, the user doesn't know for sure that they are signed in.

2. If a link in the app takes you to a page on the website that displays in your browser instead of the app, could you automatically sign the user in on the browser page, since they are already signed in on the app? An example is the link in the news section to the June early reviewers page. Right now, you have to sign in again when the link takes you there.

3. A Contact/Help/Support link on the site would really help.

Keep up the great work!

Jun 21, 10:48am Top

>105 Sundevyl: Thanks for the suggestions.
1. We can't do that because there are some users with insanely long usernames. Space is at a premium on mobile devices. And pretty much every action causes you to be signed in. The app prompts you if it needs to.

2. This should be happening already. If it's not then it's a bug.

3. I'll look at finding a place for that.

Edited: Jun 21, 10:50am Top

This message has been deleted by its author.

Jun 21, 4:29pm Top

>106 conceptDawg: Signed in, yes, but to which account?

Jun 21, 5:05pm Top

This is great! I was able to add a whole shelf of books in no time from my phone! The scan and search is super fast! I had been just typing in ISBNs on my computer, the little kitty scanner never worked all that well, so this phone app is fantastic. I know I was upset that Apple users got it first, but I'm pleased at how this Android app turned out. It didn't update the number of books in my collection, but perhaps it will when I restart my phone. The collection update is on my desktop version. And so easy to add a cover picture. Thank you!!

Edited: Jun 21, 8:48pm Top

>109 cnfoht: You can force this to refresh by dragging and pulling down on the top of that list! It will also automatically refresh if you quit the app and come back to it.

Jun 21, 9:10pm Top

An unable to scan the Blu-Ray DVD if Disney Pixar Finding Dory. I think it is a UPC.


Jun 21, 9:25pm Top

I'm so glad the app is out! I spent much of today recommending it to everyone.

1. I was wondering if there is any way a future update could make adding a read date a minor edit instead of linking to the full site? One of the main things I like is to keep track of when I read books and it's still really cumbersome to do on the app.

2. I also saw a comment about making formats--ebook, paperback, etc--visible when searching. I'd love to see that, too, in a future update and it listed in the minor edits page for things in your collection. I currently do have different collections for formats as a work around as suggested, but that doesn't entirely solve the matter when searching/adding.

Jun 21, 9:40pm Top

I am unable to scan a 1981 book Betty Cricket's Chinese Cookbook. It has a strange ISBN & bar code. Has the format evolved since then?


Jun 21, 10:26pm Top

>113 Zathera:

So, the ISBN works. Type it in and see. But the UPC is, like a good many, is a mass-market paperback. Basically, these numbers don't identify the book, but merely the general thing and price. Many many books have the UPC 07980800995. So you have to scan the ISBN.

Conceptdawg. Scanning that UPC should GIVE you a message about mass-market UPCs. It does within Add Books. Is it not doing so within the app?

Jun 21, 10:28pm Top

>115 timspalding:

On the iPhone, when I scan that (off the screen) it gives me that messageā€”No resultsā€¦ You are probably scanning a mass market paperback, etc. This is true on the Android, right?

Jun 21, 10:56pm Top

How I feel too:)

Jun 21, 11:02pm Top

Now if I could organize my books into groups like:fiction,non-fiction,poetry,essays,cooking &Diet books,arts&crafts.
Is that what "tags"are for?

Jun 21, 11:06pm Top

I've spent the last 3 (or is it 4?) days enjoying the mobile phone app. The download to my Nexus 5 was flawless even though it is an older android (vers. 6.0.1, Bld M4B30Z).

And I'm loving the software! Big kudos to the devs that came up with this. So far, no bugs have been evident.

My only downside is that I'm way behind on writing some reviews because it is so easy to scan in my library. I'm addicted to reviewing the books, since I'm pretty selective about what I choose to keep.

I am also amazed at how many of my books don't have an ISBN (never mind a bar code). So lots of manual work still to go. But at least this app is great for bar coded books.

Jun 21, 11:30pm Top

I really love the Android app. Thanks so much. One feature I'd like to suggest for a future release is to be able to view a list of your tags with the number of books you own for each tag like you're able to with the computer version. I use that feature a lot.

Jun 22, 12:08am Top

I was so excited for an Android app. I loved it on my iphone. Unfortunately, it doesn't allow me to scan bar codes. I tried uninstalling it and reinstalling,. Still doesn't work. It does allow me to manually add them. Using a Samsung 7 edge.

Jun 22, 12:09am Top

Unfortunately, it doesn't allow me to scan bar codes.

Can you describe how it fails? Does the camera not come up? Does it never see anything? Etc.

Jun 22, 12:21am Top

The android app should also show you the message about mass market paperback on some UPC scans. The android scanner actually scans MORE barcodes than the iOS version (ie, it accepts some kinds of barcode that the iOS version doesn't recognize). We've thought about limiting it a bit more (no UPCs for instance) but I feel like the mass-market message is important in some cases.

Jun 22, 12:26am Top

>117 ccbarr: You can use tags for that. Or you can create Collections and put the books into those collections. It's really a personal preference in how you think/organize. Also, for the first few years of its life LibraryThing didn't have Collections so everybody used Tags. But now, they are two solutions to similar problems.

I think most people use Collections for the thing that you are describing and use Tags for interesting keywords, topics, etc. for each book. So you could tag a book "WWII, war, Europe, germany" and and put it in the "History" Collection.

Unfortunately, the editing of Collections is limited to the website. That feature is coming to the app in the next major release. But you can edit all of your Collections on the site and then they will be available from within the app.

Jun 22, 10:15am Top

It does not scan at all, so no message. It acts like it would if I focused on the floor or my hand.

Jun 22, 10:17am Top

I've created new categories to add different types of groups. However, this is a manual designation. It is nice that they can belong to as many different categories as you like. Not really sure myself how tags work.

Jun 22, 10:18am Top

I see a count on my android for each category in my catalog. Not tags.

Jun 22, 10:22am Top

I agree. I spent hours on the first day trying to find the button to take the scan. I didn't realize it would do it automatically if it liked it.

Jun 22, 10:27am Top

BTW, I love the jump to first unread function on here. Takes the pain out of a big thread.

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>85 lorax:
Maybe I didn't fully describe the issue. On the regular site, you can access tags directly. That is what I would want to do. As a second best approach, I tried using the search function, but that isn't a good substitute because of the issue I described. Yes, search works as you would expect, but I would have liked to be able to just access my tags.

I actually ran into this last night when I wanted to check if I had a book that would be among those I tag a certain way. Thing is, there is still always the browser version. So not a big thing for me really.

Jun 22, 11:21am Top

>129 GwenH:

Ah, got it. So the issue isn't so much with search (which works the same on site and the app), as with not being able to access the list of tags? But it sounds like your use-case was primarily "Do I have this book" (for which you can search within the app) and secondarily "Do I have this book with this tag", and that your preferred workflow of answering that question is "Go to my list of tags, navigate to my chosen tag, and look at the list of books thus tagged?" "Go to my list of tags and click on the one I want to look for" is just an alternative (and IMO clunkier, but that's personal preference) way to get to the same result as "Search for books tagged with a particular tag". Or am I still not understanding you?

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I am having some issues with the barcode scanner and cover finder camera feature. I have a few hundred more books to scan, but the camera interface is glitchy. It often refuses to focus at all, but I have tested my camera and it focuses normally in all other apps.
I often give up and type the ISBN manually.
The camera screen for the cover making section is nearly entirely lime green with a small sliver of the actual camera view on the right-hand side when I try to take a picture.
Other than this issue, I really like the app. It should help me from buying duplicate volumes. It can be hard to remember what you already have with a large collection.

I have a Samsung Galaxy Express 3 (Samsung J1) with 6.0.1 Android.

Jun 23, 3:10am Top

We are working on a fix for the focusing issues.

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Installed today!

I haven't been active on LT much, but I anticipate a surge, not just playing around with the app, but adding covers to some of my uncommon items that lack them. I've been wanting to do that, but it always seemed to involve two devices; now I can do it on one.

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