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February ScaredyKIT - Survival/Disaster

2018 Category Challenge

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Jan 14, 10:30am Top

Survival stories give us a glimpse of what human beings are capable of when they are pushed to their limits. Whether fiction or non-fiction, tales of natural (or man-made) disasters and tragic accidents show just how much the human spirit can endure and overcome. February's ScaredyKIT will focus on Disaster and Survival stories, and there are many out there to choose from. Here are a few examples to give you some ideas:

*Lord of the Flies
*The Martian
*The Road
*World War Z
*The Last One
*Station Eleven
*The Hunger Games
*Surviving Antarctica
*Life of Pi
*Life as We Knew It

*Into the Wild
*Into Thin Air
*The Perfect Storm
*Deep Survival
*Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage
*Dead Wake

For those doing the AlphaKIT, Hatchet is written by Gary Paulsen (he's written many other survival stories as well), and would fit for February's AlphaKIT for P. Susan Beth Pfeiffer's Life as We Knew It (and others in the series) would also work for P, as would Piers Paul Read's Alive. The Perfect Storm by Sebastian Junger would work for both of February's letters, P and J.

Edited: Jan 14, 10:46am Top

I haven't decided what I'm going to read yet. A quick peek at my shelves only found one obvious option, Sail, by James Patterson. I'm not sure I really want to read that at the moment, so I'm going to keep looking.

ETA: I forgot about my kindle shelves. I'm now wondering if Caroline: Little House Revisited would work. I'd much rather read that than the Patterson. Although with P and J being the Alpha letters maybe I should go with Sail.

Jan 14, 10:42am Top

I've got an audible copy of Jurassic Park I've been meaning to read. And it too fits the AlphaKIT.

Jan 14, 11:07am Top

I'll have a look on my shelves and decide. I know I have a couple that would fit this month.

Jan 14, 12:06pm Top

I love survival stories! I am thinking of reading Before the Fall or Good Morning, Midnight, or even better, both.

In addition to all the great suggestions in >1 virginiahomeschooler: here is a pretty good list of Survival Stories for even more ideas: https://www.librarything.com/list/692/all/Survival-Stories

Edited: Jan 14, 12:12pm Top

Recommendation: I just finished In the Kingdom of Ice by Hampton Sides (4.5 stars). I saw Endurance mentioned above, so I wanted to add this one in, as well. "Endurance" made my top 10 the year I read it, and I'm certain "In the Kingdom of Ice" will make my top this year.

Jan 14, 12:30pm Top

Oh ! Just dawned on me that what I'm reading for SFFKIT will also work here: Hunted by Kevin Hearne. Survive baby, survive!

Jan 14, 2:45pm Top

I'm planning on reading Children of Men by P.D. James for this month--I've been meaning to read it for ages!

Jan 14, 3:08pm Top

I've picked out a few options for this:

The Road / Cormac McCarthy
Perfume / Patrick Suskind
The Woman in White / Wilkie Collins
Those Girls / Chevy Stevens
The End Games / T. Michael Martin
Close Your Eyes, Hold Hands / Chris Bohjalian

Jan 14, 4:07pm Top

>7 majkia: That means it will fit BingoDOG "a book that fits two KITs/CATs" too! Nice going!

Jan 14, 11:59pm Top

I am also a huge fan of survival stories! I am going to read The Revenant by Michael Punke, Home by Tom Abrahams and, The First Days by Rhiannon Frater.

Jan 16, 7:28pm Top

>2 virginiahomeschooler: I personally would probably not count Caroline: Little House Revisited as a survival story although it does feature hardships including fording a dangerous river and giving birth with only a neighbor to help. There are a couple of scenes with Indians, which Caroline handles well; the family is not seriously threatened. The Ingalls are not nearly as poor financially as in many of the other books; they leave Indian Territory because the man to whom they sold their Wisconsin property defaulted on payments. They were not driven out by the Indians.

However, different people have different ideas of what makes survival stories. I think for these challenges each individual uses her own judgment as to whether a particular reading fits. Also, I might not be understanding the definition of survival as far as literature is concerned.

Jan 16, 8:16pm Top

>12 sallylou61: That makes sense. I did wonder if it would really work. I've got a few options I'm considering.

Jan 17, 6:01am Top

After doing a bit of a search I think I will probably read Lost in the Jungle: A Harrowing True Story of Survival by Yossi Ghinsberg. Has anybody here read that one?

Jan 17, 11:58am Top

I think I'm going to try Station Eleven. It's been recommended by LT based on my other books, and it sounds interesting.

Jan 17, 12:22pm Top

I'm going to start off with Piracy, Turtles & Flying Foxes, William Dampier's 1686 account of exploring Sumatra. My edition is from the "Great Journeys" series.

Edited: Jan 17, 8:18pm Top

My options for this month are Station Eleven, The 5th Wave and Island of the Blue Dolphins, I hope to start The 5th Wave. I also have Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage that I could read this month.

Jan 17, 8:48pm Top

>17 Kristelh: Ohhhhh, "Endurance" is so good!

Jan 17, 8:55pm Top

>17 Kristelh: >18 LibraryCin: I have Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage on my shelves too and will try to get to it this month. The other book I'm hoping to read in February is Shift, the second book in Hugh Howey's Silo series. I also have World War Z by Max Brooks on my shelves.

Jan 18, 6:31pm Top

Seconding the recommendation of Endurance, and putting forward my own recommendation: Curse of the Narrows, by Laura M. MacDonald, about the Halifax Explosion.

Jan 18, 10:58pm Top

>20 rabbitprincess: Ok, that the 2nd book tonight I've seen mentioned about the Halifax explosion! The other over on GR. I've already added the other to my tbr, so I will (at least for now!) refrain from adding another! However, I think it's kind of funny to come across two mentioned on the topic within 20 or 30 minutes (when it's not a "conversation" about it, anyway!).

Jan 19, 2:11pm Top

>21 LibraryCin: The 100th anniversary of the Halifax explosion was just last month so you'll find it mentioned often.

Edited: Jan 19, 6:40pm Top

>21 LibraryCin: Was it Shattered City? That one was good. I also have Bearing Witness out from the library, which is about the journalists and recordkeepers documenting the explosion.

>22 VivienneR: I was in Halifax last May and JUST missed out on the Maritime Museum's 100th anniversary exhibit (it was going to open in June, I think). That would have been really interesting.

Edited: Jan 19, 9:43pm Top

>22 VivienneR: oh, of course!

>23 rabbitprincess: i dont think it was... let me check what its called...

Its called the great halifax explosion a world war i story of treachery, tragedy...

Ah the touchstones not working. Ill try again when im on my pc.

ETA: Just editing now to attempt the touchstone again. Seems to work ok from my PC.

Jan 19, 9:23pm Top

>23 rabbitprincess: Aw, too bad that you missed the anniversary exhibit. It would be very interesting. As an ex-archivist and mother of a journalist Bearing Witness sounds good. I'll watch for it.

>24 LibraryCin: I second rp's good opinion of Shattered City.

Jan 20, 1:37pm Top

>24 LibraryCin: Ah, the new one! My BF's dad got that one for Christmas. I shall have to borrow it from him when he's done.

Feb 2, 7:57am Top

Finished The Scar by China Mieville.

He is soo soo good....

Edited: Feb 3, 6:40pm Top

For this month's theme, I read Ararat by Christopher Golden. It is set on Mount Ararat in Turkey. It begins with an earthquake and avalanche, which exposes a buried ship that could be Noah's Ark. Well, there's something supernatural hiding in there, and the team of archaeologists investigating the ship must survive that plus a climb down the mountain in a blizzard. Standard escapist fare, much gore.

*Fixed touchstone.

Feb 3, 6:25pm Top

I am thinking about reading my copy of The Passage by Justin Cronin. Has anyone read it and if so, would it fit the February ScaredyKIT?

Feb 3, 6:40pm Top

>29 lkernagh: Yes, I've read the whole trilogy and it would most definitely fit.

Feb 3, 6:52pm Top

>30 sturlington: - Excellent! Thanks!

Feb 4, 11:42am Top

I'm going to read Five Days at Memorial by Sheri Fink for this challenge.

I also have The Road, and This Way for the Gas, Ladies and Gentlemen by Tadeusz Borowski. Don't know if I can get to them though.

Edited: Feb 4, 1:38pm Top

I have finished Home by Tom Abrahams, a post-apocalyptic, survival story that had a main character who reminded me of a super-hero but it was full of action and a page turner which made for a good read at this busy time.

Feb 6, 9:36am Top

I finished James Patterson's Sail, which was a sort of shipwreck (more ship explosion) survival story with some other elements thrown in. It was standard Patterson. Lots of action, decent story, nothing exceptional but a fast fun read.

Feb 10, 7:24am Top

Read Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage by Alfred Lansing. I got this audio book free during Audible's anniversary celebration. A great book. 4.17 stars.

Feb 10, 10:13am Top

>35 Kristelh: That was an excellent book! Glad you liked it :)

Feb 10, 12:27pm Top

>35 Kristelh: Happy you enjoyed it! And lucky you, getting a free copy!

Feb 11, 1:08pm Top

I have completed The Revenant by Michael Punke, this adventure novel is based on the true story of fur trapper Hugh Glass who was terribly mauled by a grizzly bear, abandoned by his fellow trappers yet survived by crawling his way to safety.

Feb 11, 5:53pm Top

Finished The Children of Men, which started off slowly for me, but which I ended up reading the second half of in two sittings and really enjoying. Full review written for anyone interested :)

I will say... I don't remember the movie at all, but for the very ending scene which has always stayed with me even to the smallest detail, and for remembering that I enjoyed it. Yet, even just based on the ending and my impressions of this book, I have to think the book and movie are very very different, and I'll have to re-watch it to see how they played out the story. In any case, I do recommend the book, in the end.

Feb 12, 8:35am Top

>35 Kristelh: I also finished and really enjoyed Endurance: Shackleton's Incredible Voyage. I listened to the audio as well, but missed the free Audible edition. This has inspired me to reread At the Mountains of Madness by H. P. Lovecraft which I just started this morning.

Feb 12, 8:56pm Top

>40 staci426: I’ve read Mountains of Madness by Lovecraft previously. I did think about it while reading Endurance.

Feb 15, 11:02am Top

I've finished Piracy, Turtles and Flying Foxes. I think I might pick up The Martian next.

Feb 16, 12:06am Top

I've finished The Passage by Justin Cronin. Overall, a gripping, suspense read with all the elements to make an easy transition from book to screen. One doesn’t need to be a dystopian or urban fantasy fan to appreciate this for the suspense ride it is although some might feel that it is another one of those reads written to target a mainstream reading audience. I am good with mainstream when I want a suspense read!

Feb 17, 8:26am Top

Completed Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, literary fiction that features disaster and survival (pandemic). More a story of interconnections, survival of culture/art.

Feb 18, 1:57pm Top

I also read Station Eleven. I quite liked it! I agree it's less survival horror and more about people and connections in a changed world.

Feb 19, 10:13pm Top

I have finished Lost in the Jungle, a true story of four young men who meet in Bolivia that decide to go adventuring into the jungle. As the title indicates, they get lost and experience great danger, fear and tragedy. A pretty good read that was made into a movie last year. I guess I will have to watch that now.

Feb 21, 6:39pm Top

I hadn't thought about it fitting this when I began it, but Daniel Defoe's Journal of the Plague Year definitely counts!

Feb 23, 5:32pm Top

I finished a second read for this category: The Salt Line by Holly Goddard Jones. It is set in a near-future South where ticks have become so deadly that people have retreated inside zones surrounded by a ring of scorched zone to keep the ticks out. An adventure company takes rich tourists on expeditions to the outside where they can experience nature again if they are willing to risk the very gruesome effects of a tick bite. Since the time of year for ticks is almost upon us, you can imagine how this gave me the willies! The story is about such a group setting out on an expedition, but things quickly take an unexpected and suspenseful turn. I really sped through this story, which combines dystopian and apocalyptic elements, suspense, and political commentary. The author is from my home state of North Carolina.

Feb 23, 9:26pm Top

I finished South: The Endurance Expedition, Ernest Shackleton's own account of the voyage. It was very good but it sounds as if Lansing's version is as good if not better.

I also finished The River at Night by Erica Ferencik, about four friends who attempt to survive a nightmarish white-water rafting trip in the wilderness. It was not bad, but not remarkable either.

I'm currently reading Shift, the second book in Hugh Howey's post-apocalyptic sci-fi Silo series.

Feb 24, 6:03am Top

I finished La Belle Sauvage by Philip Pullman which was indeed, one long attempt to survive various foes! Loved it!

Feb 24, 11:09am Top

>48 sturlington: Brrrrr that does sound scary!

Feb 24, 12:19pm Top

>48 sturlington: Scary and irresistible - this one is being added to my library list.

Feb 24, 12:38pm Top

>52 DeltaQueen50: Well, don't say I didn't warn you. :-)

Feb 24, 1:09pm Top

Bride of the Rat-God by Barbara Hambly definitely fits as a poor starlet attempts to save herself from a resurrected elder God.

Feb 27, 12:51pm Top

I finished The Martian yesterday. Very interesting, even if I didn't get much of the science stuff. But definitely a good choice for a survival story.

Edited: Feb 28, 9:54pm Top

Finished my last book for February; The Fifth Wave, your adult book about surviving alien takeover of earth and the eradication of humans. Pretty good young adult book that i can recommend,

Feb 28, 11:13pm Top

Those Girls / Chevy Stevens.
4.5 stars

Due to the abuse suffered at the hands of their father (their mother died a few years earlier), three sisters, Dani, Courtney, and Jess, run away, only to find themselves in a town where some initially seemingly nice guys help them out. But, this goes badly and they end up in another terrifyingly horrible situation! 18 years later, after having lived in Vancouver since then and having built a life for themselves, things take another turn and the past is back…

I was trying to describe that with no spoilers - at least nothing that was not mentioned on the back of the book (I may have mentioned less than what’s on the book blurb)! The first half of the book is told from Jess’ point of view; Jess is the youngest sister. Perspective switches for the second half. This was a book I just didn’t want to put down! I wanted to keep reading. There is a lot of violence, though, so be warned of that.

Mar 1, 9:28am Top

I hope everyone enjoyed their survival / disaster stories and maybe discovered some new ones as well. Feel free to continue adding your books to the wiki.

Mar 1, 12:49pm Top

>58 virginiahomeschooler: Thanks for hosting!

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