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Berly's Bookin' It! #11

This is a continuation of the topic Berly's Bookin' It! #10.

This topic was continued by Berly's Bookin' It! #12.

75 Books Challenge for 2018

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Edited: Oct 7, 8:05pm Top

Taking a break from my dream book nooks--these guys cracked me up!! I love fall and Halloween.

Oh! About me? I am a mom of 3, married to a great guy (he introduced me to LT) and besides books, I love TKD, working in glass, and chocolate. I have had an eclectic "career" in nerve regeneration research, advertising, the NBA, and editing. Now I work with my husband cleaning industrial processed water and stormwater, getting it up to EPA standards. I do the marketing and the financial stuff.

There are more books coming in than going out and I am making but a small dent in the TBR piles; I haven't given up hope yet though! I can't because books are everywhere. Some are under the window in my bedroom, some are stacked by my night table, in the study, downstairs in the bookcases, and then there is the Kindle....I know you all understand. Of course, I wouldn't have it any other way. ; )

Edited: Sep 9, 3:07pm Top

Edited: Oct 25, 11:56pm Top

Reading Now
The Double (164 pages) by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The Mars Room (338 pages) by Rachel Kushner with Ellen
Consider the Fork (282 pages) by Bee Wilson

ON HOLD until I heal-- Walk to Run One Mile (A) by Aaptiv, narrated by Jaime McFaden ( This is me trying to get back in shape--it's actually awesome! One segment a day for like three weeks. And then I hurt my heel....)

Potential Scary October Reads
The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell
Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado
Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders
Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
The Likeness by Tanya French

and for November
The Buried Giant by Ishiguro RL Bookclub #1
Start without Me by Joshua Max Feldman

Edited: Nov 1, 8:35pm Top

Read in October
95. Daughters of the Lake (317 pages) (K) by Wendy Webb 3.75
94. The Queen: Aretha Franklin (A) by Mikal Gilmore 3.0
93. The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir (337 pages) (K) by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich
⭐️. A Monster Calls (225 pages) by Patrick Ness
91. Vox (326 pages) by Christina Dalcher
90. Enrique's Journey for RL Bookclub #2
89. Lullaby (A) short story by Jonathan Maberry
88. Sixth Grave on the Edge (K) by Darynda Jones
87. Sing, Unburied, Sing (291 pages) by Jesmyn Ward for RL Bookclub #1
86. The Fireman by Joe Hill
85. The Rule of One by Ashley Saunders

Read in September
84. The Coming Storm (A) (2.5 hours) by Michael Lewis
83. The Rule of One (263 pages) (K) by Ashley and Leslie Saunders
82. The Lords of Discipline (103 of 578 pages) (K) by Pat Conroy, DNF
81. The Fate of the Tearling (496 pages) (K) by Erika Johansen
80. The Invasion of the Tearling (544 page) (K) by Erika Johansen
⭐️. Queen of the Tearling (434 pages) by Erika Johansen 4.5
⭐️. Fifth Grave Past the Light (A) (L) by Darynda Jones 4.25
77. Burning Girl (247 pages) by Claire Messud INDIEspensable #68
76. Speak: The Graphic Novel (384 pages) (GN) by Laurie Halse Anderson
75. Tragedy Plus Time: A Tragi-Comic Memoir (256 pages) (A) by Adam Cayton-Holland
74. Acqua Alta (387 pages) by Donna Leon 3.75

Read in August / 4,246 pages / 21,711 total read
73. A Criminal Defense (347 pages) (K) by William L. Meyers Jr 3.5
72. The Woman Who Died A Lot: A Thursday Next Novel (385 pages) (K) by Jasper Fforde 3.75
71. Archangel (200??) (A) by William Gibson, Michael St. John Smith 2.0
70. The Brand New Catastrophe (260 pages) (A) by Mike Scalise 3.5
69. The Good Samaritan (K) (390 pages) by John Marrs 3.0
68. Magical Thinking (268 pages) by Augusten Burroughs 4.0
67. The Masked City (Invisible Library Series #2) (K) (381 pages) by Genevieve Cogman 3.75
66. Death and Judgement (320 pages) (Commissario Guido Brunetti Series) (K) by Donna Leon 3.5
65. Fourth Grave Beneath My Feet (368 pages) by Darynda Jones 4.25
64. The Soul of an Octopus (254 pages) by Sy Montgomery 4.0
63. Third Grave Dead Ahead (368 pages) (A) by Darynda Jones, Narrated by Lorelei King 4.25
⭐️62. We Were Eight Years in Power (367 pages) Ta-Nehisi Coates 4.25
⭐️61. The Second Grave on the Left (336 pages) (A) by Darynda Jones, Narrated by Lorelei King 4.5

Read in July / 4,904 pages / 17,665 total read
60. Loving Frank (L) (K) (402 pages) by Nancy Horan-- RL Bookgroup (Frank Lloyd Wright) 3.5
59 Forever is the Worst Long Time (K) (read 100) by Camille Pagan DNF
⭐️58. First Grave on the Right (315 pages) (A) by Darynda Jones 4.5
57. The Invisible Library (K) (L) (351 pages) by Genevieve Cogman 3.5
56. The Snow Child (386 pages) by Eowyn Lvey 3.5
55. "D" is for Deadbeat (320 page) (A) by Sue Grafton 3.75
54. The Singularity Trap (release data 10/18, pages 350??)(A) by Dennis E. Taylor of Bobiverse Fame! 4.25
⭐️53. Beartown (432 pages) by Fredrick Backman 4.5
⭐️52. The Eye of Zoltar (405 pages) by Jasper Fforde 4.5
51. The Front by Patricia Cornwell (304 pages) 3.5
50. The Song of the Quarkbeast (290 pages) by Jasper Fforde 3.75
49. Howl's Moving Castle (438 pages) by Diana Wynne Jones 3.75
48. A Secret History of Witches (515 pages) by Louisa Morgan 3.75
47. The Last Dragonslayer (296 pages) by Jasper Fforde 4.0

Rating System
You probably won't see many below three because I am less afraid to use the Pearl rule now, but "Anathema" tickled me. So many books, so little time!

⭐️ Favorite(s) of the month
Masterpiece 5.0
Stunning 4.5
Excellent 4.0
Very Good 3.5
Good 3.0
Average 2.5
Eh 2.0
Don't Bother 1.5
Bad 1.0
Anathema 0.5

GN=Graphic Novel
IR=Indiespensable Readers
LT=LibraryThing Early Reviewer

Edited: Sep 10, 1:37am Top

Read in June / 1034 pages / 12,761 total read
46. Search Inside Yourself (268 pages) by Chade-Meng Tan 3.0
⭐️45. A Gentleman in Moscow (462 pages) by Amor Towles 4.0
44. The Autobiography of Gucci Mane (304 pages) (A) by Gucci Mane 3.5

Read in May / 2,171 pages / 11,727 Total Read
43. Ten Women (50 pages) by Marcello Serrano DNF 2.5
42. Hello Universe (313 Pages) by Erin Estrada Kelly
⭐️41. The One and Only Ivan (307 pages) by Katherine Applegate 4.5
40. The Light of the Fireflies (329 pages) by Paul Pen
39. Dressed for Death (287 page) (K)(L) by Donna Leon 3.0
38. The Gray House (K) (110/728 pages) by Mariam Petrosyan -- DNF
37. No Time Like the Past (332 pages) (A) by Jodi Taylor 3.75
36. Monsoon Mansion: A Memoir (235 pages) (K) by Cinelle Barnes 3.0
35. The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind (208 pages) by Barbara K. Lipska 4.0

Read in April / 2,320 Pages / 9,554 Total Read
34. Norse Mythology (299 pages) by Neil Gaiman 3.0
33. Start Without Me (278 pages) by Joshua Max Feldman
⭐️32. The Hounds of Spring (160 pages) by Lucy Andrews Cummin 4.5
⭐️31. How to Get Run Over by a Truck (294 pages) (A) by Katie C.McKenna 4.5
30. I Feel Bad About My Neck (137 pages) by Nora Ephron 3.5
29. Neighborly: A novel (313 pages) (K) by Ellie Monago 3.5
28. The Ladies Room (220 pages) (A) by Carolyn Brown 4.0
27. The Jekyll Revelation (493 pages) (K) by Robert Masello 3.5
26. ...And the Earth Did Not Devour Him (126 pages) by Tomás Rivera

Edited: Sep 10, 1:37am Top

Read in March / 2,156 Pages / 7,234 Total Read
25. C is for Corpse (K) (320 pages) by Sue Grafton 3.5
24. Digging in: A Novel (241 pages) (K) by Loretta Nyhan 4.0
23. Alias Grace (468 pages) by Margaret Atwood 3.5
22. A Time of Love and Tartan (K) (247 pages) by Alexander McCall Smith 4.0
⭐️21. Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body (320 pages) (A) by Roxane Gay 5.0
20. Death in a Strange Country (272 pages) by Donna Leon (K) (2 Guidos) 4.0
19. The Last Black Unicorn (288 pages) (A) by Tiffany Haddish 4.0

Read in February / 2,928 Pages Read
18. The Slow Regard of Silent Things (176 pages) by Patrick Rothfuss 4.0
17. Killman Creek (348 pages) by Rachel Caine 4.25
16. Salvage the Bones (271 pages) by Jasmyn Ward 3.75
15. Raisin in the Sun (151 pages) by Lorraine Hansberry 4.0
14. Princess Diarist (A) (272 pages) by Carrie Fisher 2.5
13. B is for Burglar (K)(320 pages) by Sue Grafton 3.5
12. A is for Alibi (K)(224 pages) by Sue Grafton 3.5
⭐️11. Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike (A) (400 pages) by Phil Knight 4.5
10. Parable of the Talents (422 pages) by Octavia Butler 3.5
⭐️9. The Dead House (500 pages) by Harry Bingham 4.5
8. The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes--And Why (266 pages) by Amanda Ripley 4.0

Read in January / 2,150 Pages Read
7. Black Swan Green (OTS) (294) by David Mitchell, ColourCAT Challenge 4.0
⭐️6. Parable of the Sower (345) by Octavia Butler 4.0
5. Vittorio, The Vampire (OTS) (288 pages) by Anne Rice 2.5
4. The Power (387 pages) by Naomi Alderman 3.75
3. God Stalk (271 pages) (K) by P.C. Hodgell, GR led by Roni 3.75
2. Talking As Fast As I Can (OTS) (209 pages) by Lauren Graham 3.0
1. Death at La Fenice (356 pages) (K) by Donna Leon, Two Guidos GR 3.75

⭐️ Favorites

Edited: Oct 15, 9:22pm Top

Longer Plans for Reading

RL Book Club #1
February - Evicted by Matthew Desmond
April - The Oregon Trail by Rinker Buck - DNF
June - A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles ✅
August - Loving Frank by Nancy Horan ✅
October - Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward ✅
December - Choose books!!

RL Book Club #2
January - The Power by Naomi Alderman ✅
February - Alias Grace by Margaret Atwood ✅
March - Alias Grace continued ✅
April - I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron ✅
May - The Hounds of Spring by Lucy Andrews Cummin ✅
October - Enrique's Journey
November -

The Guidos Murder Mystery Thread
January - Death at La Fenice by Donna Leon ✅
March - Death in a Strange Country by Donna Leon ✅
May - Dressed for Death by Donna Leon (originally published as Anonymous Venetian in 1994) ✅
July - Death and Judgement by Donna Leon (originally published A Venetian Reckoning in 1995) ✅
September - Acqua Alta by Donna Leon (also published as Death in High Water) ✅
November - Quietly in Their Sleep by Donna Leon (also published as Death of Faith)

Edited: Oct 15, 9:25pm Top

I am hoping these challenges will help me choose books I already own.

ColorCAT Challenge
Black - Black Swan Green by David Mitchell ✅
Brown - Raisin in the Sun Lorraine Hansberry ✅
Green - Neighborly: A Novel by Ellie Monago ✅
Yellow - I Feel Bad About My Neck by Nora Ephron ✅
Blue - Bear Town by Fredrick Backman ✅
Purple - We are the Ones We have Been Waiting For by Alice Walker (The jacket cover is purple and, of course, Walker wrote The Color Purple, which I also have) or The Lady and the Peacock about Augn San Suu Kyi of Burma, by Peter Popham
Pink - A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton ✅
Grey - Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs ✅
Metallic - Consider the Fork by Bee Wilson reading
Orange - The Burning Girl Claire Messud ✅
Red - Scarlet Marissa Meyer or Consider the Lobster DF Wallace or There, There
White - Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Meng Tan ✅

And for color backup, Travic McGee by John D. MacDonald (thanks Joe!)

AlphaCAT Challenge
A - Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs ✅
B - The Burning Girl by Claire Messud ✅
C - A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness ✅
D - Digging in: A Novel by Loretta Nyhan ✅
F - Start Without Me by Joshua Max Feldman ✅
G - A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles ✅
H - The Hounds of Spring by Lucy Andrews Cummin
J - Salvage the Bones by Jesmyn Ward ✅
K - Killman Creek (348 pages) by Rachel Caine ✅
L - Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls) ✅
M - Start Without Me by Joshua Max Feldman ✅
N - Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight ✅
O - The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate ✅
P - Princess Diarist by Carrie Fischer ✅
Q - The Song of the Quarkbeast by Jasper Fforde ✅
R - Raisin in the Sun by Lorraine Hansberry ✅
S - The Good Samaritan by John Marrs ✅
T - We Were Eight Years in Power by Ta-Nehisi Coates ✅
U - Hello Universe by Erin Estrada Kelly ✅
V - Vittorio the Vampire by Anne Rice (love a double V!) ✅
W - Go, Went, Gone by Jenny Erpenbeck
Y - Y, U - Search Inside Yourself by Chade-Megn Tan ✅
Z - Swing Time by Zadie Smith

Edited: Oct 16, 12:32am Top

Last year I read 47 out of the 85 new books I acquired. This year I am trying to read more off my shelves, but I also can't resist new books! We'll see how I do!!

✅ 39/76 read so far....

New Books in 2018
Princess Diarist (A) by Carrie Fisher
Not Perfect (K) by Elizabeth LaBan - Free Amazon First*
We Were Eight Years in Power by Ta-Nehisi Coates
A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles
Magical Thinking by Augusten Burroughs
6) Go, Went, Gone by Jeremy Erpenbeck (Beth's Fault!!)
The Soul of the Octopus by Sy Montgomery
8) Far From the Madding Crowd by Thomas Hardy
Alias Grace (K) by Margaret Atwood
Killman Creek (K) by Rachel Caine, (Stillhouse Lake Series #2)
Neighborly (K) by Elllie Monago - Free Amazon First*
The Last Black Unicorn (A) by Tiffany Hadish - Free Amazon First*
...And the Earth Did Not Devour Him by Tomás Rivera
A is for Alibi by Sue Grafton
B is for Burglar by Sue Grafton
C is for Corpse by Sue Grafton
17) Poldark by Winston Grahman
The Jekyll Revelation by Robert Masello
A Time of Love and Tartan by Alexander McMall Smith
Bear Town by Frederick Backman
21) The Empath's Survival Guide by Judith Orloff, MD
22) A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole
23) Small Great Things by Jodi Picoult
24) Your Duck is My Duck by Deborah Eisenber, LT INDIEspensable Reader #72
25) Census by Jesse Ball, LT INDIEspensable Reader #72
26) Exit West by Mohsin Hamid
27) The Oregon Trail: A New American Journey by Rinker Buck
✅) No Time Like the Past #5 (A) by Jodi Taylor
The Hounds of Spring by Lucy Andrews Cummin
Norse Mythology by Neil Gaimon
31) The Crying of Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon
The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind by Barbara K. Lipska
Forever is the Worst Long Time: A Novel by Camille Pagán
34) The House by the River by Lena Manta
35) Still Waters: Sandhamn Murders, Book 1 by Viveca Sten
36) The Great Passage by Shion Miura *
37) The Question of Red by Laksmi Pamuntjak *
38) Last Train to Istanbul: A Novel by Ayse Kulin *
39) The Gray House by Mariam Petrosyan *
The Light of the Fireflies by Paul Pen *
Ten Women by Marcela Serrano *
42) Never Stop Walking: A Memoir of Finding Home Across the World by Christina Rickardsson, Tara F. Chace - Free Amazon First*
43) Conversations on Writing by Ursula K. Le Guin, LT INDIEspensable Reader #73
44) The Flame Throwers by Rachel Kushner, LT INDIEspensable Reader #73
45) The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner, LT INDIEspensable Reader #73
46) There There by Tommy Orange, LT INDIEspensable Reader #74
The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate
Hello, Universe by Erin Estrada Kelly
The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde (of Thursday Next fame, #1 in series)
50. Flame in the Mist by Renee Ahdieh
Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones
Loving Frank by Nancy Horan
53. Less by Andrew Sean Greer
A Secret History of Witches by Louisa Morgan
The Eye of Zoltar by Jasper Fforde (Dragonslayer #3)
56. The Night Watch by Sarah Waters
The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey
Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen (Another series Twin talked me into!!)
The Song of the Quarkbeast by Jasper Fforde (Dragonslayer #2)
Second Grave on the Left by Darynda Jones *
Third Grave Dead Ahead by Darynda Jones *
Vox by Christin Dalcher
63. The Weatherman by Steve Thayer (from Dad, set in Mpls) *
64. Territory of Light by Yuko Tsushima, LT INDIEspensable Reader #75
65. The Third Hotel by Laura Van Den Berg, LT INDIEspensable Reader #75
66. Emma (A) by Jane Austen *
67. Pretend We Live Here by Genevieve Hudson
The Coming Storm (A) by Michael Lewis *
69. Lethal White by Robert Galbraith
The Rule of One by Laura and Ashley Saunders *
71. Mudbound by Hilary Jordan
72. Ice Bound by Dr. Jerri Nielsen
73. Leonardo Da Vinci by Walter Isaacson
Enrique's Journey by
Sixth Grave on the Edge by Darynda Jones *
76. These Truths: A History of the United States by Jill Lepore
77. She Would Be King by Wayetu Moore, LT INDIEspensable Reader #76
78. The Silk Road by Kathryn Davis, LT INDIEspensable Reader #76

* = Free

Edited: Sep 9, 7:35pm Top

Favorites from this year:
We Were Eight Years in Power
First Grave on the Right by Darynda jones
Beartown by Fredrick Backman
The Last Dragonslayer by Jasper Fforde
The One and Only Ivan by Katherine Applegate 4.5
Hounds of Spring by Lucy Andrew Cummins
Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body by Roxane Gay
Shoe Dog: A Memoir by the Creator of Nike by Phil Knight

Favorites from 2017:
Kafka on the Shore by Murakami
The Girl with all the Gifts by M.R. Carey
This Thing of Darkness by Harry Bingham
We Are Legion (We Are Bob) (Bobiverse#1) by Dennis E. Taylor
Home Fire by Kamila Shamsie
LaRose by Louise Erdrich
We Have Always Lived in the Castle by Shirley Jackson

The Almost Sisters by Joshilyn Jackson
Born a Crime: Stories from a South African Childhood by Trevor Noah
The Sixth Extinction by Elizabeth Kolbert
Radium Girls by Katie Moore
Entwined: Sisters and Secrets in the Silent World of Artist Judith Scott Joyce Wallace Scott
Bad Feminist by Roxanne Gay
Dr. Mütter's Marvels by Cristin O'Keefe Aptowicz

Edited: Oct 4, 1:45am Top

Series I want to continue...

#6 The Deepest Grave Fiona Griffiths by Harry Bingham
#4 Lethal White Cormoran Strike by Robert Galbraith
#1 44 Scotland Street by Alexander McCall Smith
#4 E...by Sue Grafton
#6 Jodi Taylor
#4 The Chronicles of Kazam by Jasper Fforde, 2019??
#6 Sixth Grave o the Edge by Darynda Jones
#2 THe Masked City by Genevieve Cogman
#8 Thursday Next by Jasper Fforde
#2 The Rule of Many by Leslie and Ashley Saunders

Edited: Sep 9, 2:52pm Top

Come on in!!

Sep 9, 2:29pm Top

Happy new thread!

Edited: Sep 9, 7:08pm Top

>13 figsfromthistle: You are my first visitor!! And as a thank you, I invite you to have a bookmark...or two! (The middle one made me laugh.)

Sep 9, 4:04pm Top

Congrats on your shiny new thread, Kim.

Sep 9, 4:06pm Top

>1 Berly:, >12 Berly: - LOVE, love, love the topper and the autumn door welcoming readers. Our horrible heat of earlier this week is gone and since yesterday, it truly feels like autumn here. And I'm loving it!

Happy new thread, Kim!

Sep 9, 4:34pm Top

Happy new thread Kim my dear, day one of our holiday went well with 15 books bought whilst in Hay and then a nice drive onto Tenby. Today we had a good mooch around whilst watching the Tenby Ironman. More to follow through the rest of the week dear friend, sending love and hugs to you and the family.

Sep 9, 4:42pm Top

Happy new thread, Twin! I love all the color.

I LOVE that middle bookmark.

Go Vikes. I think I'm done with tennis for a while.

Sep 9, 6:23pm Top

Happy new thread!

Edited: Sep 9, 6:26pm Top

Happy Sunday, Kim! Happy New Thread! I hope you are having a great day. I am trying my best to hunker down with The Princess Bride and enjoy a beer or two.

Sep 9, 7:26pm Top

Happy new thread!

Sep 9, 7:28pm Top

Happy new thread, Kim!

Sep 9, 7:39pm Top

A new thread, eh? Your assignment is to make it a good one. Just peruse the 10 that preceded for tips and pointers. You can do it!

Sep 9, 8:24pm Top

>15 Ameise1: Thank you!! I love new beginnings. : )

>16 jessibud2: Yay! I am so glad you like my visuals and hurray for cooler temps and the onset of fall!!

Sep 9, 9:59pm Top

Happy New Thread!

Sep 9, 10:14pm Top

Happy New Thread, Kim!

Sep 9, 10:29pm Top

>17 johnsimpson: Fifteen books sound like a good start to your vacation. And I would much rather watch an ironman than do one!! Have fun.

>18 BLBera: Hi, Twin! Enough said about tennis. Go Vikings!!

>19 quondame: Thank you. You are here, so that makes it a happy thread. ; )

>20 msf59: I think you should have no trouble with your afternoon plans.

Sep 9, 10:30pm Top

>21 drneutron: Thank you

>22 Oregonreader: and you, too!!

>23 weird_O: Man! Now I am feeling all sorts of pressure. I am counting on you to show up regularly and give me "good thread" pointers!!

Sep 9, 10:31pm Top

>25 banjo123: Thanks!

>26 ronincats: I appreciate it.

Sep 10, 7:47am Top

Happy new thread, Kim!

>1 Berly: & >2 Berly: I love autumn, after our unusually hot summer I am sooo ready for cool and wet weather!
>14 Berly: Like! The one in the middle is funny, but even with my read speed bookmarks are necessary ;-)

Sep 10, 2:20pm Top

Hi Kim, and happy new thread!

Congrats on already passing your goal of 75.

Sep 10, 4:28pm Top

>30 FAMeulstee: I am totally in for cooler weather! No real rain yet, just a few spritzes. And I totally need bookmarks, but I thought "Bookmarks are for quitters" was funny.

>31 karenmarie: Hi there! Thanks for popping in. Good luck with the weather later this week. Yikes!

Edited: Sep 10, 4:49pm Top

The Burning Girl by Claire Messud 3.5

#77 I like the voices in this one very much. Two best friends drift apart in adolescence. Their backgrounds and futures are very different. Do we ever really know another person? What drives them, what are their stories and how much of those are true? This book skillfully straddles childhood imagination and stark adult reality. The writing is beautiful, but there is a bleakness to this story; and the ending, although believable, left me sad.

Sep 10, 4:48pm Top

#76 Speak: The Graphic Novel by Laurie Halse Anderson 4.0

A story of high school, with the longing to fit in, the changing of friends and social groups. Melinda is an outcast. Something happened over the summer that changed everything. We suspect what happened and then we know. She tries to express herself through art, but sometimes it takes words. This book is an encouragement to speak out and be heard; it's about women and their bodies and their right to say, "No." Speak is an award winning novel and I think it works really well as a Graphic Novel, too.

Sep 10, 5:50pm Top

Happy new thread, Kim. I'm sure some rain is on its way. We have already had 2 days of the wet stuff which is supposed to last all week.

Sep 10, 8:24pm Top

Yay I made it onto your thread before there were hundreds of posts! I love your fall theme up top Kim. I’ll try to be more vigilant in keeping up with your thread.

Sep 10, 9:44pm Top

>35 Familyhistorian: I actually had to use my windshield wipers today!!! Whoohooo!! It wasn't much, but I'll take it. You know it's been dry when I get excited about something like this....

>36 brenzi: Yay! You made it. ; ) Seriously though, no pressure. Show up when you can. The more the better. For me. : ) Glad you like the fall theme. I am SO ready.

Sep 10, 10:42pm Top

Sorry, very behind on your thread (and many others). I hope you are feeling better!

Sep 10, 10:44pm Top

Oops, I was in my TBR account, doing a little TBR maintenance. But I stand by what my LT nemesis alter ego said: I hope you are feeling better. Happy fall reading!

Sep 10, 11:15pm Top

>38 GoodShipTBR: >39 libraryperilous: So what you are saying is that both of these are you? And that you have a separate account where you just keep track of TBRs? 12,157 of them? ROFLOL!!! I want to see what the books are under GoodShipTBR....it won't let me. Humph.

Sep 11, 12:46am Top

Happy New Thread, my friend! I also like the middle bookmark but since I (a) collect bookmarks and (b) can finish very few books in one sitting, I still like them. :-)

We're driving to Seattle on Thursday for my nephew's wedding on Saturday. Today I got the blues as I was just missing that city. Also, P and I watched a Netflix film last night, "To All the Boys I've Loved." It was SO cute and it was filmed in Portland! Seattle. Portland. I miss them both.


Sep 11, 3:04am Top

>41 EBT1002: Even if I finish a book in "one" sitting, there are always small excursions to the kitchen for a snack or a phone call, so I HAVE to have bookmark. I don't like to dog ear pages.

Well, to be fair, both cities miss you! I hope you have a great time at the wedding and hopefully you'll find some excuse to come to Portland again soon. : ) I'll have to check out that Netflix film...


Sep 11, 9:20pm Top

So here are my current reads:


Sep 12, 3:05am Top

I spent the evening cleaning house to get ready for...a visit from my sister!!! She comes tomorrow night. Super excited! I am taking her to open hours at my glass art studio and we have tix to two shows, one Friday and one Saturday night. More details and photos to follow.

Sep 12, 5:26am Top

Happy newish thread, and wishing you good times with your sister!

Sep 12, 11:20pm Top

Thanks!! I leave to pick her up in an hour. To quote Mark, BAG!!! (Big A$$ Grin)

Sep 13, 8:54am Top

Hooray for your sister visiting, B.A.G. indeed. I hope you are still enjoying The Lords of Discipline. I finished it, the other day. Good book.

Sep 13, 1:41pm Top

Have a great time with sis and don't do anything I wouldn't, Twin!

Sep 13, 5:15pm Top

Happy (sort of) new thread. Love the topper.

Have a blast with your sister!!!

Sep 13, 8:55pm Top

Have you been following the story of the Portland area mystery/crime writer who wrote and published articles and novels on the theme "How to murder your husband and get away with it"? Her husband, a chef and well-known cooking teacher, actually did get murdered. A year later, she's been arrested and charged. I read about in the WaPo.

Sep 14, 8:13am Top

>50 weird_O: Obviously she wasn't qualified to write the book since she didn't get away with it.

Sep 18, 8:31am Top

Hi Kim!

>37 Berly: You can have some of our water - I read that they were expecting Hurricane Florence to drop 18 trillion gallons of rain.

I hope your sister's visit has been fun.

Sep 18, 4:08pm Top

>5 Berly: >6 Berly: love you new (?) system of cumulative pages! And the stars.....are they your faves?

Looks like your book clubs and reading challenges are out of control- yet, you are so in control of them. Nice going!!! Are you finding more reading time lately then?

Sep 19, 5:16pm Top

Hope you are enjoying your sister's visit and are keeping healthy, Kim.

Sep 20, 3:32pm Top

>47 msf59: Had a great time with my sister--photos to follow. I am about 150 pages into LoD, and I am not enthralled. Does it pick up?

>48 BLBera: Ha! That doesn't limit me very much now does it? ; )

>49 SuziQoregon: Thanks! I did. Miss her already.

>50 weird_O: I did see this in the news. Incredible, right? I am sure it will be a headliner when it goes to trial.

Sep 20, 3:37pm Top

>51 thornton37814: Innocent until proven guilty, although it doesn't look good for her. The guy was really well liked. What a shame. Why don't people just get divorced?

>52 karenmarie: That is an incomprehensible amount of rain!! I am glad your house sits up on a hill, but I am so sad you lost your beautiful oak tree.

>53 LovingLit: Thanks! I think I started to keep track of my pages read because of John, sometime last year I think. And, yes, the stars indicate my best reads each month. I am having trouble keeping it down to one!

>54 Familyhistorian: The visit was great!! My health is limping along. I think I need life to chill out and be boring for a while. But not tonight...we are moving Jack into his college dorm room!! He is so excited. : )

Sep 20, 3:40pm Top

Now, as promised...pictures!!

At the glass studio with my sis.

Halloween shopping

Sep 20, 3:42pm Top

Japanese Garden and tea afterwards!

Sep 20, 3:51pm Top

Love your pictures!

Edited: Sep 20, 4:07pm Top

Darcelle's Drag Queen Cabaret Show

My two girls, my sister and me--check out my drink holder!! (It's a fishnet stocking leg)

Darcelle XV currently holds the Guiness World Record for oldest performing drag queen at 88 years of age!

and more info from Wikipedia...Darcelle XV, is the stage name of Walter Cole, a drag queen in Portland, Oregon, United States. Cole was raised in the Linnton neighborhood and served in the United States Armed Forces until the late 1950s, after which he lived a "conventional" life in southeast Portland with his wife and two children.

Sep 20, 4:08pm Top

We also went to the Rose Garden, attended a play, had pedicures, ate TONS of food and got no sleep. SO much fun! I miss her already.

Sep 20, 4:08pm Top

>59 banjo123: Hi Rhonda! I almost missed you there, tucked in between the drag queens. ; )

Sep 20, 5:13pm Top

Great photos. It looks like you had a splendid time.

Sep 20, 6:58pm Top

Thanks for sharing sis's visit, Twin! It looks like you had a great time. Now, do you need to sleep for a week?

Sep 20, 8:13pm Top

Hey Kim! Looks like you and your sister had a blast! Sometimes, I wish I had a sister:(

Sep 20, 8:50pm Top

Ooooh! Family! Did your sister bring you books? My brother visited last week and his wife brought a book of books she picked out at their town's library book sale, just for me. And when I visited my sister a month ago, she told me to a library sale and helped me fill a bag and allowed ME to pick up the two-dollar tab. Family, right?

Can't picture either my brother or my sister taking in a drag review. I'll bet it was fun.

Sep 21, 12:00am Top

>32 Berly: Really wonderful time!! We had a perfect blend of activities, food, and quiet talk time. I wish we lived closer.

>64 BLBera: Oh, yeah. I crashed and burned the day after she left. LOL

>65 Carmenere: Sorry you don't have a sister. But my brother would have been up for all the same stuff. You can borrow me if you like. : )

>66 weird_O: No, she didn't bring me any books, but I managed to purge my shelves and send some home with her. Nice of your sister to tell you about the library sale and stick you with the tab!! LOL. Good thing it was only $2.

The show was outrageous and funny and we loved it!

Sep 21, 10:49am Top

>60 Berly: lol. That's a unique World Record! I often wonder how big the Guiness Book of World Records book must be. But, still, I bet Darcelle is proud to be part of that list!

Sep 21, 11:46am Top

Sounds like you had a blast with your sister, and that last photo is just the best. Some people should live forever. It sounds like Darcelle XV is one of them.

Sep 21, 12:45pm Top

Wow - what fun! I've had the Japanese garden on my Portland bucket list - now I need to see Darcelle XV, too!

Sep 21, 3:59pm Top

Hi Kim my dear, great photos dear friend.

Edited: Sep 21, 7:45pm Top

>68 The_Hibernator: I remember having a copy of the Guiness Book of World Records as a kid. There are so many more records now, I wonder if they can all fit in one book!!

>69 libraryperilous: I had so much fun with my sister and I hope the Darcelle XV is around for a long time. And when he is ready to retire, judging by the roman numerals, there will be a Darcelle the XVIth!

>70 streamsong: Both are good things for a bucket list. Are you coming any time soon? : )

>71 johnsimpson: Hello! Glad you liked the photos. Life has been busy, busy.

Hubby and I just moved Jack into his dorm room (the picture is mid put-away, LOL) and we also ran around getting all sorts of little things for it. Bed risers, so he can store stuff underneath, extensions cords, toiletries, etc. He is ecstatic!! Now I just want a nice quiet weekend to recover...

Sep 21, 10:04pm Top

Wow, you have been super busy, Kim. You and your sister look like you had so much fun together. And then you lost another kid to college life. I remember how tough that was on me as my children left home. Ah well, we have to let leave the nest sometime. And we have all our lovely books to console us.

Enjoy your recovery week end.

Sep 21, 11:34pm Top

Cool pics of you and your sister (family resemblance -- oh yeah). I'm glad you had a good visit!

Wow, college move-in was today. I know that is bittersweet. I hope you have a quiet weekend with some good reading. Are the rains starting to return?

Sep 22, 3:08am Top

>56 Berly: I keep track of pages read now too, because of John also!

I checked out the drink holder in the drag queen show, but what about what's on the plate? Looks good, imo ;)

Sep 22, 8:42am Top

Hi Kim!

Great photos, thanks for sharing! What a whirlwind time for you, no wonder you crashed and burned.

Good luck to Jack in his freshman year.

Sep 22, 9:50am Top

You are now an Empty Nester! How is it?

Have a great weekend, Twin. I hope you have time to relax.

Sep 22, 4:19pm Top

>73 Donna828: I have such mixed feeling about him moving out. Happy for him, obviously. Happy for me, too, to have less daily commitments, but I know I will miss him, his laugh and smile. Growing up is hard for parents, too!! LOL

>74 EBT1002: Yup. Definitely some family resemblance. Happy/sad to have Jack growing up and moving on. Especially since he is my youngest.

We have had rain!! And it is misting today. Yay! Perfect day for reading.

And...I did TKD for the first time in 3 months!! Without re-injuring anything!! I am a happy camper. : )

Sep 22, 4:24pm Top

>75 LovingLit: That, John...pushing us to track yet another thing. ; )

In addition to the fun drinks, we had very yummy nachos!

>76 karenmarie: I plan on a very quiet weekend, well, now that I have my excercise out of the way. Books and movies are my weekend plan. Okay, and a little laundry. Thanks for the good luck wishes for Jack! He was hanging cords of lights on his ceiling when I left, and boy are they sophisticated now: his actually link to his computer music and the lights match the rhythm. What?!?!

>77 BLBera: I haven't had time to appreciate that he is gone yet. And we are still not completely empty nesters. My middle one is still home this year while she finishes up at our community college. But she is a social creature and between her job, school, and friends she probably won't be home much. Soon....

Happy weekend everyone!!

Sep 23, 4:30am Top

Feeling a bit exhausted just reading everything you've been up to lately - and you fitted in a visit to my thread! Impressive stuff (and thank you). So great to hear your son is set up well, the clear plastic boxes behind him brpught back memories of my many moves. Fab that you are back at ninjaingTKD. Have I mentioned yet that the suffragettes trained in ju-jitsu? Not sure if they got this from Sherlock Holmes or somewhere else. I did ny first hike this week since getting plantar-joyspoiling-itis and (touch wood) feet seem no worse than usual. Hurray! Hope you have a quick return to TKD form.

Sep 23, 8:37am Top

Hi Kim!

R&R is a great thing. Movies, too. Laundry not so much - I'm glad you had your priorities right!

Congrats on TKD for the first time in 3 months, too.

Sep 23, 10:33am Top

Woo hoo for TKD! You will be kicking butt in no time!

Sep 23, 12:13pm Top

Oh, so glad you're back at the TKD. That's great.

I was all set for a great walking and biking fall, but this month is now somewhat compromised, due to a sudden attack of appendicitis, of all things? A very long day at the ER for Jim and me, and it looks like serious exercising might be out for several weeks. Boo. The weather is perfect, finally, and I wish I could really strike out.

Congratulations on Jack starting his college career. Is he really that organized, or will entropy take hold? If he's that good, send him over here on school break - he can organize my closets.

Sep 23, 1:52pm Top

>80 charl08: If you have any great tips for dealing with plantar-joyspoiling-itis, let me know. Mine is not officially diagnosed, but I am pretty sure its what I've got. I just bought Dr. Scholl shoe inserts and they are like magic! The pain went away. I am trying not to walk around barefoot and it has cramped my walking outside. It felt okay on the TKD padded floors. So glad to hear your hike went well!

>81 karenmarie: Yes, one does have to have priorities in life. LOL. I read The Fate of the Tearling, watched a little of the U of O football game, and then Hubby and I saw the movie "A Simple Favor" which was so good!

>82 BLBera: All my friends were reminding me to take it easy and only go 50%. I was appalled at how much of my flexibility is gone, but it will come back as long as I keep going, which means I have to behave and go slow. But I went and it was fun!!

>83 ffortsa: Oh no!! Did you have to have an appendectomy? Major bummer. Well, at least the weather is nice and not all dark and gloomy, too. Sending healing mojo.

Ha! Entropy will abound quickly. At least he has less space to mess up. LOL. I predict his shoes will stay organized though; he does love his shoes. ; )

Edited: Sep 23, 2:13pm Top

>84 Berly: After 10 years of horrible pain with breaks provided by cortisone injections I was forced to use this stretch before any more would be given. I haven't needed any more. I do it before I put a foot to the floor in the morning. At first I did it at least 3x a day.

plantar-joyspoiling-itis stretch

Sep 23, 2:24pm Top

Awesome! Thank you. I already did it once. : )

Sep 23, 8:06pm Top

Great you and sis pictures, Kim. Looks like you and your girls had fun, especially at the drag queen show. Darcelle XV looks amazing for 88. Well maybe I should say, he looks amazing and it is amazing that he is still going strong at 88 because he would probably look pretty amazing dressed like that no matter his age. Good to hear you are well enough to go back to TKD.

Sep 23, 8:35pm Top

>78 Berly: And...I did TKD for the first time in 3 months!! Without re-injuring anything!! I am a happy camper. : )

YAY, Kim!!! :-D

>85 quondame: I hope that stretch works for you!

Sep 23, 10:00pm Top

>87 Familyhistorian: We had so much fun! I hope I can be that active and witty at 88...Darcelle was great!

>88 tymfos: Thanks for the BF shoutout-- that made me smile. I truly was so happy to see all my TKD friends again and I was so missing the workouts. Fingers crossed that all continues to go well. : )

Sep 23, 10:24pm Top

I just read, straight through, the trilogy Queen of the Tearling. Magic, family, new worlds, a love of books, warring Queens, church vs state, great characters and adventure. In case you can't tell, I loved it!

Sep 23, 10:40pm Top

>90 Berly: So glad you loved it! Now I have to try the dragonslayer series...

Sep 23, 11:57pm Top

>91 BLBera: Yes, you do!!

Next one added to the Currently Reading List...

For my October RL Bookclub. Can't wait! It's one of my INDIEspensable books, and it came with an author interview and three pages of discussion questions. Should be awesome!

Sep 24, 12:28am Top

Oh, I am glad you liked the Tearling books! I also read them all in a row, and now I am trying to get Banjo, jr into it.

Sep 24, 11:29am Top

>93 banjo123: I don't think she has written anything else, which bums me out. Hope Banjo, Jr succumbs to your encouragement. : )

Sep 24, 2:39pm Top

Glad you had a great visit with your sister.

Congrats on getting back to TKD!!

As for the foot issues - The Hubster suffers from PF. Rolling his foot on a golf ball that has been kept in the freezer is one trick. He also has one of these rubber balls and rolls that under his foot first thing when he gets up every morning.


>90 Berly: You're definitely not the first who has recommended these. Maybe someday . . .

Sep 24, 3:58pm Top

>90 Berly:, I am so jealous my dear, I have the first and haven't gotten around to it yet, I must try and rectify this before the year end. I must say that I am enjoying The Way of Shadows by Brent Weeks and can't imagine why I left it on the shelf so long, I may read the next two before year end as they fit the challenge along with soooooooo many others.

Glad to see you got back to some TKD and came away unscathed, I bet you were so glad to be able to do it after such a difficult year with various illness and ailments. I am sure all those special love and hugs we sent helped out, or at least I am claiming they did, lol.

Hope you and the family had a great weekend and hope you have a good week, sending love and hugs to you all from both of us dear friend.

Sep 24, 7:06pm Top

>84 Berly:

Bending foot back for a count of 8, twice a day, while sitting or lying on back on floor;

massaging foot all around sole;

wearing a $30-40 device designed to hold foot in place all night;

and RX shoe inserts, worn every day in tennis shoes...

has prevented all except one rare P.F. pain every couple of months.

Hope this can help.

Sep 24, 7:31pm Top

Hey Kim! Congratulations for transplanting Jack at college!! Have you heard from him since move-in? How are you and your hubsters adjusting?
Back at TKD! What great news!!
Wow! reading a trilogy is quite a feat! I'm totally impressed!

Sep 24, 9:27pm Top

Hi, Kim. Hooray for the Tearlings! I was not as crazy about the 3rd one, but loved the first two. Sue and Bree are also fans.

I hope you enjoy Sing UnBuried Sing, as much as I did.

Sep 24, 9:28pm Top

Hi Kim, Stopping by and taking all that you have been up to! Love the pics of your sister's visit, congrats on returning to TKD and super impressed that your read straight through the Tearling trilogy >90 Berly: ! That is on my future reading list so the "loved it" comment from you is moving it further up my reading list.

Sep 24, 11:19pm Top

>95 SuziQoregon: Thanks for the link--ordered one!!

>96 johnsimpson: I don't think the first Queen of the Tearllng qualifies for your chunkster rule (it's only in the 400s for pages). Maybe beginning of next year?!

I am sure that your special love and hugs made all the difference!! Thanks you guys.

So glad you are enjoying your current book--best feeling. Hugs to you both.

>97 m.belljackson: Doing the excercises and have the foot inserts. Don't have the night boot. We'll see how the first two do. Thanks for chiming in -- I appreciate the support. (See what I did there? LOL)

Sep 24, 11:54pm Top

>98 Carmenere: I have been texting with him, but no voice interaction so far. It was a very quiet weekend! And i mostly just went comatose. Maybe Hubby and I can take advantage of our new lease on life better next weekend. LOL.

Loved begin back at TKD, even though I am miserably out of shape. Patience grasshopper.

See what happens with no kids around? Time to read!!!

Sep 24, 11:58pm Top

>99 msf59: I actually liked all three, although the first was my favorite by a hair. The ending left me kinda sad, but it was a good one, too.

Looking forward to SUS!!

>100 lkernagh: Great to see you! So much fun with my sister--I wish we lived closer. And, yes, I do like my TKD. It's no secret. ; ) And I do hope you get to Queen of the Tearlings sometime soon--it's a really good series.

Sep 25, 9:39am Top

>92 Berly: I've got that one in my Audible library and haven't gotten to it

Sep 25, 9:42am Top

Hmm, I'd never thought the Tearling books might intrigue me, but they do sound fun. Is there a romance element, though? I can't tell from the Amazon description if it would focus too much on that for my tastes.

Sep 25, 4:28pm Top

So, it's your turn to visit Minn. now. :) No pressure

I think I'm going to use Sing, Unburied, Sing in my class in the spring.

Sep 25, 6:08pm Top

>104 The_Hibernator: I have the print version. We'll have to compare notes when you get to it.

>105 libraryperilous: Yes, there are some sexual attractions, but they definitely take a back seat to the rest of the story. Many of the key characters are too busy trying to survive! I wouldn't call The Tearling books romance stories. I think you are safe. ;)

>106 BLBera: Yup! Definitely in 2019. Just no idea when yet....

Oooh! Have you read SUS yet? Can you give me all kinds of cool insights? PLEEEZ!

Sep 25, 7:30pm Top

Oh, Twin! You will love it. Here is what I wrote:
Sing, Unburied, Sing is, above all, about family and burdens. Everyone has burdens; some people are just able to bear them better than others.

JoJo is the thirteen-year-old son of Leonie and big brother to his three-year-old sister Kayla. They live with Leonie's parents, Mam and Pop. Mam is a healer, and JoJo and Kayla seem to have inherited some of her gifts. The father of the children, Michael, is white and currently in prison.

When Michael calls to tell Leonie that he will be released, she decides to take the children and go to pick him up. During the trip, we see that Leonie is unable to be a parent -- meth comes first with her. JoJo is the caregiver in the car.

Yet Ward doesn't make villains of Michael and Leonie; there are human and simply unable to bear their burdens.

There is also a ghost.

The novel is set in rural South where life is fragile for Blacks, yet in the end, Ward gives us hope.

Wonderful, wonderful novel with beautiful writing and fully realized characters. I'll be thinking about JoJo for a long time.

Sep 25, 11:39pm Top

>108 BLBera: Awesome!! Thanks. Now I can't wait to start. : )

Sep 25, 11:42pm Top

So, I found a leak in the laundry room closet, which backs onto the kitchen fridge. I was thinking all kinds of bad things involving electricians and/or plumbers. Luckily it turned out to be a plastic jug of water that was leaking on a higher shelf. Lost a couple of rows of TP and paper towels, but no major, expensive repairs. Phew!! Counting myself lucky.

Sep 26, 12:02am Top

Wooo, glad the leak turned out to be something minor, Kim! Sounds like you've been super busy--congrats on the TKD, I know you want to get back to normal on that, and on getting Jack moved.

Sep 26, 12:40am Top

Re solutions for PF, watch out for tight calves. They are involved with the plantar area and can cause lots of trouble. I bought a stretcher that allows me to stand heels down for a calf and Achilles stretch. It's a big help. There are cheap ones in plastic and expensive ones in wood. You could probably build your own with a few pieces of plywood and some non skid surface like rubber or even carpet strips. I'll look up the measurements of the one I used at the PT.

Sep 26, 8:33am Top

Hi Kim!

Sorry about the PF. Glad you're getting some good reading in, and I remember when I was in college (er, ahem, many decades ago) that I only wrote to my parents about once a month. Of course Mom only wrote every couple of weeks. They still had 2 at home and my being super independent and away were probably a great relief at the time. My daughter rarely communicated her first year away at school, but now, at age 25, we speak almost every day. (Of course she's still here from Hurricane Florence but should be going back to Wilmington today or tomorrow.)

Glad the leak wasn't infrastructure.

Sep 26, 9:49am Top

Glad to hear that the leak was a minor cause. Happy Wednesday, Kim.

Sep 26, 10:24am Top

Hiya, Kim. We're back home. I didn't love Sing, Unburied, Sing as much as others have, but that was probably me.

Edited: Sep 26, 10:38am Top

>111 ronincats: I am so gad it was only a leaky jug of water! Still made a mess, but phew. Life has been sooo busy! I have one more big thing on Friday and then I hope things calm down.

>112 ffortsa: Thanks for that. I don't think tight calves is my issue, but I am still stretching them to make sure.

>113 karenmarie: I have no clue how often my son and I will be communicating...have to wait and see!! I think I will mostly hear from him if he wants to use the car or needs to do laundry. ; ) I am going to do my best to give him some space.

Sep 26, 10:36am Top

>114 Ameise1: Thanks! Me, too. Happy Wednesday right back atcha. : )

>115 jnwelch: Well, I am going to give it a shot and see. Sing, Unburied, Sing is for one of my RL bookclubs, so I want to at least go for 100 pages. Twin's take on things is usually a good indicator for me. Hoping I love it, but ya never know....

Welcome home! Looked like you two had a fabulous time.

Edited: Sep 26, 1:14pm Top

I got a copy of Sing, Unburied, Sing and while I should read it, I should also read about 700 other books on the TBR. (Bag sale on Saturday, too. Holy smokes!)

I filled my "books read this year" shelf from end to end. And still three months to go. A problem to be solved.

ETA: No, "just stop reading" is not an option. :-)

Sep 26, 3:26pm Top

Hi Kim! Hope your foot feels better soon. I think you will like SUS; I did. You heard her at Literary Arts, right?

Sep 26, 8:57pm Top

Hi, Kim. Sorry, to hear about the foot issues. I have dealt with PF problems, a few times over the years. Never fun. I still do my foot and calf stretches every day, just to keep up.

Sep 26, 9:58pm Top

>118 weird_O: I have lots in my should pile, but I was pushed onward by the fact that this is a read for my RL book group. : ) Clearly you can't stop reading, you either need longer shelves, more of them, start double stacking or theses always piles on the floor. Just saying. Please note what I said in my topper about those piles...

>119 banjo123: I did hear her at Literary Arts and then I got sidetracked, and then Book Group chose it and I had to wait MORE months. Finally, I can read it!

I just got a Foot Rubz ball that I ordered and I am sitting here massaging my foot as I type. I can't really tell if it is getting better because I have largely stayed off of it.

>120 msf59: I think part of the problem is that I was limping from the tear in my hamstring in the other leg and that put extra pressure on the the good foot. Also I wasn't doing any stretching in TKD. Bad combo. Once I get it back in shape I will keep on keeping on with the exercises!!

Sep 26, 10:00pm Top

Just got my copy of Lethal White, the 4th Cormoran Strike!! Now if I can just clear the deck to get to it...

Edited: Sep 27, 12:36am Top

84. The Coming Storm by Michael Lewis 4.0

Only available through Audible, this book explores The Department of Commerce (which is really all about numbers) and NOAH, the program which gathers and collates numbers galore, revealing trends. A fascinating look at how we collect and use numbers in so many ways including how to forecast weather, affecting not only civilians but farmers and insurance. Told from the viewpoints of a female astronaut and a math whiz (who was a little bit of a childhood delinquent) who both helped engineer this field of study. Scary to see how much of the information has been yanked and is no longer available to everyday people under the Trump administration. Highly recommended.

Sep 27, 1:24am Top

Must do plantar exercises, must do plantar exercises, must do plantar exercises...

Hi Kim! Hope Cormoran is a good read for you.

Sep 27, 2:37am Top

>122 Berly: Enjoy it. I'm waiting for the audio version, but should still listen to the third one.

Sep 27, 10:13am Top

>123 Berly: This sounds good, Twin.

I hope the foot is feeling better.

Sep 27, 1:35pm Top

So glad the leak wasn't something worse.

Sep 27, 5:25pm Top

Hey Berly.......... a drive-by-HI right back atcha!
Hope all is going well with the foot.
Happy reading. :-)

Sep 27, 8:23pm Top

Hiya, Kim.

We're back and I'm catching up.

I'm glad you liked the Tearling trilogy; me, too. I can imagine some readers struggled with the twist in the third book, but I liked it - very thought-provoking about what was gained and what was lost.

Our daughter had me read Speak, and I found it harrowing, and unforgettable. I can't imagine trying it in graphic novel form, but you make it sound worthwhile.

Sep 28, 1:25pm Top

>60 Berly: Well, isn't that cool! Oldest drag queen, neat!

I'm a little late to your new thread :( I am very behind the times right now

Sep 28, 3:17pm Top

I'm glad your leak was minor, Kim. And I was going to chime in that I just got a copy of Sing, Unburied, Sing in an ebook sale, but it turns out I actually bought another of her books, Salvage the Bones. So I'm no help at all, is what I'm saying. :-)

Sep 28, 5:39pm Top

Hi! I'm zipping through, trying to get caught up. Happy fun times with your sister! I stopped at >90 Berly: and added the Tearling series to my library holds. *Grin* Sorry about the PF. I have issues with that chronically. I've had good luck with frozen water bottles, rolling my foot back and forth across, dry needling, and walking on the beach. I was surprised about the dry needling, but the PT said something about the chronic PF having to do with how tense my calf muscles were. Idk.
Happy almost October.

Sep 29, 11:08pm Top

Reports of the demise of our rotund correspondent from Malaysia have been greatly exaggerated.

Have a lovely weekend, Kimmers. xx

Missed you.

Sep 30, 7:16pm Top

I’m sorry you’re suffering with PF. That’s something I’ve never had Kim which is odd because I usually get everything that comes down the pike.

I loved the pictures of the time with your sister. Looks like you had so much fun. I haven’t read Sing Unburied Sing yet although I’ve read her other books so I don’t know what the hold up is lol.

Sep 30, 11:25pm Top

>90 Berly: One of my RLBG members was reading (I think she tried to get us to read) Queen of the Tearling and I was just skeptical. Now I'm thinking I need to reconsider. Your tearing through the three of them nonstop is hearty praise!

You and I chatted the other day so I know you've been under the weather. I'm so sorry that the health issues continue. It has been a tough year for you! Thank goodness for books.

>124 charl08: "Must do plantar exercises, must do plantar exercises, must do plantar exercises..." Yes, indeed!
What Charlotte said!

When I had serious PF a while ago, I simply had to let go of running for six months. This was years ago. More than a decade ago. It was hell but the six months Off. My. Foot. helped. Nothing else really did.

More recently I had it developing again and I had two cortisone shots in that heel. The first one didn't do much (it helped for a few days) but the second one did the trick! I'd go that route again if I had to....
Sorry, this is probably not helping much. I do empathize but I also know that it's a bear to get over. Do you have access to a stationary bike or something that will let you get exercise while resting your foot?

Take good care, my friend.

Oct 1, 12:10pm Top

I started reading Milkman last night but when I finish it I'd be most interested in reading The Mars Room with you.

Oct 2, 10:03pm Top

>124 charl08: I have been diligent about the plantar excercises and I am making progress...a little. GO try copy in the mail! Just have to read my RL bookclub books first....

>125 Ameise1: You'll have to let me know if you like them on audio. I don't normally like to do chunksters on audio, but if they are really good I might.

>126 BLBera: Hi Twin!

Oct 2, 10:14pm Top

>127 SuziQoregon: You and me both!!

>128 rainpebble: He there! Reading is going well, foot is improving, life is good. : ) Thanks for the return drive-by!!

>129 jnwelch: I think the twist in the ending of Tearling was perfect. I can't imagine being her, but we are left with a hopeful note at the end.

Speak the GN worked very well I thought. I haven't read the prose book so I can't really compare. It was powerful and heart-wrenching. But we do need to speak up!!

Oct 2, 10:23pm Top

>130 ChelleBearss: I get you. I am behind on my own thread!!!

Friday I spent the day helping with setup for Literary Arts big fundraiser and then I dashed home to change and came back to attend the event. We smashed last year's total and raised almost $450,000!!! The money helps with all the programs including the OR Book Awards, student tix to events, authors in the schools, etc. etc. I am thrilled!

Oct 2, 10:30pm Top

>131 rosalita: Nope. No help at all. LOL. I liked Salvage the Bones though, so have fun!

>132 nittnut: Happy October!! Sorry you have had issues with PF, too. I am slowly winning the battle, but missing my regular exercise. Soon...Have fun with the Tearling!!

>133 PaulCranswick: Paul!!! You are HERE! How nice to see you out and about LT. I hope it is the start of a trend. : )

Oct 2, 10:41pm Top

>134 brenzi: Thanks. I had a blast with my sister. I hope you knocked on wood when you said you haven't had PF yet...don't want to jinx yourself! LOL

>135 EBT1002: Maybe I'll try the cortisone if the PF doesn't go away in a month or so. We'll see. I can't believe how many people have dealt with this darn thing!!!

I have to get through two RL bookclub reads (Sing, Unburied, Sing and Enrique's Journey), but then I'd love to do the Mars Room with you. : )

Also just started #6 of Darynda Jones' series, featuring the mysterious Charlie I was talking about. ; )

Oct 3, 2:25am Top

>141 Berly: I can't say for sure, but I think the cortisone shots may be responsible for the lamentable circulation in my lower legs and ankles. I so wish I'd learned about the stretch before I'd had them twice a year for almost 10 years, but my favorite stretch was only published after I'd had PF for 4 years. The shots sting something awful, but not in a class with morning PF stabbing.

Oct 3, 2:47am Top

>141 Berly: Me either (re PF being so common). Really appreciate the tips here.

Oct 3, 5:17am Top

>137 Berly: The first two were great on audio. I'm currently listening to the third one and love it. I'm listening to it on a daily base due being on the road by public transportation.
I really enjoy my audios and also doing chores, ironing, cooking etc. with audios are going smoothly.

Oct 3, 9:51am Top

Hi Kim!

I'm way behind here. I hope your son is doing well so far in school. $450,000 !?!! Incomprensible. Congrats.

Hope the PF exercises are helping.

Oct 3, 12:54pm Top

Kim, I'm so happy to hear about the funds raised for the Literary Arts programs. All of Portland benefits from your efforts and others.

Oct 3, 4:26pm Top

I might have missed up in the thread, but what is PF?

Oct 3, 6:28pm Top

>147 FAMeulstee: plantar fasciitis

Oct 4, 1:13am Top

>142 quondame: In that case, I will work really hard at the stretches and save the cortisone for a last ditch save! Good to know.

>143 charl08: These tips have been great--thank you everyone!! Making progress.

>144 Ameise1: I am currently listening to the 6th First Grave book on audio-- I love the narrator, Lorelei King, not to mention the author Darynda Jones. Maybe I'll listen to the next Cormoran Strike on audio, since I already have #4 in print. ; )

Edited: Oct 4, 1:56am Top

>145 karenmarie: He is doing great so far. He was just invited to join a frat; his job is going well and he has transitioned down to 20 hours a week; classes are good so far although he dropped an online class and opted for a face-to-face version. He stopped by tonight after work to have dinner with us and shared that balancing everything is a bit of a challenge, but he is putting school first, so that's good.

I know, right?! Super stoked about the fundraiser!! It was amazing. : )

>146 Oregonreader: Thank you!! Speaking of Literary Arts and our wonderful fundraiser, I have my first board meeting of the year tomorrow. This year, my group will be helping senior students write college essays and tomorrow we are getting trained to do this. Then we will be visiting several of the high schools over the next few months.

Oct 4, 1:27am Top

>147 FAMeulstee: >148 quondame: Sorry, I got tired of writing the whole thing out. What you need to know is it is painful, annoying and takes forever to heal. In the heel. Funny! Not so funny. : (

Edited: Oct 4, 1:32am Top

I bought two books at the Literary Arts fundraiser, and got a prize in one of them...yay!! It is like a wine pull, but a book pull. You pay a fee and then get to choose your book, some of which have a prize inside.

I got Mudbound and Ice Bound. Kinda liked the symmetry of the titles, and the premise.

I've also received Lethal White and Leonardo Da Vinci recently. I am SOOOOO not making a dent in my TBR pile at this rate!! Sob. Smirk.

Oct 4, 2:33am Top

>152 Berly: Ooh, that's my idea of an ideal raffle. Good luck with the essay writing: I'm sure folk will be glad to get some help, such a stressful time.

Oct 4, 10:52am Top

Good job on the fundraiser!

Oct 4, 4:11pm Top

Congrats on the awesome fundraiser, and I love the idea of prizes inside books.

Oct 5, 2:56pm Top

>151 Berly: I understand you got tired of both the problem and writing it down, Kim.
I will REALLY try to remember! And hope forever is coming soon.

Oct 6, 2:48am Top

Happy weekend, Kim.

Oct 6, 10:38am Top

Congrats on the amazing fundraiser. You have the money for great programs! I'm so happy that you are adding to your personal library, Twin. It's all Ellen's fault. Her comments forced me to order a couple of books, and I was doing so well.

Hope the foot is getting better.

Oct 6, 5:19pm Top

>152 Berly: how cool is that!!?? Sounded like a great evening all up.

Oct 7, 7:07pm Top

>153 charl08: Thanks. Our role with the essays is less on grammar and punctuation and more on drawing the kids out, helping draw them out, explore what's important to them and help them find ideas and imagery that will make their submission stand out.

>154 The_Hibernator: Why, thank you!

>155 libraryperilous: And thank you! The prizes inside are really fun. I have no idea how many were available or what the value spread was, but I won something both last year and this, so I approve. ; )

Oct 7, 7:15pm Top

>156 FAMeulstee: Ha! Yes, you get it. Forever can not come soon enough! LOL. It is slowly getting better.

>157 Ameise1: My weekend was pretty good. How was yours?

>158 BLBera: My personal library is out of control and the problem is worse than anyone knows because now I can hide them on Kindle or Audio!! Next year I may not keep track of purchases: 1) because it makes me feel bad and 2) it is a pain to enter them! LOL

Winning on the foot thing. Actually made it to TKD two days this week, which is good because I have put on a few pounds and need to lose them again.

>159 LovingLit: Very, very fun! I am in a dilemma though. The Book Festival falls on the same day as my next TKD test. : ( I want to do both!! I am going to wait and see if I can even get in shape enough to try and take the TKD test and if not I'll go see Tom Hanks talk about his book, Uncommon Type, which I already read and loved!

Edited: Oct 7, 11:29pm Top

October updates...so far I have finished:

88. Sixth Grave on the Edge (A) by Darynda Jones -- love this series as I may have mentioned once or twice before. And with ghosts and demons, a perfect Halloween read!

87. Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward -- talking about this one tomorrow night with Bookclub. Yes, there is a ghost, but the scary part is the discrimination, the lack of love. I did not like this one very much, so dark. Maybe my friends can change my mind.

86. The Fireman by Joe Hill -- A virus is infecting people and they quickly turn into toast unless they can figure out how to control it. Really liked this one, except for a quibble about the fate of one character.

85. The Rule of One by Ashley Saunders -- Another good one. Every person has a chip implanted which can be scanned to find out all kinds of data: ID, address, blood type, grades, etc. Earth is running out of resources, so couples are only allowed to have one child. But what happens when you give birth to twins? One has to be sacrificed, unless you can keep it a secret and they are identical twins and they both pretend to be one...

and I am looking forward to reading some of these potential scary reads later this month:

Vox by Christina Dalcher
The Double by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell
Her Body and Other Parties by Carmen Maria Machado
Lincoln in the Bardo by George Saunders
Scarlet by Marissa Meyer
The Likeness by Tanya French
A Monster Calls by Patrick Ness

Edited: Oct 8, 8:04pm Top

Starting Vox...

1984 meets The Handmaid's Tale in this debut novel where the American government has silenced half the population – women. VOX is the harrowing, unforgettable story of what one woman will do to protect herself and her daughter.

On the day the government decrees that women are no longer allowed more than 100 words daily, Dr. Jean McClellan is in denial - this can't happen here. Not in America. Not to her.

This is just the beginning.

Soon women can no longer hold jobs. Girls are no longer taught to read or write. Females no longer have a voice. Before, the average person spoke sixteen thousand words a day, but now women only have one hundred to make themselves heard.

But this is not the end.

For herself, her daughter, and every woman silenced, Jean will reclaim her voice.

Oct 8, 2:07am Top

>161 Berly: Sunny and relaxed.
>162 Berly: The Likeness is a good one. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Oct 8, 2:30am Top

>164 Ameise1: Sunny and relaxed sounds like a great weekend! Mine was rainy and relaxed, which also worked out well.

Glad to hear you liked The Likeness; I have been meaning to get to it for quite a while. Moving it up a notch in the October hopefuls pile.

Oct 8, 5:29am Top

>163 Berly: - This sounds horrendous. Current reality is bad enough; thanks for the synopsis. I won't be reading this one!

Oct 8, 7:39am Top

Hi, Kimmers. I hope you had a great weekend. I love your list of upcoming reads. Many fine ones there. Vox sounds really good too.

I won't finish The Fireman until tomorrow. I am sure I will like it less than you. It has been a bit of a slog for me but I do like Harper's character.

Oct 8, 8:10am Top

>163 Berly: Sounds like a fantastic read, although depressing

Oct 8, 10:12am Top

>163 Berly: This sounds like a good one.

You didn't love Sing, Unburied, Sing! Twin! - I think there is hope at the end! I hope you tell us about your discussion.

Glad the foot is better.

Oct 8, 2:15pm Top

>166 jessibud2: Yeah, the premise of Vox is horrendous, but a major theme of the book is that we can't be complacent. So true! And I feel like we are on a slippery slope downwards right now.

I hope everyone votes in the midterm elections!!

>167 msf59: Thanks, Mark. I am pretty excited for my October reads and Vox has totally pulled me in; very unnerving. Let me know when you finish The Fireman...

>168 figsfromthistle: Vox is great so far, and I wouldn't say depressing, but terrifying and a call to action. I am about halfway...I'll post more when I finish.

>169 BLBera: I know, I must be the only one who didn't like Sing, Unburied, Sing. Bookgroup tonight and I'll post more comments afterwards.

Oct 8, 3:26pm Top

>150 Berly: Sounds like your son has found one of those truisms of life - balancing everything is hard. That is especially true when changing from one routine and trying to find another. True at any stage of life, I am finding.

Next year I may not keep track of purchases: 1) because it makes me feel bad and 2) it is a pain to enter them! Ha, that's one way to deal with it, Kim. I could keep buying books forever but, unfortunately, looks like I may have to pack up and move so I am trying (not very successfully) to limit my purchases and reduce my personal library somewhat.

I vote for seeing Tom Hanks. Doesn't sound like you are in TKD test shape right now.

Oct 8, 4:44pm Top

All caught up here, Kim, and sorry to find that you are dealing with PF - me, too! Very frustrating because I just want to get my steps in, and instead I have to listen to my foot and take it day by day. The stretches do help loads, though, and I also found a YouTube video that has calf stretches that make a difference, too. Hoping we both can conquer it soon.

Loved the photos - thanks so much for sharing. Hoping Jack's first year of college is full of fabulous!

Oct 8, 5:00pm Top

Adding one more forgotten PF that has worked to previous list sent: every few days, i wind white tape around the front and back of my ankle for extra strength.
Usually I remove it at night and for sure, before a shower.

This is one of those Every Little Bit Helps OR Who knows what will work strategies.

Oct 8, 8:14pm Top

>152 Berly: What was the prize?? And in which book was it???

Oct 8, 11:16pm Top

I had PF for a full year about 4-5 years ago, and it indeed the pits. What helped me most was getting the orthotic insert. Although the exercises/stretches do help. Hope yours improves soon.

About the third Tearling book, my issue was that I felt she'd written herself into a corner and needed a big deus ex machina to pull the conclusion off. Perhaps instead it was just an original and novel way to resolve a book and I'm not appreciating it sufficiently.

Oct 9, 3:59pm Top

Dropping in to say hi, and that I received your beautiful Halloween card! Thanks!

Oct 10, 3:50pm Top

>175 ronincats: I had the exact same thoughts run through my mind, Roni, regarding the last Tearling book. I came down on the side of original and thought-provoking. I found the juxtaposition of what was lost and what was gained powerful. What a choice to have to make.

Oct 10, 4:36pm Top

>161 Berly: so, did you go see Tom Hanks talk about his book???? I would have, I think.

Oct 11, 2:37am Top

I'll respond later to all my wonderful visitors...

Just a wanted to give a shout out to all my friends dealing with Hurricane Michael--I hope you are all okay and that your friends and family are safe, too. Best wishes for your houses and community. Hugs!

Oct 11, 9:13am Top

Vox looks good

Oct 11, 6:55pm Top

>171 Familyhistorian: Change and the balancing act are inevitable LOL. And so is book buying!! What's up with you moving? Is this a choice or necessity? Tom Hanks and the TKD test are in a month, so we will see which one wins out.

>172 Crazymamie: Hi, Crazy! Jack is off to a great start at college--thanks for the good wishes. I was glad to hear you and yours are safe and sound after Hurricane Michael. Hope the roof is easy to repair and that life isn't too hard for too long. Sending positive thoughts your way!! Hang in there.

>173 m.belljackson: Much appreciated further advice--thanks!!

Edited: Oct 12, 3:01pm Top

>174 EBT1002: The GC was for a cocktail party for 8 at a local restaurant and it was in Ice Bound. Yay!!

>175 ronincats: A year!! Oh no. I certainly hope mine doesn't plague me that long. Sigh. I did okay at my first two TKD classes, but then I tried to do back to back classes and it was too much. Also, I think I need to not go barefoot and wear some indoor shoes with the orthotic insert. Crossing my fingers....

I actually thought the ending to the Tearling was perfect, but it made me a little sad that all those relationships were lost. Still it made sense.

>176 mstrust: Great! I got your Halloween card too and it is proudly displayed. A very fun idea--thanks.

Edited: Oct 12, 3:00pm Top

>177 jnwelch: I am not sure she knew precisely how much her actions were going to cost her in The Tearling, but the final lines did leave room for a hopeful future. I was good with the ending.

>178 LovingLit: Tom Hanks is here in about a month. Tonight I am going to see Jill Lepore talk about Wonder Woman! What a bizarre story. The comic strip was written by a man, first of all, and he was married to two wives. What?! Very interesting.

>180 The_Hibernator: I thoroughly enjoyed Vox and recommend it. A better description of why later...I promise!

Oct 12, 11:25am Top

I love your topper, Twin.

Happy Friday.

I have reserved Vox at my library.

You'll report back on Lepore, right? I got stuck in her book but will pick it up again.

Oct 12, 3:00pm Top

Jill Lepore was hilarious! She is so smart and so witty. I thought her talk was going to be about The Secret history of Wonder Woman, which was really good, but she has just come out with a new one: These Truths: A History of the United States. These truths refers to Thomas Jefferson's idea that America rests on three ideas--political equality, natural rights, and the sovereignty of the people. Lepore's book looks at our history and asks whether we have delivered on these ideals...or not? She looks at the origins and rise of a divided nation. I am not normally a history buff, but she promised that this book is based on people and their stories and a strong narrative, not just dates and places. It is a chunkster, 900 pages, 789 if you take out the footnotes. I am thinking I would like to read it in 2019, maybe as a group read over four months (there are four sections of the book at about 150 pages each). Anyone interested? Her talk will be available as a podcast from Literary Arts Archive Project later on.

Is history repeating itself?

Oct 12, 3:09pm Top

Yep. Sign me up. Love her writing.

Oct 12, 3:35pm Top

>185 Berly: I would join your group read but I'm about to get the book from the library so will have already read and returned it by then. I heard her interviewed on NPR a couple of weekends ago and loved her comments.

Edited: Oct 12, 5:04pm Top

Happy Friday, Kim. Hooray for the Lepore author event. I LOVED The Secret history of Wonder Woman and the new one sounds good too. I am hoping to find it on audio.

I did finish The Fireman. I found it underwhelming, despite liking Harper's character and a solid ending. It may have worked better for me, as a 300 page book.

Oct 13, 7:59am Top

>185 Berly: a friend of mine recently saw Jill Lepore at the Philadelphia library, and said she was excellent. I don't think she's read her latest book yet though. The New York Times has a very favorable review. I might just think about doing that group read ...

Oct 14, 9:02pm Top

>186 charl08: Awesome! You're #1 on the These Truths: A History of the United States 2019 group read list! : )

>187 rosalita: As usual, you are ahead of the curve. Hope you enjoy it and feel free to chime in when the rest of us get around to reading it.

>188 msf59: I don't know if it's out on audio yet, but I think you should wait and read it with us next year. Just saying!

Totally agreed that The Fireman could have been a lot shorter, but I liked it better than you did.

>189 lauralkeet: Don't think about it too hard--just say "yes" to These Truths: A History of the United States! You know you want to....

Oct 14, 9:12pm Top

So, just starting some new reads:

The Queen: Aretha Franklin (A) by Mikal Gilmore
The Fact of a Body: A Murder and a Memoir (337 pages) (K) by Alexandria Marzano-Lesnevich
A Monster Calls (225 pages) by Patrick Ness
The Mars Room (338 pages) by Rachel Kushner with Ellen

Oct 14, 10:04pm Top

Oooo, let me know if the Aretha one is good. I have wanted to find a good bio of her.

Oct 14, 11:48pm Top

>182 Berly: "The GC was for a cocktail party for 8 at a local restaurant and it was in Ice Bound." Yay indeed!

As I noted on our brief phone call today, I'm about 2/3 into The Mars Room. It is very good. Excellent, even. I hope you enjoy it when you get to it!

>185 Berly: YES. I was looking at it the other day. I resisted purchasing it but I would love to do a group read of These Truths: A History of the United States in 2019. Maybe it could be spread out over a quarter or something?

Oct 15, 12:20pm Top

I love history and These Truths: A History of the United States sounds interesting. I may join in although I shouldn't be thinking of buying books. The book buying habit is a hard one to stop.

>181 Berly: The possibility of moving is kind of both choice and necessity. I live in a townhouse with a strata. Developers are sniffing around because our area is changing and the whole strata will probably go up for sale and something new will be put up here. Condo towers are getting closer and closer to where I live. Not that I want to move to a condo - I need room for my books.

Oct 15, 12:41pm Top

>190 Berly: The notion that I am in any way ahead of the curve of this group when it comes to reading new books is laughable, Kim! I am always the one reading the hot book a year after everyone else. It just happened that I put this one on hold at the library when I heard the NPR story a while ago, and I've come to the top much more quickly than I expected.

Oct 15, 3:21pm Top

Hi Kim my dear, hope you and the family had a good weekend, sending love and hugs to you all from the pair of us dear friend.

Oct 15, 5:54pm Top

I'm another likely prospect for the Lepore book, Kim. Keep me in the loop. The library has it on order and I went ahead and put a hold on it as there were already 86 in line. But I will probably buy it if needs be for the group read. And that pacing sounds about right. Should make for interesting discussions, I would think.

Edited: Oct 16, 9:42am Top

The new TLS has an extract of the book (ETA by Jill Lepore) about Reconstruction and the vote for women which has made me even more keen to get hold of it. Comes out next week in the UK. I'm tempted to get a copy to read on my trip (it seems appropriate) but have probably got more than enough to read, and it would be lovely to do a group read.

Oct 16, 9:43am Top

Hope you're enjoying The Mars Room! I thought it was really good, though I do prefer plot-driven books.

Oct 17, 4:24pm Top

I've heard Lepore speak and read her book on Wonder Woman - she's a terrific writer. I'll keep this one in mind.

Oct 18, 9:03am Top

I"m still waiting for The Mars Room from the library, Twin. It looks like I'll be the last one to read it. :(

Edited: Oct 19, 8:54am Top

Just popping in to say hi. Have a wonderful weekend!. All this talk about the mars room gave me another book bullet. Perhaps I will find it in the library booksale tomorrow :)

Oct 19, 9:06am Top

>139 Berly: Congrats on a very successful fundraiser! I liked The Mars Room well enough. Sitting tight for your thoughts.
Lol...I liked Sing, Unburied, Sing more and The Fireman less than you. One thing I'm sure we can agree on is your concise and brief October reviews are the bomb! I wish my reviews wouldn't ramble on so.

Oct 20, 5:07pm Top

Hey, Kim. Are you away? Hope everything is ok.

Oct 21, 11:03am Top

Hi Kim! I hope you're just happily busy and not on the sick list.

>185 Berly: I'd definitely be interested in a 2019 group read of These Truths: A History of the United States. It sounds like something I'd really enjoy.

Have you started Lethal White yet?

Oct 23, 7:25am Top

Hey Berly! Thanks for checking in on me in, like, August. Haven't been around much or done any reading, but it looks like you're on the case! Happy Tuesday!

Oct 24, 10:16pm Top

So far behind on my own thread...Thanks for keeping it going everyone!!

>192 jessibud2: I did not love The Queen: Aretha Franklin (A) by Mikal Gilmore. The audio was fine, but the book didn't reveal much about her private life. It was much more musically focused and I just didn't know any of the names of the producers and only some of the other artists. Meh.

Oct 24, 10:21pm Top

>193 EBT1002: I am only about halfway through The Mars Room. It is not exactly grabbing me.

Instead I got hooked and raced through A Monster Calls (225 pages) by Patrick Ness. It sounded like a scary Halloween read, but it is a monster of another kind. Cancer. A beautiful look at a young boy and how he deals with his mother's illness, the isolation, the denial and grief. Definitely a favorite book of the year. 5 stars.

Oct 24, 10:34pm Top

Ellen, Karen Marie, Meg, Roni, Charlotte, Judy and anybody else....

I would love to do a group read of These Truths: A History of the United States by Jill Lepore over like four months with about 150 pages a month. (There are four sections, so that seems like a good breaking point.) When would work in 2019?

Do you want to start right off in January?

Anyone want to chime in?

Edited: Oct 24, 10:46pm Top

>194 Familyhistorian: Good luck figuring out the whole condo thing and keeping room for your books!!

>195 rosalita: Hey, when you are ahead of the curve just go with it like that always happens!! LOL

>196 johnsimpson: Hi John (and Karen). Happy Middle of the Week. : ) Hope all is well with you, too. I am just currently SWAMPED in RL. I have been looking in the mirror and practicing the word "No!"

>197 ronincats: See the above post--welcome aboard!

Oct 24, 10:39pm Top

>198 charl08: See two posts above--I'd love to have you in on the discussion!! : )

>199 The_Hibernator: Stalled out on The Mars Room. Too many October-themed books to read. I will get back to it in November.

>200 ffortsa: You know you want to! See >209 Berly: and let me know when would work for you.

>201 BLBera: I got sidetracked, so you might still beat me on this one!

Oct 24, 10:44pm Top

>202 figsfromthistle: Did you find it in the booksale? Everyone speaks very highly of it. I haven't finished yet, so no final words of wisdom yet....

>203 Carmenere: Thanks for the congrats on the fundraiser and on my pity reviews! LOL. I am never sure I say enough to pull people in, but you have reassured me. And I love your reviews--don't change a thing!

>204 ffortsa: Rl just overwhelmed me and I am still low energy from the whole Thyroid wrong med level thing. Slowly crawling back to normal. : ) Thanks for checking up on me.

Oct 24, 10:44pm Top

>205 karenmarie: Group read see >209 Berly:

Lethal White is going to be my first read of November. Can't wait!!

>206 dragonaria: Hey stranger! Nice to see you around -- I certainly hope it is habit forming. : ) Happy Wednesday.

Oct 24, 10:45pm Top

Ok, caught up again. Hope I didn't miss anyone.

Oct 25, 2:13am Top

>208 Berly: Isn't that one great! I really liked the book. The movie isn't too bad either.

Oct 25, 3:06am Top

>209 Berly: Happy to start asap! (January works fine). Thanks for suggesting this.

Oct 25, 7:25am Top

Sorry you are still going through low thyroid side effects, Kim. I know it takes a long time to get back at the right level.

Oct 25, 8:46am Top

Great to see 5 stars for A Monster Calls, Kim! Debbi and I both loved it. We give it as a gift sometimes. So good.

Oct 25, 2:36pm Top

>215 RBeffa: Maybe on the movie, someday...I need time to pass between books and movies or the movies just don't jibe with my inner screen.

>216 charl08: Okay, one vote for January! : )

>217 FAMeulstee: Thanks. Recovery is so slooooooow! Sigh. At least I hit "normal" on the last test. Now we will just have to see if I stay there! LOL

>218 jnwelch: Exactly! A Monster Calls is soooo good! Another star for Patrick Ness.

Oct 25, 5:09pm Top

Hi, Kimmers. So glad to see a book update. Hooray for A Monster Calls. Five star read for sure. I even own a keeper copy.

If I can find an audio copy of These Truths, I will join you guys.

Oct 25, 5:37pm Top

>209 Berly: January sounds as good a time as any. I admit to a hard time keeping up with group reads, but I will endeavor to stick with the task.

Oct 25, 11:49pm Top

>221 ffortsa: Marcus! I am jealous of your A Monster Calls keeper copy. Nicely done! I hope you can join us for These Truths--crossing my fingers. : )

>222 Berly: Well, give it a try and hopefully it won't be too onerous. ; )

Oct 25, 11:55pm Top

Daughters of the Lake by Wendy Webb 3.75

A good, satisfying, ghostly story for October.

From Amazon: "After the end of her marriage, Kate Granger has retreated to her parents’ home on Lake Superior to pull herself together—only to discover the body of a murdered woman washed into the shallows. Tucked in the folds of the woman’s curiously vintage gown is an infant, as cold and at peace as its mother. No one can identify the woman. Except for Kate. She’s seen her before. In her dreams…

One hundred years ago, a love story ended in tragedy, its mysteries left unsolved. It’s time for the lake to give up its secrets. As each mystery unravels, it pulls Kate deeper into the eddy of a haunting folktale that has been handed down in whispers over generations. Now, it’s Kate’s turn to listen."

Oct 26, 12:54am Top

Almost the weekend, Kim. Are you getting lots of practice saying "no"?

Oct 26, 1:08am Top

>224 Familyhistorian: I can hardly wait!!

Yes. I mean, No. : )

Oct 26, 10:14am Top

Hi Kim!

>209 Berly: January sounds fine to me. I'm currently listening to a fascinating audiobook about Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Taney and Abraham Lincoln. More US history, yay.

Have fun with Lethal White.

Oct 26, 3:15pm Top

Hi Kim, sorry to read that RL is getting in the way of things my dear and I hope that you can say No more often although I know that can be so hard to do. I am a little behind again so rather than try and catch up I want to wish you and your family a very happy weekend. Sending love and hugs from both of us to you and the family dear friend.

Oct 26, 4:54pm Top

Hi Kim, I have been so remiss in visiting friends and it probably won't get much easier until after the holidays. But I do think of you!

Oct 26, 9:38pm Top

>208 Berly: I hear ya! I love that one, and my sister bought be a beautiful hardcover edition a while back. I still love it.

Oct 27, 8:28am Top

>209 Berly: I'm interested in the These Truths group read! January sounds like as good a time as any to dive in.

Oct 27, 12:21pm Top

Hey Twin - Too much scary stuff here for me! I would definitely be interested in reading These Truths.

Oct 27, 2:55pm Top

Hi Kim! I definitely want to read These Truths; I heard her talking on the radio, and it sounds great!

Oct 28, 6:22pm Top

>194 Familyhistorian: I know it was about two weeks ago but >194 Familyhistorian: "The book buying habit is a hard one to stop" cracked me up. You speak truth, Meg!

Hi Kim!

>209 Berly: I'm in. And which four months probably doesn't matter much for me. I should be able to shoehorn in 150 pages a month for four months!

I hope you're having a good weekend. xo

Oct 29, 9:09am Top

Dropping by to say Hi! Hope you had a great weekend

Oct 29, 1:25pm Top

Hi, Kim! How is your plantar fasciitis doing? Mine is just about ok, finally, and I think it was the anaesthesia and enforced rest connected with my appendectomy that did it. Who would have thought it?? Hope you are back in shape too.

Oct 29, 11:07pm Top

>233 EBT1002: I think there was a bit of "me too" in that, Ellen. LOL

I hope that you had a great and healthy weekend, Kim, and that the week is shaping up nicely.

Oct 30, 4:41am Top

I recently ordered socks by Feetures that claim to be Plantar Fasciitis relief. I have other socks by Feetures and I love them. I'll let you know how these do. I continue to walk (or run) the thin line between having active PF and not.

Oct 31, 3:00pm Top

Oct 31, 3:37pm Top

Happy Halloween, Twin.

Nov 1, 8:19pm Top

Ahhhhh!! I responded to you all and then Poof! it disappeared. Grrrr. I blame it on the ghosts. Sigh.

Thanks for all your visits and it sounds like These Truths is a go for January--get your copies!!!

Now hang on, I am going to start a new thread....

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