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My 75 books List 2018

75 Books Challenge for 2018

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Jan 2, 10:00am Top

Here I am again

Jan 2, 10:10am Top

Happy New Year! I wish you to read many good books in 2018.

Jan 2, 10:17am Top

Welcome back!

Jan 2, 12:24pm Top

Thank you!!

Jan 2, 10:13pm Top

Have a great year of reading!

Jan 3, 6:18am Top

Happy New Year
Happy New Group here
This place is full of friends
I hope it never ends
It brew of erudition and good cheer.

Jan 3, 11:01am Top

Happy reading in 2018, Harold!

Jan 3, 12:00pm Top

Thank you!!

Jan 3, 12:01pm Top

Thanks Paul!! I love the picture! Sure feels that way sometimes!!

Jan 3, 12:02pm Top

Thank you!!

Jan 8, 10:42am Top

Book #1 for 2018

Jek/Hyde by Amy Ross

This was an audiobook version I received by accident through the Early Reviewers program.
I won a book but when it came the packaging was all right but the actual recording on the cd was this book Jek/Hyde. It is a teen romance retelling of Stevenson's Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Wild party's, drugs, sex, murder make this a lovely book to start 2018 off. I was not impressed with this at all. But I stuck with it and finished it.
I have to say I found the author's afterword about how she rediscovered the classic the best part of the whole book.
Made me want to read the original. Don't waste your time on this one.

Jan 15, 3:18pm Top

Book #2

Living Testimonies Book 1 edited by Mickey Pritchard

Great book of testimonies of Jesus Christ compiled from church members. I first read this years ago but decided to go back and reread it just before the start of the year. Just finished it today. Good way to start off the New Year with a strengthening of my faith which I've been struggling with lately.

Jan 19, 3:56pm Top

Book # 3

Orbit by Thomas H. Block

80's scifi suspense involving a Supersonic plane launched accidentally into orbit and the rescue attempts by space shuttle. Disaster movie stuff. Entertaining read.

Jan 26, 3:36pm Top

Book # 4

The White Dress by Mignon G. Eberhart

Good old fashioned mystery. A little overly romantic/soap operaish. But the mystery is good and the setting is interesting, a Florida island mansion during a hurricane. I had always thought Mignon G. Eberhart was a man and the writing was more gritty crime but I found out she is a woman and that she was the Agatha Christie of the US. She actually created a female detective series just before Christie's Miss Marple debuted, although the series didn't last long. Eberhart had a terrific output of stand alone mysteries though.

Feb 3, 9:40am Top

Book # 5

From Palmyra To The Present: Second Quarter Student Book by Lois Q. Shipley

Simple to read self published book of Church history of the RLDS. Complete with questions and puzzles to complete the lessons. Good basis to get to know the history of the church.

Feb 5, 11:41am Top

Book # 6

Fair Game by Paula Gosling

A run of the mill actioner about a young lady who witnesses a hit man in action then is targeted by hit man and protected by a hard nosed cop with Vietnam war issues. This was apparently originally a story or book published in England then reprinted and expanded in America. Set in Northern California. Made into at least two movies, Cobra with Sly Stallone and Fair Game with William Baldwin and Cindy Crawford. Have not seen either one.

Feb 13, 9:49am Top

Book # 7

The Smithsonian Collection: Old Time Radio Mysteries by Various Artists

Excellent collection of 12 different episodes of old time radio mystery shows, some supernatural, some straight forward mysteries, all interesting and entertaining.
I love old time radio shows.

Feb 14, 11:13am Top

Book # 8

Tarry And Be Hanged by Sara Woods

A mystery in the grand English tradition. This book was missing it's front cover when I got it and judging by the back cover I always kind of mistook it for a romantic/gothic read. Once again I was mistaken. Discovered it was one of a series of books featuring a British attorney Antony Maitland. Turned out to be a traditional mystery, very enjoyable. The actual story called him Antony while the book cover called him Anthony which is a whole different mystery.

By the way if it seems like I'm reading a lot of mysteries lately that is the theme of our library's Winter Reading Challenge.

Feb 19, 10:18am Top

Book #9

Chobits: Volume 8 by Clamp

My first foray into Manga. Interesting. Hard to get used to reading a book (even a graphic novel) upside down and backwards.
I would be willing to read more.

Edited: Feb 20, 9:58am Top

Book #10

Tales For A Stormy Night: A Pandora's Box Of Classic Chillers by Various Artists

This was a fun eclectic collection. Stories by Poe, Stevenson, Lovecraft, Wharton, James etc. Some read, some dramatized with sound effects. An eclectic group of readers also. Great for listening while driving. I had a lot of fun with this. Some stories I had heard or read before, some new ones that I enjoyed hearing for the first time. Forgot to say CD collection.

Feb 21, 3:46pm Top

Book # 11

The Chopin Manuscript: A Serial Thriller by Jeffrey Deaver, etc.

This book caught my eye at the library and I thought I'd give it a try. I'd never read Jeffrey Deaver or any of the other authors except for Lee Child. I usually like these kind of action thrillers, so this book which is a kind of game sounded interesting. Jeffrey Deaver writes the first chapter setting up characters and situations then passes it on to another author and 14 or so chapters later everyone has had a turn at adding to the story then Mr. Deaver wraps things up in the last two chapters.
Sounds fun right? Not so much. The idea is cool and the story starts out interesting, but as one reviewer put it there are too many cooks. Characters and situations come and go with no rhyme or reason. Interesting characters introduced in one chapter are killed off in the next and you need to a flow chart to keep track of everyone, their connections and aliases. Confusing to say the least.
This was apparently originally an audiobook read by Alfred Molina and I read a good review of it so maybe but the printed edition I read was hard to follow and irritating.
There is a sequel in which they do it again but I think I'll skip it.

Edited: Mar 5, 9:55am Top

Book #12

Dark Flowers by Caytlyn Brooke

Early Reviewers downloaded audio book. Some YA drivel too dark and creepy for my YA in my opinion. Did not like.

Mar 5, 3:29pm Top

Book #13

Unholy Mourning by David Lippincott

Horror novel about the mortuary industry. Car wreck of a novel, didn't want to finish it but couldn't stop looking to see what would happen.
Run of the mill plot hole filled 80's horror.

Mar 12, 5:24pm Top

Book #14

The Last Starfighter by Alan Dean Foster

Movie tie in. Loved the movie back in the 80's. Enjoyed the book. Alan Dean Foster has always been great at these movie tie in books. This has been a fun fast read, long enough distance from the movie that most of it is fresh in my mind. Good time. Escapist.

Mar 13, 1:54pm Top

Book # 15

Perry Mason: The Case Of The Beautiful Beggar by Erle Stanley Gardner

Another classic court room mystery. Good, fun, read.

Mar 16, 3:26pm Top

Book # 16

Fourth Down To Death: A New Mike Shayne Mystery by Brett Halliday

Old fashioned hard-boiled private eye takes on the insider scoop on football and gambling. fun, quick and interesting read.

Apr 3, 10:35am Top

Book # 17

The Fury: A Novel by John Farris

Read by Joe Barrett. Won this in the Early Reviewers. Good listen, put off by the gratuitous sex scenes but otherwise entertaining. Joe Barrett was very good with voices.
70s horror scifi.

Apr 3, 1:20pm Top

Sounds interesting. I'll look for it.

Apr 4, 10:39am Top

You can tell Stephen King was influenced by it.

Apr 4, 10:43am Top

Book # 18

Stagecoach West by William Hueman

A Gold Medal Book from the 1950's. This was fun, pretty formulaic western with stereotypical characters, but when you don't read a lot of them it was kind of refreshing to go back to basics.
Quick read at 128 pages.

Apr 10, 3:24pm Top

Book #19

The J. R. R. Tolkien Audio Collection by J. R. R. Tolkien

Sometime in the early 1970's Tolkien recorded some readings from his works. These are here as well as later readings by his son Christopher. Sound quality is not the best but who can resist hearing tales and songs of Middle Earth in the master's own voice? The passages read by Christopher from the Silmarrillion were a little long, but otherwise this is a fun listen.

Apr 12, 3:35pm Top

Book #20

Redwall by Brian Jacques

A fun light fantasy book about a medieval world of mice and other woodland creatures and a battle with an army of evil rats. Not too childish and not too adult a nice mixture.

Apr 16, 9:28am Top

Book # 21

Focus On The Family Radio Theatre: C. S. Lewis' The Screwtape Letters

Very entertaining radio theatre version of the book about a senior devil writing to his nephew about how to work on his "patient". Humorous but deep theology also. Andy Serkis does the voice of Screwtape!! Fun.

Apr 23, 9:31am Top

Book # 22

A Touch Of Death by Charles Williams

A Hard Case Crime book. They publish classic noir thrillers. I love these books. And this is one of my favorites. I read it once before and was still on the edge of my seat by the end.
Good fun!!

Apr 27, 10:22am Top

Book #23

Inside The Deep by Peter Guber

I enjoyed this book more than I expected. In the aftermath of Jaws in the 1970's Peter Guber became a movie producer and bought the rights to Peter Benchley's next novel The Deep. This is a book detailing the production of the film. I found it interesting to read about the behind the scenes efforts to get this movie made.

Apr 27, 5:51pm Top

Book # 24

97 Ways To Make A Baby Laugh by Jack Moore

Humorous cute little book of baby pictures and ideas to keep a baby entertained.

May 1, 11:24am Top

Book #25

TV Time '79 by Peggy Herz

A book I've had since I was in school but never took the time to read. Scholastic Book Services book with ten stories about tv shows and stars of the day. Quick easy read, kind of fun to go back and read about these shows some 40 years later. Nostalgia trip. Quick easy read.

May 7, 9:42am Top

Book # 26

Icerigger by Alan Dean Foster

This was a fun adventure/scifi/fantasy. Good fun and great characters.

May 16, 1:53pm Top

Book # 27

Circus by Alistair MacLean

Spy story with circus performers.
Interesting ideas, was a bit disappointed in the execution of the story. seemed disjointed in parts. Could have been so much better.

May 21, 9:55am Top

Book # 28

Good Morning, Harry-Good Night, Daddy by Kate Beebe

Won this in the Early Reviewers program.
Very good children's book. Reminded me of books I enjoyed as a child. the story is warm and engaging, with just the right amount of rhyming. The illustrations are splendid. A very sweet book, good for bedtime reading or anytime. Lovely.

May 21, 10:00am Top

Book # 29

The Lion King (Read Along Book & Tape) by The Walt Disney Company

Good adaptation for kids of the The Lion King movie. Quick read or listen with music and sound effects.

May 21, 10:06am Top

Book # 30

Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs (Read Along Book & Tape) by The Walt Disney Company

Another classic by Disney. Easy to read or listen to. Also included a CD version (missing from mine) that could be listened to or played on a computer with visuals.

May 24, 10:10am Top

Book #31

Mad Hatters And March Hares: All-New Stories From The World Of Lewis Carroll's Alice In Wonderland edited by Ellen Datlow

Won this in the early reviewers program.
I usually enjoy stories that take place in an established world with established characters but kind of put interesting spins on those places. This is a collection of short stories with a couple of poems mixed in by different authors all based on Alice In Wonderland.
Pretty enjoyable, kind of a mixed bag. some of these stories I really enjoyed others not so much. all were interesting. Some were too dark for my taste. The readers did a good job on some stories, while others they seemed to be just reading.
A note on the format. This was the audio version on MP3 CDs. These are CDs that won't play anywhere except a computer, I find these annoying because I have to download them to my PC, then upload them to an MP3 player to listen to. Regular CDs would be so much more enjoyable and easy.

May 24, 4:43pm Top

Book # 32

The Dennis Wheatley Library Of The Occult: The Return Of The Magi by Maurice Magre

Dry, somewhat interesting translation of a French text on secret societies such as the Knights Templar.

May 24, 5:15pm Top

Book # 33

Twisted True Tales From Science: Disaster Discoveries by Stephanie Bearce

Won this from Early Reviewers.
This was an entertaining read. Designed for grade school age children it tells about acts of nature and man made disasters, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornados, floods, volcanos and the like. explaining the possible causes of these as well as telling the history of them. Also tells of people who work in fields related to these disasters and how they put their lives on the line to help us understand disasters.
this book is divided into short chapters, with very nice illustrations. It also includes experiments and crafts that you can do at home or at school to learn more about weather conditions and the like. Has a nice bibliography and tools for further reading. Really enjoyable and interesting.

May 25, 11:46am Top

Book # 34

Disney's The Rescuers/Disney's The Jungle Book by Walt Disney Productions

Read Along Books and Tape. Elementary age level but fun to relive these classic movies/stories.

May 27, 7:20pm Top

Book # 35

Disney's The Fox And The Hound/Winnie The Pooh And The Honey Tree by Walt Disney Productions

Read along Books and Tape again. Another couple of classic Disney movies/stories.

May 29, 6:53pm Top

Book #36

Dear Sir by Juliet Lowell

Very funny compilation of letters from draft boards and various government agencies during WWII. Small quick easy read but very funny. Supposed to be actual letters.

May 31, 3:23pm Top

Book # 37

Focus On The Family: A Man Called Norman Part One/A Man Called Norman Part Two/Farewell To A Friend Called Norman by Mike Adkins & Dr. James Dobson

Very good heartwarming story. Cassette tape of a wonderful, funny, uplifting story.

Jun 5, 2:04pm Top

Book # 38

Restoration Church Sermon: SCRB Women's Retreat 03/10/2001 Evening Service by Jim Bailey & Dan Elliott

Very good sermon tape on families and family values. Love both of these men.

Jun 5, 7:13pm Top

Book # 39

Book Of Mormon Stories For Children by Nina Maloney

Good dramatized stories from the Book Of Mormon. An old old recording,

Jun 6, 4:52pm Top

Book # 40

Ship Of Spies by Gerald Sinstadt

Very good, interesting British espionage novel. Much better than I anticipated. I enjoyed this. I understand the author only wrote one other novel.

Jun 7, 12:42pm Top

Book # 41

Disney's The Fox And The Hound by Disney Productions

This is just a copy of the book missing the cassette to listen to. Very good classic Disney story.

Jun 7, 5:58pm Top

Book # 42

Walt Disney Presents The Story Of Bambi/Walt Disney Presents Mother Goose Rhymes by Walt Disney Productions

Another Disney Classic, I know these are childish, but it's been fun to listen to.

Jun 17, 7:12pm Top

Book # 43

Two Black Crows/Camelot: Music From The Broadway Show by Moran & Mack/101 Strings

Two Black Crows was an old vaudeville act, kind of a forerunner of Amos & Andy. Funny country bumpkin humor in an old 1923 recording.

Jun 23, 9:34am Top

Book # 44

The Alienist by Caleb Carr

Second read of this one. I enjoyed it more the second time for some reason. Good mystery/suspense history novel. Fun read.

Jun 27, 7:29pm Top

Book # 45

The Mysterious Shrinking House by Jane Louise Curry

A book that was light, easy to read and fun. Went in unexpected directions. A Scholastic book that I would have enjoyed as a kid, took me back to my joy of reading these kind of books!!

Jul 2, 4:27pm Top

Book # 46

The Killer Angels by Michael Shaara

Read this in honor of my friend Harold Dellinger who passed a few weeks ago and knew more about Civil War history than any one man I know.

At first I felt a little disappointed in the writing and thought this isn't really going to be as good as everyone says, but a few more pages into it and I couldn't put it down. Told from the several viewpoints of various commanders, this is the story of the Battle of Gettysburg. It doesn't play favorites with sides of the Civil War, but tells the story plainly from both sides and places the reader in the middle of the Battle. There are battle scenes like I have never read before, could almost smell the powder on the wind and hear the Rebel Yell and gun fire.
Then I realized I'm reading this 155 years to the day that this happened. This book was so good I wondered which side would come out ahead.
Even though this is historical "fiction" it was written from letters and journals and this book should be required reading in all American History classes.

Civil War revisionists be damned!

Jul 6, 3:23pm Top

Book # 47

Protector by Larry Niven

Nice to go from a turn of the century serial killer mystery to a Civil War historical fiction to a hard science fiction novel set way in the future about man's first contact with aliens.
This is why I love reading!!!

Always think Niven will be hard to understand for some reason but I've enjoyed several of his books and this was a fun interesting read, short and quick but thought provoking.

Jul 11, 10:02am Top

Book #48

The Man From The Train: The Solving Of A Century-Old Serial Killer Mystery by Bill James & Rachel McCarthy James

Enjoyed this audiobook. Although it seemed to bog down in a few places and kind of overwhelmed with facts it was an interesting read.

Jul 13, 1:08pm Top

Book # 49

Sermon At Belton Restoration Branch by Priest Richard Mbeche

Very good sermon from a Priest from Kenya.

Jul 13, 5:48pm Top

Book # 50

My Sweet Audrina by V. C. Andrews

Didn't expect to like this novel. Still not sure if I did like it. My first experience with V. C. Andrews. Disturbing. Weird. Gothic. Interesting. I didn't want to finish it but at the same time couldn't put it down. Weird. Disturbing.

Jul 16, 9:32am Top

Book # 51

Arrow Book Of Poetry edited by Ann McGovern

Nice little book of classic poetry on different themes. A Scholastic book. Very enjoyable.

Jul 18, 9:54am Top

Book # 52

An Alice In Bibleland Storybook: The Story Of Jonah by Alice Joyce Davidson

Cute little rhyming book of the story of Jonah. would be perfect to read to young children.

Jul 19, 9:52am Top

Book # 53

Amos 'N' Andy by Various Artists

Old radio shows, pretty funny. Controversial because white actors played black characters.

Jul 20, 1:38pm Top

Book # 54

Delaney by Gilbert Morris

Read this one again. A hard boiled detective story where the detective is a born again Christian. Good story, could have been a series.

Jul 23, 3:35pm Top

Book # 55

Sermon At Restoration Branch 12-03-89 6PM by Elder Ron Gamble

Awesome Sermon listened to once again. Nobody preaches like Ron Gamble.

Jul 26, 5:48pm Top

Book # 56

Muskogi Sunset: The Second Creek War Of 1836 by Larry Williamson

I received this book from the Early Reviewers group and I was so excited to get this one.
This book I looked forward to more than any other book I've received.
The book Muskogi Sunset: The Second Creek War Of 1836 takes place in Alabama and Georgia in 1836. Andrew Jackson is President after having fought the Creek (Muskogi) Indians in Alabama in 1813-1814. Jackson has passed a law that orders the removal of the Indians from the area and transplants them out West in new lands.
This happens along the Tallapoosa river in mideastern Alabama and Midwestern Georgia.
The Indians are not happy to have to leave their ancestral homes, many of them have been given land grants by the Federal Government. The settlers in the area most get along peacefully with the Creek people and they all just want to live in peaceful coexistence. The army comes in with agents to enforce the removal and begins to round up Indian families to various stockades around the area to prepare for the trip West. Also shady characters come along with various schemes to cheat the Indians out of their rightfully held lands.
This story unfolds as a historical novel told with a blend of real historical characters and fictionalized people, especially the Murph family which were featured in Mr. Williamson's previous novel, Tallapoosa.

My father is from Heflin, Alabama, a small town on the Tallapoosa river, north of where this novel is placed, and I can remember as a child my grandfather taking us to Horseshoe Bend National Military Park where Jackson fought with the Creeks in 1813-1814. But I never knew too much about the times or the troubles. I was excited to read about this time period and I learned a lot, not only from reading this story, but from further research on the people and places.

Larry Williamson has done a fine job telling this story, it is exciting, tragic, humorous, and heartbreaking. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves history. I recently read The Killer Angels, a Civil War novel, that was excellent and I believe Muskogi Sunset ranks right along side as far as historical novels go.
I am excited to track down Mr. Williamsons other books and read more about this area of geography and history.

Jul 27, 3:45pm Top

Book # 57

Adventures In Odyssey: The Pretty Good Samaritan by Focus On The Family

Awesome radio theater style good for kids and adults alike. Teaching Christian values in a fun listening experience.

Jul 27, 5:02pm Top

Book # 58

Gwendy's Button Box by Stephen King & Richard Chizmar

I'm a Stephen King fan and was looking forward to this one. It is interesting but never seems to pick up steam and get moving like King usually does. Short quick read though.

Jul 27, 5:04pm Top

Book # 59

The Totally Unscientific Study Of The Search For Human Happiness by Paula Poundstone

Won this in the early reviewers giveaway.
I have always enjoyed Paula Poundstone on television, and wanted to like this book. It took me several tries to get going on reading this for some reason.
Parts of it were very funny and it read as if I could hear Ms. Poundstone saying it. But it seemed to never really get moving.
It is set up as a series of experiments by Ms. Poundstone to find the secret of happiness.
Every chapter is an experiment, and is broken up into sub headings like Theory, Qualitative Observation, Analysis, etc. the first few chapters seemed overly long and the many little breaks seemed to be the reason I couldn't get into this. It didn't flow smoothly. Towards the end of the book the chapters were shorter and seemed to read better.
All in all this was funny if you are a fan of Paula Poundstone, but it wasn't quite as light reading as I expected

Jul 27, 5:05pm Top

Book # 60

Doc Savage # 4: The Polar Treasure by Kenneth Robeson

Fun quick palate cleanser of a pulp adventure story. Love these.

Aug 6, 9:56am Top

Book # 61

The Best Of Boris Karloff by Various Artists

Old Radio shows starring Boris Karloff. Wonderful fun!! Everything from Inner Sanctum and Lights Out scares to laughs with Jack Benny and Charlie McCarthy and even Dickens David Copperfield.
What a talented man he was!!

Aug 6, 9:58am Top

Book # 62

Out Of Tune: A Riley Donovan Mystery by Norah McClintock

Received this from Early Reviewers. Apparently this is the third in a YA mystery series. I started this book thinking I wouldn't like it. I'm pretty disappointed in the state of YA books being put out these days. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. This book was really pretty good. Quick, easy read and fun. Of course I'm past being the intended audience of these books but this took me back to my days reading Hardy Boys mysteries. I could really see this being a movie or television series, I'm surprised that it hasn't yet. I am looking forward to reading more of Riley Donovan's adventures.

Aug 14, 4:44pm Top

Book # 63

Of Stars And Men by Harlow Shapley

Science by a well known Astronomer from the 1950's. I had a hard time getting through this, found it kind of dry, but it was short and a pretty quick read.

Aug 15, 10:13am Top

Book # 64

The Modern Scholar: Great Professors Teaching You!: From Here To Infinity: An Exploration Of Science Fiction Literature by Professor Michael D. C. Drout

Discovered this at the library. A series of lectures with a booklet on the history of Science Fiction literature. Interesting and fun.

Aug 19, 6:24pm Top

Book #65

Family Ties by Deborah Aydt Holmes

Soap operaish novel about a powerful family from the 1920's until the 1970's. Tries to be a Dynasty style story and fairly succeeds. Almost seems like an outline at times, like there should have been more detail added. Not very good but kind of a guilty page turner.

Aug 22, 3:58pm Top

Book # 66

Teen Superstars Trivia Quiz Book by Helen Rosenbaum

Trivia quiz about teen stars from the late 1970's pop culture.

Aug 27, 9:44am Top

Book # 67

The Watcher by Robert Kammen

This is a classic western, fun read, short but engaging. took some twists and turns I didn't expect. Surprised this hasn't been made into a movie.
Good book.

Aug 28, 3:28pm Top

Book # 68

Night Cry: Spring 1986

A magazine collection from the publishers of Twilight Zone Magazine. A collection of short horror stories. Some really good stories here, most fairly decent. Bram Stoker and Robert Bloch among the best.

Aug 29, 3:45pm Top

Book # 69

The Turnkey Of Highgate Cemetery by Allison Rushby

Won this book from the Early Reviewers.
I loved this story. I found it whimsical and wonderful, humorous and touching.
I've been a bit disheartened with the turn to the supernatural that all of YA fiction has taken, but this was a pleasant surprise.
It's mysterious, a girl ghost who finds herself in charge of Highgate Cemetery, turnkeys have special powers and are responsible for making sure the interred rest peacefully.
All this in the middle of the blitz in World War II London. And there is a strange German ghost who shows up and seems to be spying on the war. This book was fun.
I could so see this as a Tim Burton film either live action or better yet stop motion.
Surprising twists and turns and wonderful settings

Sep 3, 7:36pm Top

Book # 70

Focus On The Family Radio Theatre Presents The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe From The Chronicles Of Narnia By C. S. Lewis

Focus On The Family does wonderful radio presentations of classic stories that are some of the best dramatisations out there.
Awesome. Highly recommended!!!!

Sep 6, 7:20pm Top

Book # 71

Fry's English Delight: Volume 1 & 2 by Stephen Fry

Funny and educational look at various parts of the English language. From cliche's to puns. He had me at hello. Even makes gibberish entertaining. Great listen!

Sep 7, 3:41pm Top

Book # 72

Restoration Branch Sermon Summer Series 06-20-99 by Joe Burkart

Very good sermon.

Sep 10, 9:50am Top

Book # 73

Haunted Ground by Erin Hart

Second time for reading this book. Good, interesting mystery set in Ireland involving bog bodies and ancient history as well as a modern mystery. Fun read.

Sep 11, 12:30pm Top

Book #74

If I Were You by L. Ron Hubbard

Pulp fiction stories by L. Ron Hubbard, done dramatically on CD. These are fun to listen to, ignore the booklet about how great of an icon Hubbard was. Fun to listen to like old radio shows.

Sep 13, 5:19pm Top

Book # 75

Towards Zero by Agatha Christie

What can I say? Dame Agatha does it again!

Sep 13, 7:06pm Top

Congratulations on reaching 75, Harold!

Sep 14, 10:57am Top

Congrats! Christie is always a good choice.

Sep 14, 11:15am Top

Thank you!!

Sep 14, 11:15am Top

Thanks! I love Christie.

Sep 14, 11:16am Top

Book # 76

Restoration Branch Sermon: Summer Series 07-02-00 by Dan Elliott

Great sermon and awesome service.

Sep 14, 6:00pm Top

Book # 77

The Gannon Girls by Thom Racina & Joe Johnson

Don't waste your time...

Sep 17, 9:40am Top

Book # 78

Fry's English Delight Series 3 by Stephen Fry

More Language studies with a touch of humor. Good listen.

Sep 19, 10:14am Top

Book # 79

Chattogram by Helen

A friend of mine from England sent this tape instead of a letter. Life story.

Sep 20, 3:27pm Top

Book # 80

Stories To Grow On by Timmy Abell

Folk stories from the mountains with musical accompaniment. Good to listen to.

Sep 25, 4:38pm Top

Book #81

Loch Sinister by Marilyn Ross

Gothic, somewhat formulaic, romantic mystery set in the Hebrides islands off of Scotland. Young girl in distress, dying uncle, creepy relatives, locked cellar, ghosts and musty old mansion.
But also kind of fun, if you don't read too many of these kinds of things.
Some of the scenes between the heroine and the other family members seem to drag and be overdrawn.

Also found out Marilyn Ross was really William Ross who wrote a ton of these kinds of books under women's names. Interesting.

Sep 28, 5:40pm Top

Book #82

Star Wars: Legends: Dawn Of The Jedi: Into The Void by Tim Lebbon

Interesting ancient Star Wars story thousands of years before anything we recognize as Star Wars. Listened to this through streaming and still can't get used to how that works exactly so it took me a while to get through it. Give me an old fashioned book with paper any day!!

Oct 2, 3:46pm Top

Book # 83

Star Trek: Web Of The Romulans by M. S. Murdock

Fun read, always liked Star Trek, (not as well as Star Wars) this was written in the 80's when they were making the feature films and the book starts out slow and kind of dull but once all the groups get together it gets to moving better.

Oct 8, 9:59am Top

Book # 84

Charlie Sent Me! by Carter Brown

This book was a fun quick read. Supposed to one of those sleazy 1960's mystery stories, but it was surprisingly tame by today's standard. I expected it to be grittier, but it was actually kind of light.
Pretty implausible, but I enjoyed it. Fun characters.

Oct 8, 4:34pm Top

Book # 85

People, Places And Prophecies by Verneil W. Simmons

Read this one before and just reread it. Good church book on the historical aspects of the Book Of Mormon. Explains a lot of the archaeology and history of the Book Of Mormon.

Oct 9, 9:31am Top

Book #86

Star Wars: Goodnight Darth Vader by Jeffrey Brown

Awesome fun children's book, my grandson checked out from the library and I just had to read it!!

Edited: Oct 22, 9:52am Top

Book # 87

Little Black Sambo by Unknown

A classic story published in 1919, reread.

Oct 22, 9:55am Top

Book # 88

Twelve Days Of Christmas by Don Nedobeck

Reread, the classic Christmas song with cute illustrations.

Oct 29, 10:15am Top

Book # 89

The Hardy Boys: Secret Files #2: The Missing Mitt by Franklin W. Dixon

A lot simpler than the Hardy Boys books I grew up with. Grandson checked this out so I thought I'd try it and see how they were.

Oct 30, 3:11pm Top

Book # 90

Star Wars: Legends: Lost Tribe Of The Sith: The Collected Stories by John Jackson Miller

Engaging collection of EU Star Wars short stories all interconnected but set thousands of years before the movie timelines.

Nov 2, 3:34pm Top

Book # 91

Left Behind Audio Theater: The Remnant: An Experience In Sound And Drama by Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins

Dramatized audio of one of the books in the Left Behind series, I don't believe in the rapture, but this is a suspenseful thriller story with Christian themes. A little confusing as far as who is who, but maybe because it is a middle story in the drama.

Nov 2, 5:19pm Top

Book # 92

The First Book Of Lost Sword's: Woundhealer's Story by Fred Saberhagen

Sword and sorcery fantasy, this book was ok. The story was good but somehow the writing just didn't click for me.

Nov 12, 2:56pm Top

Book # 93

Two for The Money by Max Allan Collins

Hard Case Crime books are my guilty pleasure. And I like Max Allan Collins also. Noirish mystery crime novel. Fun read!!

Nov 12, 4:04pm Top

Book # 94

Focus On The Family Radio Theatre Presents Prince Caspian: The Return To Narnia: From The Chronicles Of Narnia by C. S. Lewis

Another stellar Focus On the Family Radio Theatre Production!! Awesome acting and great production!!

Nov 15, 5:53pm Top

Book # 95

DK Adventures: Star Wars: What Makes A Monster? by Adam Bray

Checked out by my grandson from the library. Interesting look at the different monsters in the Star Wars universe.

Nov 23, 10:57am Top

Book # 96

Images & Impressions by Jack W. Garnier

Book about RLDS historical sights by an artist, beautiful paintings and drawings capture the history of the church.

Nov 23, 10:58am Top

Book # 97

My Readers: Carl And The Kitten by Alexandra Day

Cute little kids book, my grandson checked out. Carl books are excellent!

Nov 23, 1:05pm Top

Book # 98

Star Wars Adventures: The Will Of Darth Vader by Tom Taylor

Graphic novel set in the Star Wars universe. another check out by my grandson, but entertaining read.

Nov 24, 6:41pm Top

Book # 99

Carrie by Stephen King

One of my favorite authors, read this years ago for the first time. Just reread. The book that started it all for Mr. King. Teenagers, Telekinesis, and lots and lots of blood. Fun.

Nov 26, 11:05am Top

Book # 100

Choose Your Own Adventure: Dragon Day: A Dragonlark Book by Anson Montgomery

Another grandson choice, fun read. Choose Your Own Adventure books are fun to change up.

Nov 26, 9:18pm Top

Well done on reaching 100 books. Sorry RL has kept me from visiting more often this year dear chap.

Nov 29, 10:19am Top

Paul, Was wondering how you were doing. Good to hear from you! Hope everyone is well! Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Nov 29, 10:24am Top

Book # 101

Star Wars: The Old Republic: Revan by Drew Karpyshyn

Audio book version. Really enjoyed listening to this. Music and sound effects and the reader, Marc Thompson, did a wonderful job creating voices for all of the characters.
Probably one of the best Star Wars books I've listened to.

Nov 29, 10:34am Top

Book # 102

My First I Can Read Book: Biscuit Visits The Big City by Alyssa Satin Capucilli

Another book for my grandson. Good read, easy and fun.

Nov 29, 10:38am Top

Book # 103

I Can Read Level 2: Charlotte's Web: Wilbur Finds A Friend by Jennifer Frantz

Another book for my grandson, classic story told in easy to read enjoyable format with beautiful pictures.

Nov 30, 10:41am Top

Book # 104

Curious George: Lost And Found by Erica Zappy

Nov 30, 10:42am Top

Book # 105

Spot's Thanksgiving by Eric Hill

both of these last books are Grandson choices, fun good reads, reminds me of when I was reading to my daughter.

Dec 3, 9:48am Top

Book # 106

A Pet For Fly Guy by Tedd Arnold

Another grandson pick, loved reading these to my daughter, Tedd Arnold is great!!

Dec 3, 9:53am Top

Book # 107

Little Miss Bronte: Jane Eyre: A Counting Primer: A Babylit Book

Ok. I picked this one. Since taking my grandsons to the library I've discovered a few new children's books that I wanted to read. I was amazed to find someone had done Jane Eyre as a board book for babies. Genius!

Dec 3, 9:58am Top

Book # 108

Curious George: Snowy Day by Rotem Moscovich

Grandson pick. Curious George is always fun.

Dec 9, 9:47am Top

Book # 109

Little Master Conan Doyle: Sherlock Holmes In The Hound Of The Baskervilles: A BabyLit® Sounds Primer by Jennifer Adams

These are so awesome. Turns out there is a whole series of these.

Dec 9, 9:48am Top

Book # 110

Curious George Goes To A Chocolate Factory by Margret & H. A. Rey

Classic grandson pick.

Dec 9, 9:49am Top

Book # 111

Spot Can Count by Eric Hill

Another classic grandson pick.

Dec 11, 10:29am Top

Book # 112

Suitcase Charlie by John Guzlowski

Won in the Early Reviewers. This is a noirish mystery set in 1950's Chicago. Two detectives try to track down a serial killer who dismembers children and puts them in suitcases. Deals with the aftermath of World War II.
Good read, nice characters and atmosphere, could have used more suspense and a better climax. Easy to see where this was going.

Dec 11, 4:26pm Top

Book # 113

Ghostville Elementary: Class Trip To The Haunted House by Marcia Thornton Jones & Debbie Dadey

Fun read. Grandson picked this out. About a haunted elementary school and the adventures the kids get into. A series.

Dec 12, 3:35pm Top

Book # 114

The Second Chronicles Of Thomas Covenant: Book Two: The One Tree by Stephen R. Donaldson

Read this again. Just could not get into these the first time around, and I thought maybe it was due to series burnout. So this time I'm reading it just on it's own out of order.
Still not into it, bleak and dreary fantasy story, just don't care for these. some interesting characters and a few exciting parts but lots of big words and just drudgery.

Dec 13, 10:11am Top

Book # 115

Little Master Hugo: Les Miserable: A Babylit French Language Primer by Jennifer Adams

These Babylit board books are so much fun!!

Dec 13, 10:15am Top

Book # 116

The Amazing Book Of Lego Star Wars by David Fentiman

The grandsons love Star Wars. And I do too.

Dec 13, 10:20am Top

Book # 117

A Village Christmas: Personal Family Memories and Holiday Traditions From Thomas Kinkade by Thomas Kinkade

Read again after several years. Beautiful images and sweet memories.

Dec 14, 9:57am Top

Book #118

Little Miss Burnett: The Secret Garden: A Babylit Flowers Primer by Jennifer Adams

I know I'm a grown man but these literary board books for babies bring me joy!!

Dec 15, 10:52pm Top

Book # 119

Crabby Crab by Chris Raschka

Cute book. Grandson pick.

Dec 17, 9:36am Top

Book # 120

Cat Getting Out Of A Bag And Other Observations: A Cat Book by Jeffrey Brown

Humorous cartoon look at cats and cat owners.

Dec 17, 9:37am Top

Book # 121

Little Master Melville: Moby-Dick: A Babylit Oceans Primer by Jennifer Adams

Love these!!

Dec 17, 10:40am Top

Book # 122

The Legend Of Squanto: Disc One by Focus On The Family Radio Theater

These guys do an awesome job of producing high quality dramatizations of classic literature, worthy of the whole family!!

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