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The Official UN-official SFF/SFF-KIT for 2018!!

2018 Category Challenge

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Edited: Nov 1, 8:44pm Top

Welcome to the unofficial SFF-KIT for 2018!

The Wiki is here: http://www.librarything.com/wiki/index.php/2018_Unofficial_SFFKIT#2018_Official_...

It will be updated shortly!

Thanks, majkia, for doing that again for us this year!

Monthly challenges to be added here:

January: "Challenge tba" - hosted by fuzzi
(url tba)

February: "Urban Fantasy" hosted by mathgirl40
(url tba)

March: "Off World" hosted by Tanya-dogearedcopy
(url tba)

April: "Time Travel" hosted by virginiahomeschooler
(url tba)

May: "Rise Up" hosted by majkia
(url tba)
Rise up as in revolution, movements/groups/individuals undermining authority

June: "Series" hosted by DeltaQueen50
(url tba)

July: "Cyberpunk or Techno SFF" hosted by Kristelh
(url tba)

August: "Makes You Laugh" hosted by cmbohn
(url tba)

September: Myths, Legends, & Fairy Tales hosted by whitewavedarling
(url tba)

October: "Historical and Alt-historical" hosted by christina_reads
(url tba)

November: "Creatures" hosted by LisaMorr
(url tba)

December: "This is how it ends" hosted by sushicat
(url tba)

Last year's challenges can be viewed here:


Pick a month and join us!

Oct 29, 3:37pm Top

I'm reserving January for my own challenge, which I've not decided upon yet, ha!

Feel free to request a month and tell us your challenge.

Oct 29, 5:16pm Top

I would like to take March and the theme of "Off World," stories that take place off of our own planet. I'm thinking of places like Mars (e.g. 'The Martian Chronicles' by Ray Bradbury,) the Moon (e.g. 'Artemis' by Andy Weir,) and also places like spaceships (e.g. 'Aurora' by Kim Stanley Robinson) or space stations (e.g. Star Trek Deep Space 9 novels.)

If this is too broad and/or someone would like to take "Other Planet" or "Space Travel," I'm open to splitting this up and taking either.

Oct 29, 8:53pm Top

>3 Tanya-dogearedcopy: Good choice. This will motivate me to finally finish the last book of Kim Stanley Robinson's Mars trilogy!

Could I do "Urban Fantasy" for February? If there is interest in (optionally) reading the works of a specific author, I'd like to suggest Charles de Lint.

Oct 29, 8:54pm Top

I will do July and feature cyberpunk or techno SFF.

Oct 29, 9:34pm Top

I'd like to volunteer for April and do Time Travel, if that's not too narrow a theme?

Oct 30, 1:50am Top

May I please have December for “This is how it ends”

Oct 30, 7:12am Top

I'd like May for Rise Up!

Edited: Oct 30, 7:12am Top

All submitted challenges have been added to the OP. :)

>8 majkia: can you give us a description?

Edited: Oct 30, 7:34am Top

> 9 Revolution, movements/groups/individuals undermining authority, Books like Red Rising, or Star Wars,

ETA: Tigana, Wool, etc

Edited: Oct 30, 12:00pm Top

How about a Myths, Legends, & Fairy Tales month? I'd be glad to host it in September if that's not too broad...

Oct 30, 12:36pm Top

OP has been updated, but there are some months still available for anyone who has not yet hosted...?

Oct 30, 12:44pm Top

I'd be more than willing to step aside for a newbie who wants to try hosting a month.

Oct 30, 1:33pm Top

I will take June and my theme will be something I am always working on, Series!

Oct 30, 6:49pm Top

How does it work? I wouljdn't mind hosting a month, but I don't know what categories there are.

Oct 30, 7:29pm Top

>16 cmbohn: do any category you want to do! Look at this year's categories, and suggest a challenge.

You can pick a month now, or just wait. I recommend you reserve a month, as they went quickly last year.

Oct 30, 7:59pm Top

Can I take August then, and my category will be Makes You Laugh. So anything funny!

Oct 31, 9:12am Top

I would love to do historical and alt-historical in October!

Oct 31, 9:26am Top

>19 christina_reads: That works perfectly with the planned October Neal Stephenson group read, as he has several books that could fit in that category!

Oct 31, 9:33am Top

>20 mathgirl40: Ooh, didn't even think of that, but I'm glad it works out!

Oct 31, 9:49am Top

November is still available...

Oct 31, 10:20am Top

>20 mathgirl40: Do you think Anathem would fit that category? I have that on my bookshelf and was thinking of doing the group read with it in October.

Oct 31, 10:56am Top

>23 virginiahomeschooler: I think it could work. It’s really hard to classify that work as belonging to any subgenre. Almost all the elements in the story are fictional so I don’t think of the novel as historical fiction. On the other hand, a lot of the book is devoted to ideas from the real history of math, physics and philosophy.

Oct 31, 6:48pm Top

If November is still available, I'll volunteer! I was thinking of doing 'creatures'.

Nov 1, 8:33pm Top

>25 LisaMorr: it's yours!

Nov 1, 9:17pm Top

Link to this thread and the wiki have been posted on the main group page. I may join you for the time travel month -- any excuse to read a Doctor Who novel :D

Nov 1, 9:37pm Top

>27 rabbitprincess: lol, me too. You were talking about the Christmas one on another thread, weren't you? I think I may have to get that one. I'm in the mood for some Christmas reading. And I'm always in the mood for the Doctor.

Nov 2, 5:48pm Top

>28 virginiahomeschooler: Yes, I borrowed Twelve Doctors of Christmas from the library, and can start it now that Halloween is over! :)

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